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So wait, Twilight's not in his harem? Why?! Eh, nice to see a story that treats Flash well though. Though I gotta say, this chapter does have some weird transitions and lost words, but it works well. Oh, and Derpy should have totally be part of the harem. Love Derpy...and Trixie. Oh, and Lemon Zest, as their personalities would work well.

I'll give you an upvote. Keep up the work and I can see this gem beginning to shine.

KO thanks for your Opinion. The reason That neither the Twilights’ from both worlds aren’t gonna be in it because the pony Twilight has her duty as princess and may bump into pony Timber Spruce someday and the human Twilight has a thing with the Human Timber, so there’s that.

Hope you tell all your friends about my story!

No problem. I personally always wanted to write a Flash Sentry harem story...but I could never do it. I'm just not a good clop writer.

KO life isn’t always easy, dude.
Enjoy the story with your friends!

will the actual Dante appear in a chapter as Flash's Mentor?

Interesting concept, will be sure to keep reading upcoming chapters. Yet personally i can't see:Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Pinkie Pie with Flash, don't know why. Maybe Rarity and Fluttershy. Heck The dazzlings seem to be an interesting idea(saw a story were Flash gave them a place to stay and that idea has been in my head for a while).

KO well, those three are my most favorite characters of the Mane 7 (EG) and want to give them a chance in the spotlight. Also what the name of that story?

Is your story. Also the story is called To House Sirens

KO thanks and hope you tell all your friends about Equestria Girls’ Devil Sentry!

You know, there's a power ranger/sentai series that could have worked in what you are trying to do. It's called Garo. Here's a quick review by a fellow brony:

allrighty the, i liked the premise, DMC is always welcome, but you need to work your grammar, small stuff can bunch themselves together and tire out any readers.

second, you need to work on your build up, you have to hype people up to the possible outcomes.

i can only give you this so far, but good luck continuing.

Well that was fast. Looks like Flash will be getting ladies rather quickly in this story.

KO if you mean the part of the bedroom and the flirts, then yeah that may happen soon. Hehe.

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I want to ask before reading but is twilight included in the herum

KO I’m sorry to displease you buy no, Pony Twilight is busy with her princess duties and Human Twilight already has a thing with Timber. Hope you enjoy reading the story and tell all your friends about it!

Nice. Trixie better be joining Flash from now on, that was great.

KO oh don’t worry, she will and so will some other girls I have in mind of who will be joining. What did think on Flash’s thought in the end?

KO I got Sunset Shimmer, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie, Derpy, Trixie, and Celestia.

i thought two more the twilight from the Friendship Games and gloriosa from legend of everfree

it's freaking obvious who the original Devil May Cry owner is

nice work i have been waiting for the chapter.

Oh just sleep with him already Sunset!

KO thanks for being patient and hope you will enjoy this story more and tell all your friends about it!

KO don’t worry, she will probably somewhere in the Rainbow Rock Saga. What do you think of Nevan appearing in the story?

Its good. I'm just waiting for Flash to get with someone already!

Please use spell check. At least have an editor look it over.

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