• Published 20th Jun 2018
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The Magician's Daughter - Justice3442

What would you do if destiny came knocking on the door? Would you pretend you weren’t home? Would you hide? Or would you face life head on, throw that door open, and embark on a life-changing adventure to right a wrong? Trixie knows what she’d do.

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Chapter One: Crumbling Down

Trixie Lulamoon was a decidedly average unicorn filly. Like most decidedly average children her age, she went to school, attended classes, took tests, flunked tests, re-took tests, got low grades on tests, and went through the rigmarole of what blank-flank fillies did when they still didn’t know who or what they were supposed to be yet.

So what if Trixie had been a decidedly average unicorn filly for a little (or some might say, much longer) time than the average decidedly average unicorn filly?! That didn’t mean anything was wrong or missing! Of course it was decidedly average to remain a decidedly average unicorn filly or colt for as long as was destined for said decidedly average unicorn filly or colt to be decidedly average for! This was not a point of shame that, say, might eat away at said decidedly average unicorn filly or colt to the point were they wondered if they would always be a decidedly average unicorn filly (or colt) and spend the entirety of their lives doing menial tasks like cleaning up the chalkboard, dusting the classroom, and retaking Mrs. Arithmetic’s test on Algebra just because solving for ‘X’ was some sort of evil Witchcraft that the decidedly average Trixie wanted no part of nor could she wrap her horn around!

However, as much as it pained her to, Trixie had to admit that there was simply nothing all that great or extraordinary about her. While it was somewhat extraordinary that she got to live in Canterlot, and therefore was that much closer to Princess Celestia; the sole reigning monarch of pony kind - this was true of ALL her classmates, which in turn didn’t help Trixie stand out at all. However, she did take solace in the fact that she was the best-looking foal in a school with classes full of ugly, ugly children and that she at least tried to rise above her decidedly average lot in life by living each moment to its fullest. Unfortunately, this just meant she simply stood out more when she did poorly at PE, was asked questions by teachers that she didn’t know the answers to, listened to boring lectures, fell asleep while listening to boring lectures, got yelled at for falling asleep while listening to boring lectures, and got sent to detention for falling asleep while listening to boring lectures and telling the teacher it was their fault for being so boring in the first place.

Why, aside from her attitude, the only thing not decidedly average about Trixie Lulamoon was that she didn’t know who or where her father might be or even what he looked like. Not that Trixie hadn’t asked her mom about this, of course. Though for a long time it was a non-issue as Trixie’s mother, a decidedly average unicorn mare, had convinced Trixie that she was delivered by phoenix like all other foals except that most foals were delivered by boring birds like storks, geese, and occasionally two swallows who carried the foal using a line made from a standard creeper which was held under their dorsal guiding feathers.

Eventfully Trixie had learned even two swallows were too small for this task, geese were jerks to all ponies and would likely attack a foal on sight, and storks’ habitat meant they only lived in a few parts of Equestria, in that order. No, what Trixie eventually learned is that when a mommy and daddy pony loved each other VERY much they’d do a special dance that was actually not very much like dancing and a heck of a lot more like full contact wrestling, at least that’s how Mrs. Full Contact taught it. Eleven months later they’d have a beautiful foal they’d take care of together. Of course there were two problems with this scenario. First off, at what point did the phoenix get involved, and second off, where the heck was Trixie’s father?!

When Trixie confronted her mom about this, it involved a lot of throwing things and screaming. Eventually, Trixie’s mother finally told the truth that Trixie’s father had left Trixie’s mother shortly after she got pregnant with Trixie. Trixie’s mom said that she would tell Trixie more except that a witch had come by and cursed Trixie’s mother to forget entirely about Trixie’s father. It turns out she had only remember that much because Trixie got lucky with a book she threw and jogged Trixie’s mother’s memory.

On the bright side, Trixie was given ice cream for partially breaking the Witch’s curse, but sadly, sent to bed before she could find more books to hit Trixie’s mom in the head with.

