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Princess Twilight Sparkle has set up the first ever Friendship Festival in Canterlot. With the help of her friends she is sure it is to go off without a hitch....

Until the celebrations a ruined by the arrival of the ruthless Storm King, a warlord who has conquered the lands South of Equestria. He has come for the very magic of Equestria.

Twilight and her friends escape and must journey outside Equestria to find help to take back Canterlot. They must face all kinds of danger from unfamiliar strangers as well as the Storm King's forces who are hot on their trail.

A retelling do the events of the movie using concepts from the movie's Art book and tie in media.

The cover picture is My Little Pony the Movie fan poster 3 by Deviantart user EJLightning007arts which was used with permission.

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This seems promising.

I like how the opening is far different from the original. I'm not saying anything more than that since you haven't seen it yet but I really like what your going with. Though there is an online leak version out there you could use to help with your story if you want. At the same time, you really should wait for the official theater release as well; Honestly its up to you. I'm only saying in case you running into writing problems/if you get stuck. Overall, looking forward to more!

I have since seen the movie in an early preview screening and I have the story of the movie book to help

Great, cannot wait for the next chapter!

Why was this cancelled?

It's not, I may get back to it sometime

I like how it starting I like to make a few suggestion if you don't mind me Pitching. But please improve the introduction to the mane six and equestria as if The audience didn't know about the series. I like to believe this is to introduced new audience to MLP:FIM series. Also try explain some why some the gaurds aren't their.

Also you could slight explain the absent of characters: Shining armour,Flurry heart,Discord to name a few.

I like you to make some extra lyrics "We Got this together" for fluttershy. I hope you have her and Applejack contribute better that what they portray in the film. What I meant was They felt unnecessary to the story, Only Rarity,Rainbow Dash and Pinkie pie was the only one able to get the new character to join them instead of most of them showing why they should help them. I hope you plan to have a small scene with both Applejack and Fluttershy having arc to progress the story.

I'm not expecting too much just some improvement along with what they plan in the storyboard. I like the film just it need just a little more push to make it really the best.This should be the Mane six using their friendship we Fans knew from the series to touch the heart of not only the new character but the new audience this film is introducing them too.

Did you knew they original going to have the Missing brother of Princess Celestia and Luna called "Brother Cosmos" before he became Tempest Shadow?

Also I hope it involve the storm monster that the Storm King was originally suppose to be that would make this an awesome climax Along with 'You know what" in the climax battle from "The Art Of My Little Pony The Movie".

I will try and make things better

For copyright reasons and because I have zero talent as a lyricist I won't be including the lyrics

And yes I have the art book and plan to be drawing ideas from it


I understand about the song. All you can do is try your best and make it something you and other might wanted to see.

And yes I have the art book and plan to be drawing ideas from it

Yes i know which make it all the more exciting that you doing that. I was going to do a retelling using that book too.

Well she(tempest shadow) have that...(Clear throat)uhm "Horn saber"from the book? or those mud creatures?

what made me disappointed was the hype because the crew of the film describe this to be "Like The Lord Of The Rings but about pony". Here the video is from is foreign but in eng sub Back when the film was originally titled "Friendship Adventure/Adventure Friendship":http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x48nq6b
that led me to have a huge mindset ,but i knew it was still going be set for kids just that it added some dark element and heartfelt story that anyone could relate to getting past the fantasy element. So yeah it was a little disappointing when i saw it.

This story is really good so far. Are you going to continue it? I really like to see where it goes:pinkiehappy:

I've been waiting for the past few months. When will you have that next chapter posted?

Will you finish it before the show ends

Not sure if I will continue it to be honest

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