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Saiyan of the North Star

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nice work and it looks better

Breasts sizes: G-cup

Never change Fimfic.

KO yeah, I think I'm gonna keep the size... for now. :raritywink:

KO you'll find out soon in the next few chapters or so.

It’s hilarious how terrible this story is.

Well it's creepy that you mention it in the story and it's going to be even weirder if they get bigger for some reason.

Telling people you're going to knock them out is not going to end well. May I ask why you do that?

KO sorry, I don’t speak Spanish but thanks for loving my story!

Maybe it's a writing quirk of his/her's?

Doubt it. Writing quirks usually manifest themselves in dialogue, pacing, or format (in my experience). I assumed it was Tourettes or OCD at first, but that could easily be fixed by an editing or uploading through an approved proxie.

Huh, maybe it's just a thing they do when commenting and the like, like an intro or something

Another user pointed out that they'd seen other people do that on the site, so it could just be another weird fad.


KO are you guys really reading, or just wanting to talk with friends? :applejackunsure:

You seem like the type to block users and delete comments, so it seemed like a safer option than pointing out everything wrong with the story. Thaaaaat, and it does look really weird, the thing we're discussing. If you heard someone do that in real life, well...

People with no social lives often consider online interaction to be on par with having actual friends (that's not what guys call it though).

I'm glad I can help dude and FYI, I'm a dude just so ya know.

If you're the editor, you're not doing a very good job. I do better work from a cell phone. And the AN? Rainbow DASP?! Really?

I guess I missed some stuff sorry. And FYI, I'm doing this from a cell phone as well.

Ever heard of Oldtakufanboy? PKA zoddtheimmortalone? I'm working with him as an editor. More specifically, his story "Pretty as the Sea." And you missed a lot more than "some"

I can offer my services as an assisstant editor and give pointers


KO well, We could use a little more help. I feel like I’m missing some words in my story.

Alrighty then. Do you use Google Drive?

No, I use Grammarly on my phone. I can send it to you via PM.

So freezer has the power of hakai mmm... wonder how he got it and i was funny about the moon vs vegeta XD.:rainbowhuh:
My english is bad:rainbowlaugh:

KO glad you’re enjoying the story. Just to be clear; Frieza doesn’t have the Hakai power, he only got by someone who gave it to him.

Comment posted by Miles Skywalker deleted May 7th, 2018

nice work looking forward to the next one.

That was awesome work! :pinkiehappy: Can't wait for the next chapter!:pinkiesmile:

KO thanks, hope enjoy the story and tell all your friends about it!

KO thanks, hope click the thumb up button and tell all your friends about it!

KO thanks, hope you enjoy the story and tell all your friends about it!

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