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Getting back to things.


When Twilight Sparkle discovered these strange 'waves' from space, she just had to find out what they are! What could they be? What kind of messages could they contain? Are they even messages?

Heavily inspired by this fic from Blissey1.

Image is from flamevulture17 of Derpibooru.

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I like it. Are you taking song requests? I really want to see their reaction to some metal.


I don't know yet. I have a few other ideas that I want to write out first, then we'll see.

Like your choice of music love that song.

6867861 if you are taking requests though could you do hotel California.:twilightsmile:

Other than that i like the concept of how alien culture can be similar and the same through music.

I would really like to see their reaction to music that cant be produced int their world or ever would be. Like this here or This Synatasia piece there also this piece made using a Theremin And Electric Kantele around 1:50 is when the Theremin kicks in. Things that dont exist in Equestria something truly dispelling that the music ever could have originated from there home.


If you do requests I would love to have Twilight find Rhapsody in Blue or the 1812 Oviture. This story has some great potential and I am so following this story!

6869121 Actually, I am planning to write about Rhapsody in Blue.


Cool, that is one of my favorite songs.

I don't if it's me but your link in the second chapter lead to a blocked video, and that sucks. However on the topic of 'suns' here's this!, great story so far

6869626 I fixed the link. It'll go to the Spotify web player. Thanks for telling me!

Any chance the radio will broadcast more than music, like extraterrestrial news?

6871912 Probably not. Still, not a bad idea.

6872087 I think you should intersperse the music with news and radio drama reactions, since just doing music can get old quickly, and maybe show some reactions to languages other than English.

6872813 In terms of songs of other languages, I think I have an idea.

Radio dramas etc. That'll need some work. Thanks for the suggestion, though!

6872823 Glad to help. I don't want to see this story die too soon.

6872866 Oh, it ain't dying. Updates might come slower due to college, but it'll only die when I say so. I already have a song for Dash and Rarity.

Also, about the radio dramas, I literally do not know any radio dramas of any kind. Even the ones that my grandma puts on, I have no idea what it's about. So I might need help on that.

6872876 I haven't listened to any personally, but the only one I know of is"War of the Worlds". But, basically, radio dramas were basically drama shows before Television was a thing

6872915 I know what they are, I just don't know any modern examples of it.

I know about 'War of the Worlds', but I've never heard the whole thing, so yeah.

6872967 Not a bad thought, but about an area I'm not very knowledgeable in. Sorry

6872971 Do radio stations do comedy acts, do you know? Would that be easier if they do?

6872988 Honestly, I don't really listen to the radio that much, so I don't know. The fanfic is based on finding music, and while I would like to expand my horizons, I want to thread a bit safer first.

6872999 It's cool that you wan to expand your horizons musically at least. I hope you get alot things that you can enjoy and appreciate then from the comments.

6875720 Thanks. Also, sorry for the lack of updates. College, you know?

I find it amazing that things we take for granted, like planets that have life on them need suns, are things that Twilight isn't even considering. Keep up the good work.

Haven't heard Rhapsody in Blue since i was a child.
Any way I'll leave two or of these every chapter you release different genres/ artists.
Genre: Steam Punk
Steam Powered Giraffe - Brass Goggles
Dr. Steel - Lullaby Bye
Abney Park - Steampunk Revolution

Have you considered using the song Friends in Low Places, by Garth Brooks? I guess you will be busy but hopefully you can put out a chapter every few months.

“Oh wow, this is great! I wonder what could they be saying!”

This line made me think Spike wasn't able to understand the the aliens, which got me excited because I thought you just did a great head-canon idea: Twilight gained the ability to understand all languages when she ascend as the Alicorn Princess of Friendship. I mean, what's more friendshippy than being a universal translator.

Bah, I’m sure we can hold them off! We have the princesses!

I wouldn't count on it...

Twilight’s eyes popped. ‘Sun?! They have a sun?! This is amazing!’

... Yeah, it would have actually been more surprising if they didn't. Kinda common sense that planets with life need something to source that life, right? Like, for an alien world with advance life not to have a sun would require some pretty bizarre conditions. Perhaps not impossible (And that's a pretty big perhaps), but highly unlikely.

Also, when Twilight worried the aliens might be offensive, I think you meant aggressive. Aggressive or Peaceful Aliens. Offensive or Defensive Aliens. You dig?

If I could make a song request, I would have to ask for Better Days by the Goo Goo Dolls.

I'd say Bruno Mar's Count on Me Just because Twilight would probably make it her theme song if she heard it. She'd play it as her armies marched on unfriendly neighbors.

Uhm.... one republic: counting stars.

Wonder how Twilight will react when she discovers that (depending on the distance) these were probably transmitted hundreds of year before she was even alive. In fact, it's impressive that they haven't degraded.

I'll go ahead and throw my suggestion in the ring, I'd like a song that isn't necessarily happy, a sad song, rather.

Hurt by Nine Inch Nails

I'd have suggested Johnny Cash's cover of it, but the original has a very alternative feel to it. It's dirty, unclean, with the static of the guitar reflecting that at times....... That also makes me want to suggest Protomen songs:

Hope Rides Alone


The Stand

And while this one isn't "dirty," it's just plain awesome:
Light Up the Night

So are all the chapters going to be songs? The broadcasts don't necessarily need to be in any sort of chronological ordering since the radio Twilight is using is magic. It might be interesting to stumble across some historical newscasts. World War news to see a reaction to humans fighting, Cold War news to see a reaction to "total nuclear annihilation", or something more uplifting like the moon landing to see Twilight react to the feats of technology humans are capable of.

6905885 Let's not forget the original playing of War of the Worlds. :pinkiecrazy: Nothing like accidentally causing mass panic with entertainment.

6905916 We'll have to see. I have quite a bit of stuff to do for the moment.

I'd like to see Luna's reaction to "One way ticket" :trollestia:

I wonder how they'd react to Death Metal?

6908850 congrats, you got me to laugh.

If saying seriously, it would be really cool, if Twi recieved an astronaut's day (12 of april) transmission and heard this "stalliongrad" language song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TYqDTvMwUU (I know that it isn't as higly celebrated in the USA, so it can be an accident with Spike touching some knobs)

6904410 I took it to mean as being on the offense, as opposed to defense. In this case, it would have meant Earth as the offense and Equetria as the defense.

I don't want to annoy you, but why is it taking so long for the next chapter?

Yeah. Where were the princesses during Chrysalis? And in MLP: The Movie?


Feels good to be back. I'm so sorry I left it for this long.

I like this idea a lot actually! It would bring a fresh idea to the Ponies discover human music genre (Which I desperately want more of~)

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