• Published 20th Jun 2018
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The Magician's Daughter - Justice3442

What would you do if destiny came knocking on the door? Would you pretend you weren’t home? Would you hide? Or would you face life head on, throw that door open, and embark on a life-changing adventure to right a wrong? Trixie knows what she’d do.

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Chapter One-Point-Five: Aftermath

Author's Note:

Just a brief interlude chapter before we move onto the next chapter (already partially writte!)

With much grunting, pushing, and one exclamation of ‘Hey, no biting!’ Denominator, Sugar, and Spice shuffled out of the cramped utility closet, accidentally knocking over a broom, a larger push sweeper, and a mop in the process. All of which fell - handle first - toward the unicorn colt on the floor, who was curled in the fetal position and whimpering.

None of the three long wooden handles improved his situation. In fact, he replied to the additional unexpected pain with more pathetic wailing and sobbing. Similarly, none of the three fillies who filed out of the closet made any effort to improve Straight Laced’s situation either; though they at least stepped gingerly over him as they made their way into the hall and witnessed the last few moments of Trixie Lulamoon’s micro-rampage leading from the closet to the school’s entrance just down the way.

All three at one point or another had daydreamed about how great it would be just to attempt to ‘bust out’ of school and cause a bit of a ruckus on the way out. It just seemed liked it would be so… satisfying. But standing there now and watching another filly explode a door from its hinges and bean a teacher with a red fire extinguisher before the hall was flooded with flame retardant smoke?


Yes. Most definitely yes.

Very satisfying to watch and likely more satisfying to commit at some future date! Though, maybe they’d get a chance to bean a teacher who deserved it instead of one who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time…

“She jacked your poster, Nom,” Spice announced casually.

Denominator just giggled gleefully. “No way. She earned that poster.” She took a moment to admire the destruction left in Trixie’s wake. “Best five bits I ever spent.”

The trio turned and trotted away from the mess behind them.

“Do you think she’ll find her dad?” Sugar asked.

Denominator smiled. “Are you kidding?” She shook her head 'cause her friends to duck and cover slightly from her extra long manebows flying about. “I don’t think anything could possibly stop her after all that.”

“Well… I hope she finds him,” Sugar added with an optimistic smile.

“Hey, I got this weird feeling like…” Spice said. “Like I feel warm and my stomach is full, but I haven’t eaten anything.”

“That’s the feeling of doing the right thing!” Sugar informed her friend as the final hinge holding up the last of the school’s doors gave out and it went crashing to the ground. “The feeling of doing the right thing,” she repeated wistfully as Straight Laced let out another sob.

“We should do the right thing more often!” Spice declared. “Oh, and hang out with Trixie more.”

Denominator let out another happy laugh. “Oh, I know, right?” she said as heavy hoofsteps sounded out behind the trio, hoofsteps that sounded like they belonged to a pony on a mission.

Sugar and Spice both took notice of the sounds and glanced behind them. Exchanging worried glances, the two ponies nodded then made themselves scarce.

Denominator didn’t…

“I mean, she can be a bit of a pain,” Denominator continued, “but she can also be a blast!” She glanced around as if to make sure her friends got the ‘hilarious’ joke but noticed they were strangely absent. She glanced behind her and the smile fell from her face. “Uh… Mom.”

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short sweet and full of humor I love it

Unique way to make friends.

That's our, Trixie!:moustache:

I can see this trio helping out Trixie, not so much for "doing the right thing" as "watch the chaos". Loving the humor so far!:pinkiecrazy:

Standing in the wake of a juggernaut is certainly preferable to being in one's way, but it still comes with its share of risks. Especially if you enjoyed the experience.

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