Trixie had also later learned that magic could also help make a baby so that a pony could have two mothers, two fathers, or a confusing mess of however many ponies were willing to contribute their dna… which was a confusing word that looked to be missing at least one vowel…

Still, that left Trixie angry at witches that randomly cursed ponies and with no single clue or idea if Trixie’s dad was somewhere far away and exotic and as breathtaking to behold as Trixie was beautiful or if he was somewhere decidedly average and furthermore, decidedly average looking like the other kids at school who weren’t Trixie. Trixie liked to believe it was the former—if she couldn’t be with her father, hopefully he was doing something that meant all the time not with his decidedly average unicorn filly daughter was better spent.

However, as sad and tragic as this reality was, Trixie had quickly found out a foal not knowing who their father was still common enough that it didn’t set her apart. Except for perhaps serving as more ammunition for other decidedly average foals to use against Trixie to make their own sad, decidedly average lives feel that much less decidedly average… Even if said other decidedly average fillies and colts just so happened to have their decidedly average cutie marks already.

So, even though she had one and only one parent and faced each day and each task with all the energy she had at her disposal, when said tasks were actually interesting enough to warrant such energy, she just couldn’t stop being the decidedly average unicorn that she loathed being. Nothing offered to her in her decidedly average life had held her interest long enough for her to get her cutie mark and stop being decidedly average or really distract her that much from how decidedly average it was.

Being a decidedly average unicorn filly, it was only natural that Trixie Lulamoon go through the motions of waking up, brushing her teeth, frantically trying to do the homework she was supposed to do the night before, get fed breakfast by her mother while she was trying to do the homework she was supposed to do the night before, get ushered out the door before she could finish the homework she was supposed to do the night before, and run to school in a frantic, screaming huff because she was running late, her coat was splashed with milk, and worst of all, the homework she was supposed to do the night before wasn’t done. Though, with any luck, she could get to school with just enough time to find a friend who had done their homework and copy that. She just needed to show up with enough time to find said pony and copy their work. Oh! And also make friends with them beforehoof.

Trixie arrived at the entrance to her school just has her legs were about to give out and her heart was going to explode. She climbed the pristine white steps that led to double doors and threw them open with a lilac glow of her magic, then announced her invitation for friendship!

“The-wheeze-friendly-and-charming-gasp-Trixie-has-huff-arri…” Trixie’s burning lungs felt confident that would be sufficient, though her brain protested. Likewise, her aching legs agreed with her lungs and decided to take a break. Trixie’s brain protested all the louder, but both lungs and legs had put it to a vote and brain was the odd body part out. So, instead of making a friend that could help Trixie finish her homework she instead was lying by the doors to the school being ignored by the other students. All as if Trixie bursting in a few minutes before the first bell ringing, making a loud declaration, then collapsing to the ground was a decidedly average thing that happened almost every day.

… Alright, Trixie would give them that one. So, instead of making a friend or finishing her homework, she began trudging to her locker. And thus, another boring and uneventful day at the clean and spacious, but also decidedly average, Canterlot school started for the decidedly average Trixie.

“Hah! Look who finally decided to show up! Little Miss Covered in Sweat and Milk herself!”

And thus, another grueling and horrible day in Tartarus had begun for the tired and exhausted Trixie!

Still huffing and puffing, Trixie had arrived at her locker to be greeted by the ‘unwelcoming committee’. She responded to the acknowledgement of her presence by shooting a glare at fellow student Denominator and her two primary colored pony cronies.

Denominator was, obviously, the daughter of Mrs. Algebra and also, obviously, a jerk. This particular obnoxious unicorn sported a dark-pink coat… or should that be light-red? Trixie could never remember… Oh, eyes the same color as her coat and also a long orange mane decorated with four very long wavy hair bows that seemed completely out of control and would usually whap ponies in the face as this total flank of a pony made her way down the hall. Her cutie mark was some… weird plus sign but with little dots instead of an uppy-downy line the helped make a pink four petaled flower. Flanking her cutie mark adorned flank were the ponies Sugar and Spice.

