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Hi everypony, I love sonic and my little pony so I decided to try writing about them



Sonic the hedgehog was fighting Dr. Eggman and fell unconscious. The next thing he knew, he was in a foreign world. When he wakes up, he sees the love of his life and decides to ask her out.

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A surprising number of sonic crossovers have been cropping up recently.

And none of them good.

I'm not even going to give this the benefit of a read. I'mma give it to Blanc.

Oi. This one's the third in a week.

>sonic fandom
I see what you did there.


Do you think God stays in heaven because he too, lives in fear of what he’s created?

I'll say. It's Sonic stories like this that give all other Sonic stories on this site a bad rep.

sorry guys how can i make it better

By trying harder with your bait

please no you’re hurting me

ummm I don't understand but ok thanks for the feedback

>made account yesterday
>made sure to put in “2005” in your name to bait people into thinking you are 12-13
>not even a day goes by and you post this fic

The execution could use a bit of work.

1) There's almost no concept of pacing, so everything happens to fast, though, given the characters, that might've been intended.
2) The characters are out of character. What I mean is there's no way Sonic of all people would drop an F-bomb because he's in pain, and RD seems a bit too trusting and compassionate, though, that can be chalked up to the previous point. There's no time to develop any feelings between these two who are meeting for the first time.
3) In general, it can help to try writing in a more professional sense. Capitalization of proper nouns, proper punctuation placement, etc. I suggest reading a few books and seeing how they present themselves in their writing.

Even knowing all these, it's easy to make mistakes. To take the first step to become a better author, I suggest downloading Grammarly, or another free editing software, and editing your stories there. They help get the basics down, and if you write enough, you'll probably see the things Grammarly suggests pop up in your writing naturally.

Hope you continue writing and don't let an unsuccessful first story stop you.

thanks for your feedback i will definitely try to work on my pacing and making the characters more believable! thanks for the encrudgement too

I’ve not seen a ratio like this in a long Time

You have not seen Evictus, then.

O'hohohohohoho, I know that guy personally

Fair nuff, then.

OF COURSE, just like Derpi this place is all “RRRRRREEEE” about Sonic.

You people aren’t that far off from Sonic fans (and I mean that in “Sonic fans are better but not by much”, not the other way around), just learn to live with it instead of downvoting.

I can't tell if your serious or trolling (which if you're trolling is a sign that you're a good troll so congrats on that).

You think this has such a low vote because it's about Sonic? I've literally written commissions about erotic abortion that got a significantly higher upvote count than this. So unless you think that more people like erotic abortion than Sonic, you can't possibly believe that these downvotes are because of Sonic's existence.

I like Sonic. What I don't like is fanfictions of him that put the minimal effort in, and for me to say 'minimal effort' says something. Would it have even been 1000 words if that wasn't absolutely required to publish a story here? I can only assume the author despises Sonic and wanted to give the stories a bad image.

Yo imagine if this sonic dude turns out to be Evictus...:twilightoops:

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