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This is an AU where Equestria and the world of Pokemon are combined but are separated from each other. Some humans do visit Equestria but don't stay for very long, mostly for vacations. But when 10-year-old Joe Inkwell found out about Twilight's school, he wanted to join. Who knows, he could make some new friends.

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"You ready to make some fireworks, Shyann?"

why do i feel like this is going to end badly

So, I saw the title and got excited. The concept seems pretty interesting. But I read the first chapter, and now I'm a bit skeptic.

So apparently the worlds are separate, but humans have crossed over for short periods of time before. How well do the inhabitants of this Equestria know about Pokemon. There wasn't any sort of reaction when the two students were separated by the Pokemon, not even by the other students nearby (like an, "Oh wow, you have that kind of Pokemon!" or "What is that!?").

Also, "His neck littered with Mega stones, his wrist wrapped with a Z-Crystal. He was all set for this new school. Team 1: Scorch (Typhlosion), Sly (Sceptile), Lelia (Raichu), Eva (Gardevoir), Zach (Armaldo), Eleanor (Blaziken). Team 2: Bosco (Malaconda), Dixie (Plasmanta), Luna (Aurumoth), Sara (Syclant), Shade (Fidgit), Shyann (Pyroak)."
That is...not Gary Stu since I haven't seen how others typically react to him (intro chapter and all) but definitely overpowered (like crazy). Unless...Oh, he must come from the anime Pokemon world where nobody ages! I guess...

It's not...

Everything is fine...

The worlds are connected, but each knows little about the other. But he is from the anime Pokemon world to clarify. The two students were just wondering 'what in Sam Hill' what even were the creatures, I should've put more dialogue there.

Joe only has three mega stones, one Firuim Z. Sorry for not being specific...

Gotcha. Hope part 2 goes well.

Impressive! Liked and followed.

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