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A boy with the will of fire comes to Canterlot High School to cause mayhem.


I do not own Naruto or My Little Pony Equestria Girls as they're owned by Masashi Kishimoto and Lauren Faust respectively.

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Rainbow chuckled, she liked this kid's dynasty.

I think you meant tenacity.

Yeah! You're right! Sorry, I couldn't remember the right word.

I'll go fix that!

Not sure why, but this reminds me of an alternate universe where Sunset is Naruto’s caretaker and mentor.

I just pictured them being really close friends, seeing how they have similar circumstances.

8738258 Oh. I’m guessing that this takes place before Shipuuden and Boruto?

Yep, I never liked Shippuden. Boruto is good, I just don't know how to write him.

PTS Naruto is my favorite.

8738820 I never watched Boruto, but the only reason I know about it is because of the trailers for it.

It's not as good as the original, but far better than Shippuden.

Shippuden is good

As long as you ignore the fillers

You do have a point...

Just a heads up

Most of the episodes after the second VOTE fight is actually canon and not filler

Most of them are animated versions of the tie in novels for The Last and Boruto movie

Oh, cool. Thanks for the heads up

Ouch. Well, at least Sunset can skip school.

Yeah, it's kinda a mix of sickness and her past feelings

The power of emotions is a truly scary thing
Just look at Madara and Obito

Both of them were basically being driven by their love for the people they care about throughout the war arc

Obito with Rin and Madara with his brother

So this is Naruto during part 1 huh

Quick question

Where the heck is Jiraiya?

I'm pretty sure Tsunade wouldn't send him anywhere at this point without Jiraiya to both guard and train him

Jiraiya thought this could be his training in this timeline...

That's all I got...

I might feature him in the story for a chapter, or something.

It's all fine and dandy, today's going to be another normal Wednesday.

Sunset why you invoke Murphy's law

Because poor Sunny has awful luck.

Might be her brains, pony Twilight will most likely agree.

I think that’s a grammar mistake.

Sunset killed her train of thought and went into her homeroom, she doesn't do much in homeroom, but the kids you were stuck with homeroom had the same schedule. Thankfully, all of her friends were in here. It was going to be another boring day. Wait! What is that kid in the hallway doing here!? Is he in the right class? The teacher sat up and escorted the boy to the front.

It’s switching between second person and third person.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!" He called. Suddenly, there were two Narutos! What kind of shenanigans was this?

Some ninja

"Magic? Pfft, I just used my chakra!" Naruto said with a dumb smile on his face.

Part 1 naruto wasn’t that good of a ninja.

Were her questions answered? He didn't make a direct response, the kid is strange in all the right ways.

What right ways is he strange?

"Of course I did! Tsunade told me that this was going to be a long mission. She sent me by some teleportation Jutsu." Mission? Like a ninja mission?


Naruto wasn't informed of this information yet, but I'm sure he'd want to meet the girls anyway.

I thought he already met them.

She purposed a battle with Naruto, to only lose ten minutes later... Applejack would never shut up about it, afterward.

A battle?

"Wait, why do you have to take off?" Sunset looked at the blonde, dumbfounded (Also, nice grammar).

Nice grammar for sunset or naruto?

All because of a silly girl, Naruto sure has strange taste in women.

He has a crush on sakura, so maybe.

It's very shitty, she knows the feeling.

What feeling?

Naruto is the Fourth Hokaga's son after all not to mention son of the previous Nine-Tailed Jukiriki.

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