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Greater Evil

Sunset Shimmer had put all the ramen bowls on her bigass table, which in turn let Naruto run for the table. Rainbow Dash was surprised at how fast the blonde could run, but she was always faster. Everyone was sitting at the table, they were a little shocked. The ramen looked great, they figured it would be a simple packet of ramen and that's all. Nope, there were some rice cakes, a half boiled egg, and some pork. Sunset didn't have any meat in hers (she is a vegetarian, after all) it still tasted amazing though. The broth was perfect, and the noodles complemented the ingredients.

"Wow, Sunset. This is great," Twilight said while gulping the rest of her meal.

"Thanks, Twilight." Twilight blushed a little, causing her to fix her glasses. "But it wasn't all me, Naruto helped out too."

Everyone had finished their dinners. Naruto basically informed them about his ninja training, they seemed to take it well. They all grabbed their belongs and traveled out the door, with saying goodbye of course. I'd be rude not to say goodbye.


Naruto pictured the meetup to be a bit longer, like a sleepover. But it is only a Wednesday, so it was bound to happen. Naruto looked at the clock, it was 7:45. He was bone tired and ready for bed, his body ached as he walked and Sunset also felt sluggish, she stumbled around for a bit. Naruto crashed on the couch and fell asleep faster than Sunset could count, the blonde didn't even mutter a single word. It was unlike him.

Sunset felt guilty of thinking about this, but she was curious. Sunset had placed her hand on the boy's head, his slumber still continued, but she went inside his memories.

She saw Naruto, but as a little kid. His eyes were puffy, tears streaming down his face, the villagers hated him. It was something that wasn't his fault, he never wanted to be the host of a demon. Sunset looked at the villagers, they were all scared of something they didn't understand, yet they still proceed to make the blonde suffer. Just like how the students were scared of her, but she made them fearful of her. She felt something deeper though, something of greater evil.

Sunset Shimmer had left her trance, her body staggered from the awful memories she had embraced. She limped across the room to enter her bedroom, she wasn't feeling great. She took off her leather jacket and light sky dress, but the socks still stayed. Her body felt snug in her PJs, it was wonderful.


Sunset woke up, in a pool of her sweat


"Shi-t!" Sunset felt her forehead, her noggin was warm. Her fingers interlaced with the heat, she felt like garbage. What time was it? whatever, she should get ready for school. Sunset tried to get up but failed, she fell to the ground. Naruto heard the slam and woke up from his sleepy prison, he got up and when into Sunset's room.

"Sunset, what the hell are you doing? It's 4 o'clock-" Naruto looked at Sunset, she was trying desperately to get up. She clenched her stomach, sweat was dripping from every inch of her body. Sunset felt something crawling from the back of her neck, it was throw up. Sunset made a puddle of partially eaten ramen and other disgusting bile from her stomach, she was so confused.

"Oh, crap! Sunny, you have a fever!"

"Great observation, Naruto *heck* *gech* *ech*. Shit..." Naruto walked over to Sunny, grabbed her marital style, and put her back in her bed.

"Me and you are gonna have to take off, so that's gonna suck,"

"Wait, why do you have to take off?" Sunset looked at the blonde, dumbfounded (Also, nice grammar).

"I have to take care of you, dummy." The blonde smiled, he just came to a new school and he's taking off the next day. All because of a silly girl, Naruto sure has strange taste in women.

"Fine, I guess I can't go to school. I mean, I'm a ball of sweat right now,"

"So it makes sense, somewhat."

Naruto looked around for any medicine, he shifted through cabinets. Naruto suspected she had a fever but wasn't so certain, he found a small plastic bottle. It read 'Residence for fevers!' with a pill mascot. He thought it was the dumbest looking thing he had ever seen, but he took it over to Sunset. He put the medicine on a spoon.

"Look, I found some medicine for you!" Sunset was sweating harder, she didn't know why she felt so warm. Naruto fed her the medicine. She grimaced, her tastebuds never hated her more after tasting that garbage. Shit, this is turning out to be an awful day.

"Hey, Naruto. Thanks for helping me out," Sunset groaned in pain, mainly from the sickness. "It means a lot."

"Oh! It's no biggie, besides I'm just returning the favor."

Sunset was very thankful, she was remembering the memories she saw yesterday. How could a kid be hated by an entire village? He is so kind, he was willing to just be here for Sunny. It's very shitty, she knows the feeling.

It's all too awful.

Author's Note:

Heyo, sorry again for a short chapter.

I'm kinda on a 'writer's block' right now.

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Ouch. Well, at least Sunset can skip school.

Yeah, it's kinda a mix of sickness and her past feelings

The power of emotions is a truly scary thing
Just look at Madara and Obito

Both of them were basically being driven by their love for the people they care about throughout the war arc

Obito with Rin and Madara with his brother

So this is Naruto during part 1 huh

Quick question

Where the heck is Jiraiya?

I'm pretty sure Tsunade wouldn't send him anywhere at this point without Jiraiya to both guard and train him

Jiraiya thought this could be his training in this timeline...

That's all I got...

I might feature him in the story for a chapter, or something.

"Wait, why do you have to take off?" Sunset looked at the blonde, dumbfounded (Also, nice grammar).

Nice grammar for sunset or naruto?

All because of a silly girl, Naruto sure has strange taste in women.

He has a crush on sakura, so maybe.

It's very shitty, she knows the feeling.

What feeling?

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