• Published 15th Feb 2018
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Hidden Fox - MegaCheesy

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New Kid

It was typical weekday morning for Sunset Shimmer, she was tired. Waking up early is a bitch and a half, but she stopped complaining and got herself some waffles. Waking up at 6 am does a lot to a kid's mental capabilities, yet Sunset manages it every single week. Might be her brains, pony Twilight will most likely agree. It's all fine and dandy, today's going to be another normal Wednesday.


Sunset had just walked into Canterlot High School, everything seems to be going as planned, in terms of a normal day. She walks down the hall to arrive at her homeroom, but she spots someone. Someone she has never seen before, he looked to be CMC's age and height. He stuck out like a sore thumb, his blonde hair shined in the whole hallway, and his bright blue eyes glistened through the gigantic building. He wore a strange orange jumpsuit with some blue coloring, which matched his headband.

He held a schedule, he must be a new kid. Sunset shrugged, he didn't seem to be too much concern to her. There was something odd about him though, he was smiling and giggling to himself. Who could be happy on a Wednesday? Let alone, being a new kid in a school you barely knew. It was rather strange, in her opinion.

Sunset killed her train of thought and went into her homeroom, she doesn't do much in homeroom, but the kids you were stuck with homeroom had the same schedule. Thankfully, all of her friends were in here. It was going to be another boring day. Wait! What is that kid in the hallway doing here!? Is he in the right class? The teacher sat up and escorted the boy to the front.

"Class, we are having a new student. Introduce yourself, young man." She said with a stern tone, Mrs. Brimstone was a tough cookie.

"Okay! My name is Naruto Uzumaki!" He proclaimed, very loudly. Sheesh, so much for ears...

"I'm from a village hidden in the leaves." What village? She couldn't remember any local villages around and with a name that he has, he must be foreign. Mrs. Brimstone directed him to an empty seat, which was the empty seat next to Sunset. This was a weird set of events, to think a kid half her size was in her class was a little peculiar.

Naruto sat down and pulled out a notebook, there were many crude drawings scribbled through the pages. There were multiple times he wrote; 'I'm going to be a next Hokage!' In some pages. Sunset looked up at the nearest friend, which was Rainbow, and gave her a confused look. Rainbow only gave her a shrug that said, 'I don't know, bond with him.' Super helpful, Rainbow...

Naruto kept smiling until he reached a page, it seems like he wrote a small note; 'I broke my promise...' Naruto frowned, Sasuke had left the village to pursue more power. Everything he tried to do for him failed, Sasuke was gone and he had to accept it. It wasn't 'okay', everything was bad and his friend was in danger. Naruto closed his notebook and turned to Mrs. Brimstone's attention, homeroom was over and the lesson was starting. This boy was a special one.


Gym class started and Sunset was in her gym clothes. Naruto had been placed on her team, while Rainbow, Applejack, and Pinkie were on the other team. Twilight wanted to sit out, same with Fluttershy. Rarity just didn't want her face to be ruined, typical Rarity. The students would be playing a game of dodgeball, the most intense and classic gym games around. Both teams got into their spots, and the game had begun.

Naruto ran for the closest ball he could find, he never played anything like this before, but he got the general grasp of the game. Naruto got a ball and booked to the end line. Sunset grabbed a ball and managed to get someone out, it was satisfying. Naruto makes a hand sign with a ball wedged in his arm, what was he planning?

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!" He called. Suddenly, there were two Narutos! What kind of shenanigans was this?

"What kind of magic is that?" Sunset said to particularly no one. Naruto handed the clone the ball and grabbed his feet, he launched him across the room. The clone burst into a cloud of mist, the ball was the only thing that emerged from the mist. A boy on the other team was confused from Naruto's trick, only to see a ball charging at him, like a bull. The boy was socked right in his stomach and was on the floor dazed, he trudged from the ground and took a seat on the benches. Rainbow Dash was impressed, how that kid did that went right over her head, but he could be a nice challenger.

After a few minutes, only Naruto was left on his team. His teammates repeatedly told him to catch a ball, but he had other plans. His knuckleheadedness got the better of him, only Dash and Pinkie stood in front of the blonde.

"Hey kid, you should just call 'its quits'." Rainbow sneered, but Naruto wasn't having any of that bullshit. Instead, he did the exact opposite.

"No way, I'm not going to do that!"

Rainbow chuckled, she liked this kid's tenacity. Pinkie suddenly slung a ball in Naruto's direction. Naruto chakra dashed away from the ball and threw a ball of his own. This got Pinkie Pie's right knee to be hit, Pinkie let out an "aww," in disappointment and skipped her way to the benches. For the next few minutes, dodgeballs were flung and dodged. Naruto was having a blast, this could be useful for his ninja training. Rainbow Dash was tired from all the running she had been doing but was giving 110% against Naruto, but this wasn't enough to stop the blonde.

Rainbow was hit straight in the face, Naruto had put a lot of force in his last throw to end the game. Rainbow was eliminated and Naruto's team had won.


The 'Mane 7' approached Naruto after school, it had been an interesting day for Naruto and he was bone tired. Sunset had walked up to the bright young man, he gave off a warming and welcoming feeling, which surrounded the whole area around him.

"Hey, I'm Sunset Shimmer. I'm the girl you sit next to in homeroom,"

"Oh! I'm Naruto!" He said while fixing his headband.

"Yeah, um... About that stunt, you pulled in gym class." Sunset sheepishly gave a smile to Naruto.

"What kind of magic were you using?" Naruto looked at Sunset like she had four heads. Magic? he wasn't using magic, it was chakra.

"Magic? Pfft, I just used my chakra!" Naruto said with a dumb smile on his face.

"Chakra? what's that?" Sunset was very confused.