Sugar was Denominator’s ‘yes’ pony who pretty much agreed with everything her unpleasant leader said. She also was the first to tackle menial tasks Denominator found herself above. She had a light-azure coat and matching eyes, and a straw-yellow mane tied with twin light-azure bows into two twin ponytails. Her cutie mark was a bag bursting at the seams with sugar and also bubbles for reasons Trixie would never understand. For her sweet and bubbly personality maybe?! She could actually be nice if you got her away from Denominator… depending on how much a pony could tolerate ‘cloyingly sweet’.

Spice was Denominator’s muscle and had something of a near permanent scowl on her face. Her coat was green and her eyes were, surprise, green. She wore her mane short in a sort of spikey punk style, she also liked spiked green bracelets that were always being confiscated by the school’s staff, yet she seemed to always have more where those came from. Her cutie mark was a small collection of peppers, small different colored circles, and some star-shaped seed thingamajigs which Trixie supposed were meant to be spices. Also, one yellow flower for some completely inexplicable reason. If a pony could find her somewhere other than Denominator’s side, they’d find out she was still a huge jerk.

“Wow, oh, what a great and not stupid insult!” Trixie said sarcastically. “Just as not stupid as that stupid screwed up plus sign in your stupid cutie mark!”

Denominator narrowed her eyes. “It’s… it’s a division sign. We’ve been over this? You use it for fractions.”

“Trixie will fracture your face if you don’t get it out of my… uh… face!”

Spice gave Trixie a most unpleasant smirk as Sugar giggled as if somepony had just said something funny.

Denominator just rolled her eyes, “Gosh you’re so dumb… Look. I’m doing you a favor.” With a light-red/dark-pink glow of her horn, she floated over a rolled-up poster. She chuckled. “I think we found your dad.”

Trixie took one look at the rolled-up poster as her mind began racing with the possibilities of things that could be on that poster. Specially any manner of ugly beasts or unpleasant beasts… perhaps even a Windigo or Mr. Roly-Poly from History class. The myriad individual parts of Trixie’s body all took a vote and decided Trixie didn’t need to put up with this today and should respond with violence if necessary. Trixie’s spleen was particularly adamant on that last point.

Trixie let out a growl showing to make it clear Denominator was dangerously close to crossing a line. “Careful,” Trixie said through clenched teeth as Spice took a step forward and tried to look intimidating, “you’re about to go from ‘broken nose’ to ‘Trixie figures out if she can crush your windpipe with her math book’.” With a lilac glow, Trixie undid one of the buckles on her purple saddle bag and flashed the beat up spine of said math book as if she was discreetly showing off a weapon.

Sugar didn’t laugh that time and even Spice’s scowl seemed to falter in favor of an unsure look.

Denominator just laughed. “That’ll be the day.”

A dark grin spread across Trixie’s face like a storm cloud suddenly blotting out the sun. “No time like the present.”

Spice raised an eyebrow. “Uh… Nom? Maybe you oughta save this one…”

Denominator turned and narrowed her eyes at Spice. “Don’t tell me you’re afraid of her!”

Spice frowned. “I know the look when a pony is ready to start getting kicky with their forelegs and while I’m usually all for that,” Spice pointed at the Angry and Stressed Trixie’s face. “That is something far worse and I want no part of it.”

“Yeah, I’m with Spice,” Sugar said.

“What?!” Denominator growled out.

“She looks… she looks… very… very…super mean right now…” Sugar said in a frightened tone.

Denominator groaned. “Look… It’s fine! There’s not even anything that bad on the poster, remember?”

Trixie growled again. “I swear, if it’s like… an elephant, a seal, an elephant seal or… the Fancy Penguin from the new Batmare movie there won’t be enough pieces of you left for a cremation.”

The three filly’s collective eyebrows all scrunched.

“That didn’t make a lot of sense…” Sugar said. “But I still want to be somewhere else… like nowish.”

