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Comment posted by Prismfire Productions deleted Sep 19th, 2017

so you are deathbolt on Fanfiction then?

I haven't a clue who that is, sorry.

Wow...I remember this. Takes me all the way back to 2011, I think? Back when Cupcakes was seen as too shocking for our fragile little minds to comprehend.

You're the original author, huh? If you are, I'm impressed you're bringing this relic back.

Yup! I even updated the original GoogleDocs version with a link to this one, since the FimFic version is better formatted.

I figured it was about time it was put on the "official" fanfic site for MLP.


considering that you have no idea who deathbolt is, this is DIRECT PLAGERISM

Some cursory googling shows that (not by any surprise), this Deathbolt person uploaded my fic to Fanfiction.net without my permission nor with any credit given. So it's actually him who's plagiarizing.

Of course I wouldn't make this accusation without proof.


This is the original GoogleDocs document that I first published the fic on. If you click File, then version history, and then "See Version History," you'll find that the first iteration of that document in full was on February 16th, 2011. Meanwhile this Deathbolt person has their fic published on Fanfiction.net on October 9th, 2012. Almost two full years since the fic was first put up on my GoogleDocs.

It looks to me like he posted the fic as if he wrote it, then wrote a couple sequels afterwards.

S'alright, these things happen in the digital age. I thank you for bringing it to my attention.

I first of this fic on YouTube around 2011 or 2012 I can't recall. But this fic made me gitty every time I read it. Sergeant sprinkles cupcakes was awesome but with this showing it as being a nightmare that never seem to pass it was exciting. It's nice to finally know who the real author is now after all this time. Good work on this and thanks for the awesome read.

Haven't thought about anything Cupcakes related for quite some time. First read this one on EQD when it was first published.

So, it is finally on FIMfanficion..................Nice :)

It's about time it got on this site.

Wowza, retro ponyfic here.

Ultimate Despair: Rainbow Dash.

Yeah I remember this one, too.


I'll be damned, Rocket To Insanity on FimFiction AND from the original author!

Man, this thing has inspired me into writing, BIG thanks to you for that :pinkiesad2:

This story is short and yet done so well... it's a shame there are so few gore fics, with this level of quality :applecry:

This was a lot more impressive five years ago.

Site Blogger

Now that's a name I've not heard in a long time...

By far, one of my FAVORITE FANFICS I have ever read! I've been waiting for so long for this moment and IT'S FINALLY HERE!
I just LOVED the idea of Dash losing her mind after having nightmares with Cupcakes. Thank you for posting it here.
Btw, TheLostNarrator's reading MADE THIS EVEN BETTER! :pinkiecrazy:
If you want to check it out, here a link!

Now this is a fic I have not seen for a long time...

Wow. She gone nuts!!!! Well done.

This is one of those short fics that have a special part in my heart (along with your blog. Seriously, FL was one of my favorite things in this fandom). Glad to see it on FiMfic!


I honestly think that this fic is overrated, but hey, it's good enough.

Very nice story 👌👌
But I think it would have been better if rainbow hadn't completely snapped at the end, forcing her to live the rest of her days in a constant state of misery and regret, sort of like in the end of the movie "The Mist," when the main character finds out that he didn't need to kill his wife and son and they all could have survived.

Im SO against RD being killed in grimdarks
Specifically Cupcakes
But this is the opposite of that 10/10

Great story, loved it. Haven't read a good gory story in ages.

I have a feeling that if rainbow dash talked to some pony, none of this would’ve happened

So this is where the comic series stemed from.

Jesus. This isn't just DARK- this is VANTABLACK for fucks sakes. Congratulations, I always thought of myself as the unspookable. You have spooked me. Amazing. In October, too.

Impressive story, have an upvote.

This is a freaking sequel to cupcakes, except it’s a alternate ending, this is one of my favorite fanfics yet, very well done

The lost narrator has posted a dramatic reading for this, you can go to it by clicking here:

My favorite fanfic as well

I searched it up on YouTube before I read your comment (the date of when this was posted is the day I read your comment) but I FREAKING LOVED THAT VIDEO!!!

I really love these kind of stories. Also, here's a theory I wanted to share with Scherzo. The reason Luna isn't helping Rainbow with this nightmare is because it's not a nightmare. Rainbow Dash, shortly before dying by Pinkie's hooves, somehow transferred her consciousness to a version of herself in another universe (think of it like the Zero Escape games, if you've ever played them). Meaning, she's not having a recurring nightmare, she's vaguely remembering this horrific event, not realizing that it was real. So, there it is. What did everypony(brony) think?

If Rainbow has been having this same nightmare for several weeks, why hasn’t Luna done anything to Help, wouldn't she be keeping a close eye on the elements?

Comment posted by PacifistDoodl3r deleted Jul 16th, 2022

definitely one of the best stories on here. A+.

This was written in the early days of the fandom, when Pinkie Pie and Pinkie-Pie was being used pretty interchangeably.

Ah, one of the sacred artifacts.

This story is the best My little pony story ever

That’s actually pretty accurate, very good theory

Goodness gracious... I've seen the fanfic reading from TheLostNarrator, and really, I feel equally sorry for both Rainbow and Pinkie... I mean, nobody should have such horrible nightmares like Rainbow did and even lose her mind because of this, but also picture yourself in Pinkie's hooves, trying to help a friend and getting killed out of the blue without understanding why.

All that I can say is, I'm glad this is just fiction. But still, this is a nicely written story, I'll give you that. :)

Some creepypasta and grimdark stories have a lesson. And I guess Rocket to Insanity is one of them.

And what lesson is it? It tells us not to hide things that are disturbing or traumatizing you. You are always free to say honestly to your friends and family. They could help you deal with your problem. In this case, if Rainbow Dash talked about her truth about dreams about getting tortured to Applejack or Pinkie Pie who was mentioned, the situation won't be this worse.

What do you say? Do you have any problems that disturb you nowadays? Go and tell all about it to your family and friends who care about you!

Comment posted by MyAwesomePony deleted Aug 8th, 2021

Is anyone else coming from the Youtube Series of this? The Extended Version with Ten Parts?

Comment posted by horses are fuckin weird deleted Mar 20th, 2022
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