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True Edge

"Bad things happen. There's never gonna be a time when everything's perfect, but that don't mean we stop tryin'!" - Applejack

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This has piqued my interest, I hope you intend to continue this.

Automatically goes into tracking.

Yep, not disappointed.

Thanks, Mina! :pinkiehappy:

Glad you liked it! I will be continuing it, at my own pace. Hopefully, it will continue to keep your interest! :yay:

Hmm... When update? :applejackunsure:

When I get the next chapter done! :raritywink:

Logical answer.

why do I imagine mena with the same voice as revy two hands Rebecca from black lagoon

I've never seen that show, actually. I started off imaging Vannamelon's Pinkamena from Making Cupcakes by L-Train.

Oh my God. You wrote a dark side Pinkie! Ha ha YES!

If you like Rarity's breakdowns, then you may like "Black Lagoon, too; Tabitha St. Germain voices Roberta (and three other characters).

O.O I’m gonna have to watch it now, just for that. I think she’s my fave, out of all the Mane 6 VAs. So talented, and so cool IRL, too.

Are you going to do something like this for other characters? (Lightning Dust, for example)

No. At this point it is uncertain whether I will be continuing this. >.< I've been going through some severe writer's block over the last year.

Eheh... You don't realize how ironic this story is.

Eh. Not exactly like me, but I do like annoying the hell outta everybody, swearing, and drinking. Especially the drinking part.

This is bloody hilarious btw

Well, let's just say it's an alternate version of you from another corner of the multiverse, eh Pinkamena?

I guess I'm gonna have to make an effort to continue this one, once I can kick my writer's block in the teeth. Everybody seems to love it.

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