Spice nodded. “Totally. The important thing is she sounds serious.”

“Ghuh… Chill, Trixie!” Denominator said. “It’s just some pony that looks like you!”

It was Trixie’s brows’ turn to furrow. “Just some… pony…”

“Well, a stallion, d’uh!” Denominator specified. “I just found it as this random store, okay?”

“You found a poster… of some stallion… who looks like me… in a random store?”

“Yeah! It was, like, a gag store?”

“Trixie’s promise still stands if you show her a picture of a clown!”

“It’s not of a clown! Alright?! Geez… It’s a magician pony…

Trixie’s forehead wrinkled all the more. “So… it’s a unicorn…”

“No! Well… yes!” Denominator sighed. “But you know… a performer unicorn, I think…”

Trixie felt a hole in the pit of her stomach. While this wasn’t as bad as ‘clown’, a unicorn that performed ‘tricks’ via distraction and slight of hoof wasn’t exactly looked well upon in Canterlot. While maybe there was something to this pony looking like Trixie, it immediately became apparent why the poster was snatched up as a tool to harass her. “You’re still trying to make fun of Trixie!” Trixie shouted angrily.

Sugar and Spice shuffled nervously with guilty expressions on their faces.

Denominator shook her head. “I just thought we’d have a little fun with the buildup, but you killed the mood, Trix!”

“Trixie will kill your mood! Kill it to death!”

“Okay, she took it too far,” Sugar said, looking disappointed.

Spice nodded. “Yeah, she had a good thing going there for a bit though.”

“Ugh, bored now,” Denominator said. With a light-red glow of her horn she unraveled the poster. “Just… Look!”

For a moment, Trixie was sure it was all just a big joke. At a glance it looked like Denominator faked a poster by using a picture of Trixie herself. Which was to say putting a big mustache on Trixie would have also warranted a mauling… Not to say it wouldn’t have been perhaps a little funny… but still. A line drawn was a line drawn.

However, the dashing unicorn stallion who was under the words ‘The Art of Magic’ didn’t have a mustache or facial hair. He had a confident smile as he held up a set of cards with a lilac glow of his horn which just so happened to be the same color as Trixie’s magic. Oh, and he also just so happened to have a coat the exact same color as Trixie’s. It was also something of a coincidence that this, so-called, father of Trixie had wavy hair like Trixie that was also the exact same color as Trixie’s hair. Sigh. And sure… he had dark amethyst eyes, a very common color for ponies. So what if they just happened to be the exact same shade of amethyst Trixie’s eyes were?

Still, it was an interesting coincidence that… No… No… That wasn’t the word.

“Uh, Denominator?” Trixie said as she stared at the poster.

“Yeah, Trix?”

“What’s that math word for something that’s really, really, really, not likely to happen?”

“What, like improbable?” Denominator suggested.

“Thank you.”

Still, it was very improbable that a pony would happen to have all these items and not be directly related to the completely floored and Confused Trixie who wore both expressions on her face.

“Uh, Trixie?” Denominator said. “Are you alright?” She glanced at her friends Sugar and Spice who both said nothing as both were too busy staring back and forth between Trixie and the poster with their jaws practically on the floor. “Holy crud! That pony does look exactly like you! I mean… Older. And a stallion, of course…” Denominator took a moment to glance at her friends. “Maybe it is her dad?”

Spice pointed at the poster. “Quick, check for a name!”

Denominator, Sugar, and Spice all collectively poured over the poster.

Denominator grunted in displeasure. “Uhg… It just says ‘The Art of Magic’ on it!”

“Check for a signature!” Spice suggested.

“I’m currently doing that~!” Sugar replied in a slightly annoyed sing-song tone.

“Okay, but like… check the corners and stuff!”

“Already did that~!” Sugar added in a more annoyed and annoying sing-song tone.

“Check the back!” Spice suggested.

“I’m looking right at the back, Spice!” Denominator protested. “It’s a whole lotta ‘the back of a poster’ and nothing else!”

