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"Bad things happen. There's never gonna be a time when everything's perfect, but that don't mean we stop tryin'!" - Applejack

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Nice start, keep up the good work!
What "other story"?

Thank you! :raritystarry:
And, don’t you worry, you’ll see, when I have more of it written. :raritywink:

Noooooooo Anything but the library:raritydespair:

That’s right. The absolute Worst. Possible. THING!

Duly noted. Anything else, or would you like to get back to Spooner Street where you belong? :rainbowlaugh::raritywink:

Fair enough, just thought I'd ask.

Hey, that looks like fun!

Bad Pinkie! Get back in your own universe! Sorry about that. You've no idea how hard it is, dealing with somepony who can randomly pop in and out her own universe, like that.

Thank . . . you? I think.

*Watches in rapt fascination.* :raritystarry:

*Soul transcends the grip of time, continues clapping

*Uses cockatrice to turn his self into stone before clapping*


Glad you . . . liked it? :rainbowhuh:

Hold it together, Fyren.

I just couldn’t picture Twily having a porn stash. It was like being told Santa had a gimp suit. Just. . . no. She always seemed so friendly and innocent. I mean, not that there was anything wrong or evil about having a porn stash, I mean, no one could beat the one I had back on earth prime, as I liked to call it.

Ask, and you shall receive. :trollestia:


Plot twist, they never closed the bedroom door and spike heard/saw everything

A,)*&^ d th 13375P34K154N0085 is laugh ter echoed throug I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN CONTROL THIS WORLD! HOW?!

I see what you did there

It's so Meta, even this acronym

That said, this went really well for a fic that has been so wild and off the wall. A story within the spirit of the show as I remember it and in a way that even explores the topic of that itself. Not many writers go here and I'm happy to see someone do it so well.

Now I'm depressed and starkly aware of how terrible life is.

I use these stories as a distraction but you just brought me full circle and I feel bitter and yet guilty about blaming you.

I could work towards fixing that but such futile motivation tends to fall to the wayside so quickly. Fuck depression and fuck me for not beating it because of some horrific internal lack of will power.

*Breaks down in laughter.* Oh, damn! Thank you, sir-or-madam! That was amazing!

I do apologize for that. I wrote this chapter while in a bout of depression, and I guess that showed through. If it’s any consolation, it will get better, again, I promise. :fluttershysad:

Sir, and thank you, I'll be here all week.

It is potentially very off putting that I just now realized that you probably meant the other story I referenced in the chapter one, and NOT another story I was working on. I feel like a dunce, right now.

The other story referenced is Appledashery, by Just Essay, which is an alternate account of shortskirtsandexplosions ImplodingColon . . . who writes the Austraeoh series.

How would she know what the middle finger meant

*Opens mouth to deliver a long, well thought out and intricate response to this question, then pauses for a long . . . long moment.* Uhhh . . . . . . Fyren told her about it?

:rainbowlaugh: Honestly, I never actually thought about that, I was just wanting to make a T2 reference, and had the idea to change it from a thumbs up to a flip-off in the midst of writing it. Good on you for noticing it, though! :raritywink:

well this is getting interesting, im eager to read the next chapter.

I’m glad you’re enjoying it! :pinkiehappy: As stated, the next chapter may be late, but I am working on it! :rainbowdetermined2:

Agreed about this getting interesting.

I'm enjoying the story quite a bit. I am even able to grasp all the shenanigans with you being in the story and you writing the story about you while being in it. You managed to make it work. I hope Eris will make a return in later arcs, though, maybe in a more playful manner.

Though the story it's nothing like it started, I'm still intrigued.

Thank you for posting.

And thank you for the comment! Always glad to know someone is interested! Not sure whether Eris/Discord will appear again, yet. My plans for the future of the story are . . . Kinda all over the place, right now, but I have some big ones I’m working on. :raritywink:

42k words of pony butts.
I'm intrigued.

Welcome to the madness. Don’t expect things to be normal, in here. There’s cookies by the door, and soda in the fountain. No, not the drinking fountain, that’s just got seltzer water, I mean the fountain fountain. :raritywink:

Here, take these. *Hoofs over some pills.* They’re sure to help with any headaches caused by multiversal time loops or paradoxes. Guaranteed! :pinkiehappy:

I got to admit, we got a little too far in the deep end here. There's been about 5 characters that's had a "narrator" roll (if you include discord and pinkie).

I am glad your Muse has inspired.

Thank you for posting.

Oh, you haven’t seen anything, yet. :pinkiecrazy:

“Not really, he’s a just a delusional edgelord.”


An edgelord. You know, the people who play Reaper in Overwatch.

“’Twiggles’? What kind of nickname is that?”

“Oh, well . . . er. . . “ I blanked on how to explain to her what YouTube was

(Cracks open beer) ... Ok

This story went from whimsy to epic in just one chapter. Wow. :rainbowderp:

Thank you for posting

And thank you for the comment! :pinkiehappy:

You forgot Bill Cipher and Q, mate.

When it comes to Bill Cypher, I have never watched that show, so I don’t feel I could do the character any justice, whatsoever.
And, as for Q, we’ve got Discord, so . . . he’s kinda already there. Hell, in my headcanon, I figure Discord and Q are literally the same person, jumping between realities. :rainbowlaugh:

I just found my desktop background.

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