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Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi talk about the tragic story of Tempest Shadow together.

This is a Star Wars/MLP crossover short-fic in celebration of the MLP movie soon to be released in theaters this October.
And Spoiler warning for those who don't want to know about the character.

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This was most impressive. I would have never have compared Tempest Shadow to Darth Vader. And I'm a huge Star Wars fan.

Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

Good little one-shot! Loved the many references to Star Wars. You're indeed right. Tempest is indeed almost like Darth Vader.

is there a AS in the story ?

AS? What's an "AS"? :applejackunsure:

Asperger, Autistic...

Oh. Well, to answer your question from before: No, there isn't. As far as I know, neither Luke or Obi-wan are anything of a sort.

I just read your review of my story.
I should tell you that many bronies have labeled Tempest Shadow as the Darth Vader of MLP due to her and Darth Vader's backstories being remarkably similar. In fact, I even speculate that much of Tempest Shadow's character was based on Darth Vader. I should tell you that I have written another Darth Vader/Tempest Shadow story. It's called "I Will Not Fail", and it's an alternate scenario story on what if Darth Vader was part of MLP: The Movie, and was in league with The Storm King.

EI Will Not Fail
Tempest Shadow gets a visit from none other that the dark lord himself, Darth Vader.
Raptormon132 · 1.5k words  ·  115  8 · 4.2k views

I based the story on an image created by EJLightning007arts, and I even got permission to use that same image from EJLightning007arts himself. As a result, I got demands from readers to make squeals to it, and I even asked EJLightning007arts if he could make title images of each sequel story, and he did. If you're interested, have a read. Also, take the time to watch Star Wars more too, to understand it better.

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