“Maybe it’s hidden.”

The three ponies stopped their search and looked at Trixie for a moment, then considered her smart and wise suggestion that was no way Trixie grasping at straws because this might be her one and only chance to figure out who her father really was.

Trixie continued, “I think… I think my fa… I think a stage-pony wouldn’t write a small signature… If they signed it, they’d make sure it was the first and biggest thing on the poster!”

Spice rubbed the back of her head. “What… So… he signed it with magic?”

Denominator grunted in displeasure, “That would be typical of a show-pony to overthink everything and make things more difficult.”

Sugar spoke up. “So, like… some sort of hidden illusion spell? We could always go to Celestia’s school and see if a unicorn there could figure this out.”

Spice winced. “You mean actually talk to one of those stuck-up ponies? No thanks. They’d probably say they’re too busy for us anyway!”

Sugar flashed a smile, like… a super large and wide smile. “Okay, but what if I ask really, really, reeeeeaaaaaaaaaly nice!”

Spice’s brow tightened. “That’d be worse.”

Trixie quickly checked her surroundings. With a flash of her horn, she snatched the poster out of Denominators passive grasp on it, quickly opened a plain wooden door, then leapt inside the room.

“Hey!” Spice protested. “That’s Nom’s!”

“And stealing is wrong!” Sugar called out.

“And that’s a utility closet!” Denominator added. “So, uh… You’re not getting too far with that poster!”

As if all three things weren’t obvious to the brilliant and resourceful Trixie! “Trixie knows…” Something caught Trixie’s eye as both adjusted to the darkness of the room. “Trixie…” She stared at the poster for a moment and her words caught in her mouth as she tried to speak. “Trix… Trixie knows her father’s name n-now…”

The door slowly opened and Denominator, Sugar, and Spice all stood outside it staring at Trixie in confusion.

“You… you found the signature by hiding in a closest?” Denominator asked in confusion.

Sugar gasped. “Oh! Oh! Get inside!” she said as she pushed her friends into the now, somewhat cramped utility closet.

“What?! Gha!” Denominator cried out in confusion

“Hey, Sugar!” Spice called out. “What’s the deal?”

“Grrrreaaaat… crammed into a dusty, smelly closet!” Denominator moaned. “This is definitely how I wanted to spend my time before first period.”

Spice swatted at the ribbons coming from Denominator’s mane. “Well, you’re not the one with giant hair bows all up in their face!”

With a light azure glow of her horn, Sugar closed the door on all ponies and the room went dark. Dark except for Trixie’s lilac magic and the glowing poster held up by it. A poster glowing because it had the words ‘Jack Pot’ scrawled over it in glow-in-the-dark lettering.

“Hah! Way to go Trix!” Spice cheered.

“Yeah! Three cheers for Trixie!” Sugar exclaimed. “Hip-hip—”

“Alright, shut up, Sugar,” Denominator interrupted. She studied Trixie’s bewildered face for a moment. “So… You didn’t even know your dad’s name?”

Trixie silently shook her head.

Denominator’s forehead tightened. “But… How…? I mean… Your mom had to know at least that much!”

Trixie sighed. “She used to.”

The other three ponies exchanged confused glances.

Sugar spoke up, “How the heck does a pony just ‘forget’ the name of somepony that they had a kid with?!”

Spice shrugged. “I forget pony’s names… I mean… it happens!”

Denominator and Sugar gave Spice skeptical looks.

“What?!” Spice protested.

Trixie let out a massive sigh. “Trixie’s mother was cursed by a witch, so she couldn’t remember what Trixie’s dad looked like or what his name was.”

A loud, head filling dong filled the room signally the start of classes, and when the reverberating ringing had stopped, all four ponies where still in a utility closet as silence filled the room. Trixie simple stared longingly at the poster.

The other three ponies stared at Trixie with looks of disbelief on their faces.

“Who… who told you that?” Denominator asked.

“Hmm? Oh, Trixie’s mom, of course,” Trixie said.

