• Published 19th Jul 2018
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Guardian of Desire - Winter Rosario

This is a story of a Human that found himself in a world of very sexy, anthropomorphic, nudist, hermaphrodite ponies of Equestria. It isn't easy, especially when everyone thinks you're a virgin prude.

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Well this is a fresh way of doing this type of story. I hope our protagonist will rock Equestria’' world.

This story does not seem like a clopfic, it is more developed to enjoy quiet reading. the quality is very good for the story and it is a good narrative that you are currently using. you have a good amount in the word count (little more than 5,000 is not kidding)

I do not say that history is not good or that it is not a clopfic. I know it's a clopfic but the quality of the narrative surprised me a lot, I know that the clop will start in the future, but you're going at a good pace. You already have a new follower now.:coolphoto:

... well ... I was already a follower with the previous stories.

I was surprised that you decided to make a quality clopfic. with the prince of darkness I was already a follower (I liked his sequel more, it made it healthier and the debuff came in handy to advance as a character):ajsmug:

any recommendation of clopfics with this style of narrative or similar?

Don't think I didn't notice that League of Legends reference.

It's a combination of ideas from a few fics I've read. So try Universal Acceptance, Going Native, Gemini Ties, and Xenophilia.

I must agree this story appears to have great potential. I'm kind of hoping this story is like an actual story, with clop on the side.

Interesting so far, Tracking.

Very interesting first chapter. Are the ponies is this world bipedal and anthropomorphic?

No. They have hooves on their forelegs and normal feet. Because someone wanted to be different for once. Also, they walk on three legs.

Why does every gid damn porn fic got to be shemale in every damn way?

I just want to know why we write about anthro ponies when we have two perfectly serviceable alternate worlds to write in. You want ponies, we got you. Want hands and feet? Got those too. Why must we mix the two into some horror that science never envisioned?

Than why corrupt them with sexual organs that they aren't meant to have?

That's not corruption, that's plain sense. They have to have sexual organs because married couples have babies. The fact they aren't on plain display doesn't mean they don't exist.

So its plain sense for the female to be birth with the male sexual organs?

Biology would logically work the same. Let's say magic were involved, the baby would still need to be carried to term and would need to come from somewhere. So at the very least females would need functional organs in some capacity. It then follows that males would as well.

What doesn't make sense is why ponies would somehow evolve into something half-human.

Well, hermaphrodite/intersex people DO exist… They're just rare and the doctors tend to operate away one of the sexual organs.
So in a way, yes it does make sense for females to be born with male sexual organs on those very rare occasions

God damn, somehow this fits all my standards. I don't usually follow clop stories but this is one of the exceptions. +1 follow. Also, great work with the descriptions as things happen, not too wordy but with plenty of relevant detail. That's one thing I never was good at in my own works, if I was half as good as you are at that I would have no problems with my college papers. :rainbowlaugh:

Now All I need is for there to be some futa on futa sex with some serious cum inflation and this will be the perfect fit for me.

Soon....I also have many ideas for the protagonist to use dream magic. Many, many ideas.

Damn... Info dump the chapter

<Reads synopsis>

<Narrows eyes suspiciously>


<clicks upvote>



Any recommendation of clopfics with this style of narrative or similar?

More than just clop? Well, from people I know, there's Herding Instincts, An Escort's Journal, Pip's Treasure Chest, and Worth A Thousand Words. From my own, I have Soothing A Tempest and Nights In Pink Velvet.

"Um...this cave is taken? Please find another one?"

Wonderful reaction :moustache:

A tad too front laden with exposition, it could be better to space it out more throughout story, I'd say. Still shows potential, and follow it I shall.
I just hope Trixie becomes the first to dick out the Virgin through his new female gear.

my knees were inverted

Please tell me this was the character being ignorant of how anatomy works :facehoof:
Specially because it plainly wouldn't work in a bipedal stance. The knees are quite visible in every anthro art I've ever seen, too. Why would he think that? :rainbowhuh:

Reginald the Penetrator made me chuckle hard, though :rainbowlaugh:

Interesting. Ill keep an eye on this. How often can we expect updates on a rough guess dear author?

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Tbh I'm excited to see what happens next

I hope you finish this one and not put it in hitus

Well, I guess it is more a journal entry (or thoughts entries) than a book story, like the summary suggest me. Why not if better introduced and if it respect only 1 literary genre.

But I like your ideas and enjoy reading about the adventure of your main character.
Maybe your can spend more time (more writing in fact) on the thoughts about gender change, possibly the species change too. Cause in my opinion it will fix the mindset of your character in what's lacking : details.

Hope you will continue, I'd like to have a new chapter if you're not too busy.

Well, my plan for the character is to be an erotic counselor. <3

new chapter soon?

More please

Update, please? We want to know what happens next, that was too much of a cliffhanger!

Don't worry, I'm 2000 words into the next ch, I've just been very busy with work lately. :fluttercry:

More please?

How many words were you planning for this next chapter

I wouldn't mind seeing more of this I love what I've read so far and am pretty curious about what happens next :pinkiehappy:

Please, please continue this.

I didn't. What was it?


Moving past my Rod of Ages, (literally in this case), I saw the other problems with my lower body. Mainly the fact that my knees were inverted and I now had hooves instead of feet.

Pointed it out for you.

This was interesting, i hope it gets continued sometime.

Really hoping you find the time to add more the this story by the end of next year.

Just reread this hope you update it again someday

Love the chapter, shame that the author hasn't wrote

When the next chapter?

mental disorder

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