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PINKIEDAAAAASHHHHH!!!! Yaaaaaaasssss!!!!!

Was a fantastic read. It was heartwarming and cute while also being sexy. I really enjoyed it. I hope to see more PinkieDash from you!

I would encourage you to get a proofreader though. You had a chunk of typos and odd grammatical errors here and there. But the story was still great. :3

I always enjoy some PInkieDash and this works well. I like how Pinkie interacts with Dash in this.

This makes me feel all warm inside. Also aroused very aroused.

Me gusta :)


This was my first Pinkie x anyone fanfic I've read.I'm not normally into this ship, but if any of the other fics are as good as this one, maybe I'll start shipping it more often. Good job :twilightsmile:

Pinkie Dash Or Rainbow Pie You Decide!

Lovely and exquisitely beautiful. Two exuberant young ladies in love. However, "you're living this" in context should probably be "you're loving this."

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