Again, a hushed silence fell over the three ponies.

Spice spoke up. “Uh… is it bad when it feels like your heart might be being boiled inside your chest?”

“It’s called ‘guilt’, Spice,” Sugar said. “That thing you’re feeling now? It’s called guilt.”

“Oh… Well, I hope it stops soon.”

Sugar swallowed and looked off into empty space. “Oh… it won’t!” she informed Spice in a bubbly tone.

“Trixie?” Denominator said. “Uh… I don’t think a witch cursed your mother.”

Trixie’s forehead tightened, and she glared at Denominator. “What?! Trixie is still willing to pummel you, you know!”

Denominator held up a forehoof defensively in front of her. “Look… it’s just that… witches… witches don’t usually exist outside of like of fairy tales and legends…”

“Witches are real!” Trixie insisted.

“Erm… I mean… I’m not saying they haven’t existed before or even that they don’t exist now just uh… The idea that a witch just came along and cursed your mother for something as specific as what your dad looked like and what his name is… Well, let’s just say that’s improbable.”

Trixie felt herself go cold. “Wh-what are you saying?”

“Ugh… She’s saying your mom lied to you, d’uh!” Spice exclaimed.

Trixie’s mind suddenly went blank as she stared at the poster of her father and said nothing.

“Spice!” Denominator and Sugar both snapped.

“What! It’s like a Band-Aid right? It’s better to take it off fast!”

Sugar nodded. “Oh, yes, Spice! That’s totally it! Telling somepony ‘Your mother has hidden the truth from you for years, and years, and years’ is just like a pulling off a Band-Aid!”

Spice nodded. “But it doesn’t explain why she’d do that…”

Denominator put on a ponderous look. “Well… If Trixie’s dad is a performance-pony, maybe she didn’t want Trixie to know that.”

“Oooooh… That makes sense!” Sugar said.

Spice chuckled. “Yeah, performance ponies are the worst!”

Silence fell over the room again.

“… Sugar?” Denominator said. “Hit Spice, please!”

“Huh, What?”

“Okay!” Sugar said successfully as she swatted Spice across the face.

“Ow! Hey!” Spice quickly reached her forehooves up to her nose, accidently knocking over small collection of mops and brooms. “What the heck was that for?!” She demanded.

Denominator motioned towards Trixie who was still staring at the poster.

“Oh…” Spice uttered. She winced. “Yep, there goes my heart boiling again.”

“I toooooold yoooooou~!” Sugar wobbled.

Slowly, Trixie’s thoughts came back to her in dribs and drabs, and then in a current, a current that turned into a flood. Flood like the flood of light that entered the room.



Denominator pulled a face as she put her forehooves up over her eyes.

“What are you four doing in here?! Classes have started already!” a colt’s voice called out.

Denominator groaned as she looked outside and lowered her foreleg, “Oh, shut up, Straight Laced,” she said to the somewhat pudgy white unicorn colt who glared accusingly with his beady yellow eyes at the four fillies in the closet. “This is a bit more important than a few minutes of class.”

Straight Laced gasped. “What?! More important than obeying the rules?! I doubt that very much!”

“Actually, it’s a lot more important than that!” Spice said. “Like… I don’t know… three times as important!”

Sugar giggled. “Three?! Just three! How about five!”

Spice thought for a moment. “Yeah, yeah… I can see that…”

“Oh… Seven!”

“Sure? Why not?”

Ten times more important!”

Spice scrunched her lips a bit. “Well… Let’s not go crazy here.”

Denominator looked over her companions and groaned at their shenanigans. Or likely, more accurately, Sugar’s shenanigans and Spice’s stupidity.

Strait Laced grunted in displeasure. “Of course, you’d say that! You’re a delinquent!” He stuck his nose up in the air. “And that’s why you’ll never be a hall monitor!”

“… My heart bleeds,” Spice replied dryly, eliciting a giggle from Sugar.

