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When a teenaged boy (who is a brony of course) wakes up in one his favorite shows, he becomes very conflicted.

This story takes place in the season 2 premiere, which I like to call the "Discord arc," because I really like that specific arc.

I do not own "MLP: FIM" or any rights to that property. I'm just doing this for fun.

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It seems like people stumbled upon this mess, whatever, I'm still proud of this chapter

I really mean it. its great I was looking for a story like this for a while

I'm glad you enjoyed it.
There are a bunch of dislikes, which I do not fully understand.

there probably jealous.:twilightsmile: that they cant make one as good. :facehoof: or not there type :twilightsmile:

You still got! it keep up the good work.:twilightsmile:

"Nah, I'm just thinking to myself. The quiet gave me a chance to think, that's all." I responded to the purple mare. Even though I do enjoy a good silence, sometimes quiet is violent . I could tell Twilight's mind needed to feed their addiction, she needs a book.

Something tells me this is going to be important later.

"I read your mind Twilight and it wasn't the geography of Equestria. I was going to ask you about the legal age in Equestria." Twilight stumbled back. 'How did he do that?' she thought to herself. She caught her balance, she was looking pretty clumsy at the moment.

How did he read her mind? Also, ponies age differently than humans.

I watched as the class was preparing to get all their supplies. There were a lot of quills being placed on desks, I always assumed they used pencils. They did barely show what the CMC did in school on the show, so what do I know?

I think they do use pencils, sometimes.

I'm kinda always barefoot when it comes to walking, Ponyville's dirt roads surprisingly don't have any rocks or pebbles in the road. It's rather convenient.

I feel like I would still wear shoes.

I was a sad boy. I was done with what life kept throwing at me, causing me to spiral into sadness. I could mainly blame my school for my given sadness, but I know it wasn't the full answer. I was the reason...

I’m curious to know how.

"I believe Midnight is one of them. The other two are in Canterlot's orphanage and the Everfree Forest, respectively..."

How does she know that? Also, why did this get cancelled? And, who’s that in the picture?

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