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4 years after the fight of his life, Gohan repairs a strange device, being absorbed by it and sent to the kingdom of Equestria. Now with a new life, Gohan discovers in this world something that he never hope to find: "Friendship" and "love". Join the half saiyan in this incredible adventure while discovering who he really is. The adventure begins ... now!

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 56 )

This is actually pretty good. I can imagine this Gohan being a mix of his canon and abridged selves.

Turned into a pony, no thanks.
Good luck, and I hope you have fun writing the story.

Comment posted by Anime Fan Girl and Gohan deleted May 30th, 2018

It's a really nice idea, and the setup is pretty ok minus a few things.
Particle accelerator being supercharged creating a wormhole/portal, I like it.
Ambient magic in Equestria changing his form, pretty ok, though the explination was a bit lacking.
Gohan temporarily loosing his powers, believable, but, again, the explination was a bit lacking, even directly saying that its to make him not-over powered/unbalanced.
And celestia, why would she put Gohan, a guy she just met, on the same task of doing the SSCel with her prized student? Yes she probably knows everything about him due to the mind reading (I think she went too far with that, but it's a good detail to keep for a not-all-good celestia), but how does she know about his "destiny" and what he's supposed to do? She is throwing me off a bit, but I'd like to see what you do with her in the future, it could be interesting.

And now for my last question, what language are you translating from? It's pretty clear this wasn't written in english, so some characterization I talked about earlier could have been lost in translation.

Overall, it's a pretty good story so far and it has a lot of potential, let's see where you take this.

i'll take a look in the morning. :D

Nice concept, but you write like a noob. I could barely follow the story in some parts because of how jumbled the pronouns were getting and some places where entire sentences just dropped off without any meaning.

This is a interesting story so far, can't wait to see where it goes.:pinkiehappy:

Sorry about that. I will rewrite completely the next chapter, because I have it in spanish . :twilightblush:

Thank you for your amazing review and to answer your questions:
- Celestia sent Gohan with Twilight because she saw the opportunity to teach more things about the friendship to Gohan and for other reasons ... I will explain that in the future

-And for the second question: yes, my native language is the Spanish and I know
I made a mistake trusting in the Google translator.
I will rewrite the next chapter, but dont worry about the writing. I have studied English for a long time.

Well, I'll finish the next chapter soon. Thank you for reading

Nice, I've heard good things about grammarly, maybe run the chapter through that once or twice so it can help spot some things you might miss. Maybe a google translate + grammarly pass would help? I've never used it myself though, but it's something to try I guess.

I will keep your advice in mind, thanks :twilightsmile:

I see this story having potential in the future. Would you like an editor since I can tell English is not your first language.
I can spend a little on it making those curections for you if you like. Privet message me if your intrested.:twilightsmile:

Nice one but if my memory does not fail me, i think there's magic in the DB universe, just a little detail jejeje

You have my attention. This is interesting so far.

You better not go around deleting all the comments........

Interesting intro....

I really dont like it when they start off knowing everything about the main characted at the very start..... but thats just me.

Dont worry, the drama is more interesting and profound than you think. :pinkiehappy:

Please tell me that's Spike will get some sort of powers or do something amazing that don't let him look like a sidekick:unsuresweetie:

of course, don't worry about that. I have some ideas. :twilightsmile:

That's great!:pinkiehappy: good luck:moustache:

Why does the summary say Gohan never hoped to find love or friendship?

Well, How many possibilities do you have to land in a dimension with beings that give you a home and love?
that's why the summary says: He never hope to find.

Got it. It wasn't clear to me that you meant finding them in that dimension, and I was confused because Gohan definitely has friends and loved ones.

No problem, if you have another question, let me know. :twilightsmile:

Still, you should clarify so people won't get confused.

When does this story take place in the DBZ universe like the Cell Games Arc? Which arc from DBZ is this story taking place? I know it's 4 years after that arc, but which arc?

Well, the story takes place after the cell games arc and before boo arc, , it is not within a specific arc. :rainbowhuh: :twilightsmile:

I can't wait too see the next chapter. And by the way is his friends from back home realized he in equestria and Bulma will make a portal for him or will Celestia do it. I'm just curious. And I hope we see the ponies go to Gohan place where he lives.

Thank you very much for your support, I am working on the chapter at this time and I will upload it very soon and about Gohan's friends, only those who have the ability to feel the ki noticed the disappearance of the half saiyan. But that part of the story I'll tell y'all later. :pinkiesmile:

This is off to a interesting start. Will it be continued?

Is this story still going?

Of course it will continue and I'm really sorry for not constantly updating, but I have not had much time. I've been very busy looking for a place to study my career, but now everything is fine, I found a place and I can update more often. By the way, I will study animation, I really love drawing and creating new things, so while this story grows I will do it too. :pinkiesmile:

Ok good luck with you're career!😁

Whoa! You're gonna study animation. So you're gonna be an animation person. That really cool!

And not gonna lie I can see gohan and twilight as a ship because of their personalities.

buscando en el pedazo de papel

So far, I don't notice any grammar errors, but I did notice that some of your phrases are in Spanish. Are you an ESL writer, by any chance?

Story still good despite the grammar. Look into getting a editor to help you translate your writhing into English. Can't wait to see what you have next.

Im sorry for that, I will try to avoid those little mistakes in the next chapter.

I take it Starlight will either be brought in early, you plan to go through the whole show with Gohan, or you're going to be doing time skips.

which gohan is this, child one, old one, one hand one who died in the future cause truck to go back in time, the teenage one in high school who like dress up.....

I plan to do it very varied, there will be time jumps and at the same time very close chapters, but everything will be mentioned in the chapter. :twilightsmile:

He is teen gohan, exactly 4 years after the battle with cell, it is not within a specific arc. :rainbowhuh::twilightsmile:

Color me intrigued. This could be interesting.

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