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Maria Anderson finds a box full of ponies at her doorstep. Now she has to balance her life and their lives too.

So much for an average life.

Inspired by My Little Dashie

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Maria had seen the weird glances from other people in the store, but they hadn’t been bothered by some strangers so far.

This has to be in Pennsylvania, I know of no other state where people just stare and shrug off weird things like this.

...other than Texas, an Ohio.

It could be in Pennsylvania, but I was thinking in some secluded part in Vermont.

Well seeing as how this is your work of art, I will agree with ya!:pinkiehappy:

Eh, I think the audience's viewpoints are also credible. Although, listening to the bad crowd too much can ruin your story and characters.

*cough* RWBY *cough*

Sorry, something got stuck in my throat.

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