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A strange Russian guy writing weird pony fiction. I like writing things related to the culture of ponies. Like my work? Support me on Partreon if you can, link is on my profile page.

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Just when I finished the previous story, this popped up. Amazing. Keep up the great work.

This seems very promising, especially if it's the sequal which I thoroughly enjoyed. :rainbowwild:Hope to see more from you Snorting Gentleman, your a great writer!:trollestia:

Finally, Andromalius became the Lord of the Demons. With much power at his hooves, what will he do? And what will the world to do him?

Typo in the short description, this should be "what will the world do to him?"

"For me, I learned that there are a lot of things you are unprepared for." Twiloght said first.

Isn't it Twilight?

"Andromalius just wiper the floor with Discord!

This sentance doesn't make much sense :unsuresweetie:

Rest of the chapter seems good so keep it up! :twilightsmile:



Fixed the first mistake.

The second sentence means that Andromalius used Discord to wipe the floor. Well, unless I messed up the order of words again:applejackconfused:


I think it might be ...wiped the floor with Discord. If you say wiper for some reason I think of windscreen wipers :derpyderp2:



Oh, I overlooked that mistake. Twice:facehoof:

Thanks for pointing it out!

Hmm.... i wonder if we'll find demon version of Pinkie?:trixieshiftright:

8135575 like it isn't already like that in Ponyville?:trixieshiftright:

8135689 I know... but you do get what i mean, right?:unsuresweetie:

Hm, what nations are in this story so far that you can reveal? I know there's Equestria and the newly-reformed Gryphon kingdom, but is there other nations? Say, a nation for the Zebras, Dragons and any other races that inhabit this world?



Some nations just haven't been revealed yet. Though, they might be in the future.

TV cameras aimed at her, taking a perfect shot. In the large and modern cities of Equestria, ponies looked at the princess through their screens. In smaller towns and villages, she was listened to through radios.

For the land its ruler tried to suppress technology advancement, somehow they got a hand on TV and radio - despite their understanding of nature still lacking.

8148574 same way they got trains and the larger trade hub cities are 1890s New Yorkish looking, I blame the deer



I maybe have mentioned it before — the majority of technology was made by minotaurs. Suppressing their development might've caused international scandal or something far worse.

Hm, I'm surprised they were accepted as quick as they were, even with the story being told and Andro being Luna's child, though I do suspect that there will be some Canterlot Nobles who'll protest against the alliance between the nations



Could be so. Nobility is always slow to change.

For some odd reason I see the pit lords as the pit Devils of m&m 6

"Saw the Sequel to Nightmare"

Oh and you might remember me as TheDoctorWithHisTARDIS.

Yay I love this story and he got his father wings its remind me of the that tv season of the devil son

As long as you update more than once or twice a year, a lot of us'll be happy enough so don't fret to much.

Communists detected! Engaging U.N.C.L.E S.A.M misiles!
Loved it, by the way. :twilightsmile:

As long as the story doesn't die I'll be happy

Good good! Finally a chapter from your after nearly a month and I thought you update most of your stories like from Alicorn of Music 2016 where you usually update within 1 to 3 days... but sadly... it has slowed down.

Studying politics for the sake of this story? :pinkiegasp:Wow, I envy your dedication yet I pity you for having to study one of the most annoying and fustrating topics. Also English politics or American? I have no idea which is more annoying but you might want to choose Finlands government, 'cos why not? :pinkiehappy:
P.S I'm not Finnish :ajbemused:

8181493 don't CHOOSE AMERICA the gov is horrible compared to the things that you could do.



Thanks for the support!


I wouldn't call it communism for a few reasons:
1. Government doesn't take everything you earned from you and doesn't force you to work with incompetent fools.
2. If you work harder than others, you actually get a raise.
3. Andromalius doesn't want revolution but reformation through peaceful means.

However, there are certain ideas from communism and socialism.


I can say for certain it won't die unless I die first.




Some lack of imagination or inspiration, exams at college, those things hinder the progress. And I am slowing it down mainly because I want my editor to catch up.


Yeah, studying politics is mind-destroying. It seems like no system ever works. Besides, I aim to create a new system, one not seen before, one that would combine good elements from every system and make them work. So, it's neither English nor American (both are quite horrible, in my opinion). The new system will be far better at dealing with many things that are problem in our modern world.

I kinda wanna see more creatures from Stella's world. Like griffons, pegasi and other beings as well. :pinkiehappy::scootangel:



As far as I remember, it was said in one of the chapters of the previous story that there are no pegasi in her world. However, we might see other creatures.


Soo Communism? :pinkiehappy:
Don't worry I'm only joking :rainbowkiss: , but c'mon communist demons sounds funny.

Now just found the sequel to your other story. To be honest I was a quite sad your story ended, but my hopes and dreams were reborn after finally finding the sequel..

Si vis pacem, para bellum.
If you want peace, prepare for war. Damn, the Gryphons are going at it hard, I'm honestly surprised. If I remember, this Gryphon Empire wasn't formed too long ago and they're already prepared for war



I can say it's like the German Reich. It took them a bit more than a decade to ascend from dirt to top. I suppose it went much faster in the story because there weren't too many things in need of fixing like in Germany after the first World War. After all, the Griffin Empire had been divided into smaller kingdoms, and once said kingdoms were united, it became fairly easy to create a working empire.

In Medieval, it was pretty common, from what I know. Wars were common as well, and seeing how the griffin kingdoms fought between themselves, creating an army wouldn't be a big problem.

Evil begets evil, treachery begets treachery tia. The one thing that the empress forgets is that Equestria was kept down as well. A 1000 years with magic and what do they have to show for it? Steam engines, modern trade port cities, modern medicine and the rest of the country like it was a 1000 years before when Luna got banished, showing that all MODERN was imported.

Damn good way to start this i finished the first one yesterday and started on Alicorn of Music which I finished today and now I am on to this

Kind of sad... Lucifer giving him his wings that were stripped from him... but I'm also looking at it from a fan of Lucifer... in the show he destroy's his wings because he dosent want to return to hell to guard it...

Interesting update!
At least tia realizes the fault she had in her beliefs in the suppression of advancing her society, most don’t

Great chapter keep up the good work

Griffins were some armor, but it wasn't sufficient enough.


Nice to see this story updated :twilightsmile:

Another month before the next chapter.

Looks like "god" is at it again.

After all, demons had experienced wars and new how it felt when homes were destroyed.

Missing the k

"I will tell nothing!" the geiffon said angrily, snapping his beak at the alicorn. She was unfazed by the show, sitting calmly and collected.

The hell is a geiffon?

I guess it wasn't a month after all.

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