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It is another ordinary day in Ponyville, especially for Twilight Sparkle. Sometimes she wishes something exciting would happen now that all the evil has been vanquished. However, there's no going back to the past. She must look forward and try to find new activities and ways to spend her time. With the help of her friends, Twilight is sure she will be able to find happiness once again. If only there were some way she could get them together to help her out.

Thanks to my friend DeAndre for proofreading and editing :)

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Way out of character

I especially appreciate the total absence of contractions. It reminds me of True Grit.

Twilight Sparkle was in her room. "Wow, I think I might be bored," said Twilight. "What is wrong with me?" said Twilight. Twilight sat on her bed and picked up a book. After a few seconds, she threw it in the trash. "Wow, this is more boring than I remember," Twilight said. "I think I need the help of my friends. Maybe the power of friendship can make me happy again."

Wait... Who said that last sentence?!

I think it was Twilight...

It's that time of the week again!

Good one that memes is still going

*Holy Diver begins playing*

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