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Oh, I remember this. Still is awesome, and gives me chills.

So let me see if I understand this correctly. This is after the other story, and whichever choice past Twilight made the world still ended, but The Doctor gave some advice on how to save everyone?

Yeah, I am super proud of it. Thanks!

I thought of it as an alternate ending that supplanted the original one. That was one of the reasons I didn't post it on its own; not only does it not make a lot of sense without the context, but it felt a little to much like a fix fic.

It is a bit fix-ficcy, but it's still a good message.

Very nice collection all around. Break Away was a very fun anthology to work on, abd the previous snippet has some truly fascinating implications. Looking forward to any future entries.

Wow, thanks! That means a lot coming from you.

Hey, while I've got you: I've been trying to think of ways to make Estee feel better, and I thought it would be nice if all her fans sent her a sweet or funny image on her main page every day. Would you be willing to post a blog asking other people to as well?

I'll probably do something with Twilight's Mental Library around December or early next year: I want to get out a Ducktales story for Estee to help make up for everything that's happening, another Iron Man related story I wanted to have done before Ant-Man and the Wasp came out (ha!) and a Fluttershy story that is the only thing I'm not technically comedically behind on.

It was based on Kamen Rider Double, so you might watch it if you like it enough.

Ooh, very intriguing stuff. Looking forward to seeing what you make of it in the reconfigured version.

Ugh. You'd think they'd playtest these things thoroughly.

A shame you couldn't rework the concept into a different sort of Kobayashi Maru scenario. Even this excerpt is a lot of fun. And probably quite cathartic for Twilight.

Ok. This was damn creepy. Well done!

Oh my, this was such a perfectly Pinkie thing -- turning tables on the evil mind-games-playing amulet, and breaking it by simply wanting to be its friend. :pinkiesad2:

So... this is something that turned into the Magic Train, in a way?

Well, Fluttershy's personality and relationship with Applejack did. I might bring the brainwashing machine back, but I'd need to make it creepier, somehow.

I'd say that was some pretty spectacular spectacle for an opening scene, though I agree that Sunny's just kind of there.

Why is it so many shows for young children make for fantastic dystopia fodder?

Most of them don't take place in the real world, and most of those are so dumb you can't take them at face value.

Not sure what the point of Dizty's inclusion at the start was.

I get this is an ordeal for Rainbow Dash to face as a rite of passage of some kind (a way to becoming an Alicorn? Good an answer as any.).

Nice touch with it speaking through notes, it prevents Rainbow Dash from even having someone to TALK TO. Even an enemy can be better under some circumstances than nothingness. Though if that enemy refuses to even speak to you, it would be the same thing.

It didn’t appear for several minutes,

Again, nice touch.

So RD is trapped in a Tsukuyomi.

I sincerely appreciate this. Physical torment we can build immunity to. Psychological torment is harder to build an immunity to, and when our own mind is being used against us, it can leave lasting damage.

The fact the Amulet didn't apparently torture Trixie this way, suggests that in its own twisted way, it found her 'worthy' of it. (Then again, Trixie was ALREADY a miserable mess.)

“H-having a Bearer is my function,”

Implying that it's similar to the Elements of Harmony. So does that mean it has a set of siblings somewhere?

So the Amulet is making RD feel what it's been feeling this whole time.

I never thought I’d be dying from old age.

Now I imagine a dark reflection of 2001 space Odyssey.

“I don’t get anything out of it. I’m doing this because they’d do the same for me.”

That is Rainbow Dash.

Makes me wonder if The Amulet was heart broken when Trixie was tricked into abandoning it.

but nothing happened.

Beautiful job turning a negative into a positive to close out the narrative.

Thank you so much! I appreciate you reading my story after I was so rude to you before.

I won't lie. I am reactionary. But I hope to believe that's not all I am.

If it's something you'really trying to change, then it can't be all you are. Just don't let up.


So THAT'S what was going on? Wow. Seems I made the right call abandoning Triptych (and Estee) when I did.

I actually really loved it, but people can like diffrent stuff

She basically speaks in monologues; she’s like a slower, emo Pinkie Pie.

I have never even come close to thinking this sentence, which makes its brilliance all the more appreciable.

"... Yes. " I said authoritatively. "Book," I added a second later.

Flawless disguise.

One specific sort of injury. It kept happening, over the centuries, and I decided to... investigate.

And Luna didn't notice equal but opposite injuries personally? Well, she always was the lonelier, less regarded sister...

:rainbowlaugh: Oh. Oh wow. Never underestimate the mare who never stops to think about her actions.

"Okay," Twilight was starting to worry now, "your words sound fine, but you keep using italics and its starting to scare me..."

"I know we're in a setting that uses a lot of italics, but still..."

In any case, at least Dash isn't getting roped into a game of Icicle. Hilarious spin on the source material. Thank you for it.

This is a nice voice for Dash. Dunno what's funnier, Luna's plan or the fact Dash doesn't give her time to try it.

You should read the origanol, where it goes off without a hitch.

Ha! Love this spin on it.

And I really really like your voice for Rainbow Dash. It’s very hard to get right, but you nail it.

It’s good for the smart to be completely fooled by the stupid every now and then. Keeps us humble.

I loved the way Dash realizes she’s being set up by the feel of it.

Thanks, I love working with Rainbow Dash! And thanks for the watch, too!

She probably could pull it off on the first try if she focused more of herself into this instance of her, but 99.999etc. % of her is busy holding the cosmos together and fixing the damage. The greatest gift of all is a stable universe to live in.

Think this could've been a cool little shot on it's own, but either way it's a sweet moment.


And smart mares will always, always underestimate the lengths a stupid pony will go too.

I love how Luna has basically forgotten the second part to the truism that the best swordsman in the world does not fear the second-best- they fear the worst.

You know, you could definitely put these shorts together into a story in its own right. Possibly throw in a few more of Sunset's attempts at the perfect gift.

Every bit as hilarious as the original. I just read them both, back-to-back, and I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. I'm also trying not to wake the other people in the house, who are sleeping, like most normal people would be, at 3 A.M.

Spike you fool, you're her fall guy! Get outta there!

“Based on this” link is gone.

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