• Published 15th Feb 2018
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Hidden Fox - MegaCheesy

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"You don't know what chakra is?!" Naruto threw his arms up in astonishment. This school he was going to was a wacky place to be attending. The chakra levels around the place weren't non-existent, yet they were in small amounts. It wasn't any problem for the blonde, seeing how he was able to use his chakra just fine, but it is a little alarming.

"No, I've never heard of chakra before. But I do know some magic." Sunset wasn't sure if this boy was insane, or not. But he did do some weird technique he called 'shadow clone Jutsu', maybe he is right, she can't make assumptions about something she doesn't understand.

"Chakra is like an energy that comes from nature. It is essential for every living thing, at least I think that how it's explained," Naruto let out a sigh. "I could never remember what Sakura exactly said that day."

"Oh, I guess that answers my questions somewhat." Sunset pondered to herself. Were her questions answered? He didn't make a direct response, the kid is strange in all the right ways.

"Anyway! I'm gonna head back home--" Naruto started walking back, realization took over him in an instant. Sunset was only perplexed.

"Dammit, I forgot! I don't have anywhere to live, how come Grandma Tsunade never warned me about this!?"

"Wait, did you just arrive here today?" Sunset asked.

"Of course I did! Tsunade told me that this was going to be a long mission. She sent me by some teleportation Jutsu." Mission? Like a ninja mission?

"You can stay with me if you want to." Sunset didn't know why she was letting some hyperactive kid into her apartment room, but she kinda liked him. It was a valid reason.

"Really? Thanks, lady!"


"Wow! This reminds me of my apartment." Naruto looked around in the dimly lit apartment, the kitchen area was sorta big and the rooms seemed to be moderately sized. Yep, Naruto felt like he was home. Sunset raised one brow.

"You live in an apartment too?" Sunset asked

"Yeah! I don't have any parents to look after me, so I live in a cozy apartment." Sunset Shimmer was confused, how could a kid this young have an apartment? Wait, did he say he has no parents?

"Wait, you don't have any parents?"

"Nope!" Naruto stated, with his happy nature not faltering.

"I don't have any parents either," Sunset said to particular no one. She never had parents in Equestria or here, she had always lived alone. Always been alone. Sunset stared at the ceiling for what seems to be eons, not noticing that Naruto had jumped on the couch with a loud slam. The blonde was a lot like Sunset, yet different in so many ways.

"Say, Sunset. I'm super hungry... What kind of food do you have?" Sunset's focus was shattered into a million pieces, Sunset took off her shoes and walked to the kitchen. She sifted through the cabinets, she could only find ramen noodles. It was the packet ones and not those disgusting noodle cups. She shuddered at the thought of having to eat those again.

"I have ramen, we could make that together." Naruto launched off the couch and ran straight into the kitchen, almost slamming into Sunny in the process.

"Ramen?! I love ramen!" Sunset looked at the energetic boy, he was a ball of energy.

"Oh, really? I don't know how good it is for you, but hopefully, the stuff that we have here will be a good substitute."

"I'm sure it will be great, any form of ramen is good in my book." Naruto gave a thumbs up to Sunset, not knowing how to react, she smiled.


The two foolish roommates had prepared a huge batch of ramen. Sunset did this on purpose, the girls were coming over for dinner. The whole thing was kinda planned on the spot, but everything should go according to plan. Naruto wasn't informed of this information yet, but I'm sure he'd want to meet the girls anyway. He got to know a little about Rainbow Dash from that dodgeball game, which was really fun, she had a very tomboyish attitude. She purposed a battle with Naruto, to only lose ten minutes later... Applejack would never shut up about it, afterward.

"Oh, Naruto. I forgot to mention, all my friends are coming over for dinner in a few minutes." Naruto was drooling over the dinner he had helped to create, he was ready to eat it right there and now. But Sunny interjected, making Naruto somewhat sad.

"Okay," Naruto sat back down on the couch. His ramen addicted stomach was about to implode, he needed some ramen quick. Naruto heard a knock at the door, he rolled off the couch in preparing to meet Sunset's friend.

"Coming," Sunset walked over to the door and opened the darn thing, Applejack peeked in the door holding a somewhat big crate.

"Hi, sugar cube. I have the cider." The other girls leaked into the apartment, Rainbow noticing a familiar boy from gym class.

"Hey, it's that new kid! What's he doing here?" Rainbow asked.

"He didn't have a place to go, so I let him stay here." Sunny responded. Rainbow gave a few glances at Naruto, which he did not notice or acknowledge.

"You girls ready for food?"

Author's Note:

Hey, sorry if this seems a bit shorter. I wanted the dinner scene to be in next chapter.
Criticisms are appreciated.