“What are you all even looking at?!” Straight Lace strained his eyes and stared at the poster. “Ugh… a Showpony poster?! I mean… I get why Trixie would be into that, but I thought you three had standards… Well… maybe not Spice.”

Spice growled a warning tone.

“It’s… it’s a poster of Trixie’s dad,” Denominator exclaimed as she gave Straight Laced an incredulous look. “I mean… it’s pretty obvious when you see her standing next to it.”

“Well… Whatever!” Straight Lace snapped as his horn glowed yellow. He took the poster in his own magic and then quickly rolled it up. “I’m confiscating it as evidence of the crime you four are committing! The crime of tardiness!”

Where will you be when it all comes crumbling down? Would you even recognize the moment?

“Uh-oh,” Spice said. “There’s that look again…”

To know in your heart and in your soul that the life you’d carried on to that point had been a complete fabrication?

Sugar giggled darkly. “Somepony’s gonnna geeeEEEeeeeet iiiiiit!~” she sang.

Would you see the odd strings of fate had been pulled taut in front of your haze-like trot you went through day-after-day?

“Get what?!” Straight Laced demanded. “What look?!”

Would you stumble? Would you trip face first onto the cold, hard truth that sent your head reeling and heart beating? Truth obfuscated from you from the time you were old enough to ask ‘Why don’t I have a daddy?’

Or, would you plant your hooves down on the ground? Would you reject inaction in favor of correcting a wrong that had been wronging you since as long as you could remember anything?

A devilish smile spread across Denominator’s face as she shook her head. “You just made the biggest mistake of your life, SL… Glad I’m here to see it.”

Truth hidden by someone who said they loved you and reminded you of that every night before you fell asleep?

“Mistake?! Me?! I don’t make the mistakes! I enforce laws! I am the—”

The Decidedly Average Trixie Lulamoon recognized her moment. Recognized it and took it. Much like she took the poster that was technically Denominator’s, but was being unjustly held by that most stuffy of stuff hall monitors, Straight Laced. She took it and dove past the white unicorn. Which would have been the end of it.

“Hey!” Straight Lace turned. “Stop right there, criminal scum!” he exclaimed as he grabbed ahold of Trixie herself with his magic.

Except he tried to stop the Determined and Unstoppable Trixie and rob her of her destiny!

Funny thing about destiny; by its very definition it was not a thing that could be stopped. Similarly, funny thing about Trixie in that moment when she recognized her life was at a turning point and she decided to take that corner as hard and fast as she possibly could.

She was currently Destiny’s avatar. She was Destiny’s stone cold crazy aspect of meeting life head on. She was not the decidedly average Trixie Lulamoon in that moment, but a force of nature.

So, a bossy Hall Monitor holding Trixie in place with his magic?

Well, it was a crying shame that his eyes didn’t respond well to bright flashes of light exploded in front of his face and that his muzzle didn’t respond well to be smacked with a metal bucket!

Just… so much a shame and just so, so much crying.

The doors down the hallway that served as the entrance of the school? It was a shame they were held up by simple hinges that blasted apart with some simple application of colorful detonations that filled the school with noise and shattered most of the windows…

Actually, the doors probably could have been opened easily enough… Whoops.

Uh… Mr. Happy Tree the art teacher that was actually super nice to everyone but standing in Trixie’s way and suggesting they ‘talk about this’?

Well, erm… it was a shame he too didn’t respond well to bright flashes of magic or being clobbered with a fire extinguisher that had also ruptured and was now filling the school hallway with flame retardant.

Admittedly, Trixie kinda wished being an unstoppable juggernaut of fate didn’t involve that part.

But this was not the time for regrets! Trixie was on a mission! A mission to seek the truth!

First thing was first. She’d go to her Mom and make her explain herself.

And then Trixie would find him. Trixie would scour Equestria for Jack Pot.


She’d search the entire planet if that’s what it took, and nothing could stop her. Not Hall Monitors, her mom’s lies, or even evil witches would be able to stand in her way!

She’d find her father and then she’d say one simple word.