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Now I want to read real zombie stories. Thanks! Kewl short story btw

Yep, that RD didn't take the prank with GRACE was the biggest blunder of the episode.

This is why you never pull the zombie apocalypse prank (or really, any prank that offers a seemingly real threat), because you never know who's going to run and who's going to fight, and Rainbow Dash certainly seems like someone who's going to fight. Hell, if it was me, the first thing I would do is grab an axe and start chopping. On the plus side, I love it when a prank gets turned around like this.

I like this ending than the original! XD


Trinary #6 · Aug 15th, 2016 · · 5 ·


And THAT! How I really need the episode ended. Love it!:rainbowkiss:

I have read this fic and I have just one thing to say to you:

Oh how the tables have turned...

Upvoted without regret.
Dash turning the whole prank around on everypony would have been a hilarious twist in the actual episode.

Fucking PERFECT. THIS is Rainbow Dash down to a T. Thank you for writing this!

You'd think Rainbow's friends would have been worried about her accidentally maiming or killing somepony. It seems more in Rainbow's nature to attack rather than flee when faced with what appears to be a literal zombie apocalypse.

Good story! I wish the episode had ended like this :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah I did question why Rainbow didn't fight in that episode and ran as its Rainbow "Danger" Dash. She charged head on st a giant fire breathing dragon and kicked it in the face with no fear. She does not run she fights.

Or at least if she does run it would be to get some backup or something as a single mare would have trouble fighting an entire towns worth of Z.

I approve of this story.

I salute you.

Anyone else felt that this was Mare-Do-Well all over again? Back then the rest of the Mane6 wanted Dash to stop boasting, to change her very nature just because it annoyed them, so they made up a plot to humiliate her and take away every single or her fans. And look at this episode - the same thing! Again they didn't like one of Dash's personality aspects - her pranking - and again they attempt to force her to fit and change according to their own needs and visions on what she should be! They make her look like a fool and completely shatter her daredevil reputation (well, not in this fic but still) in front of the entire town just because they didn't like the way Dash was yet again! I don't know about Dash, but I think a bunch of people who can't accept you for who you are and instead attempt forcing you to meet their expectations via (arguably) harmful deception can't be called friends and shouldn't deserve any loyalty.

How the episode would have ended if Rainbow's character was NOT butchered for the sake of a shitty plot.

7481557 Yeah but unlike Mare Do Well, they actually sat down and asked Rainbow to stop. She didn't and it actually got worst. So in this case, they actually felt it was needed in order to show her how they felt. Rainbow was never good at understanding others feelings.

Absolutely brilliant.

giving Rainbow Dash a perfect few of the nearly motionless undead horde.


and it’s is all my fault!

7481576 but that should have been in MDW not make a whole new episode to try to fix it. This was a bad episode.


It had more to do with her taking pictures WHILE a pony was falling to their doom.

Ya know, I just read another fanfic that also had the prank go out of control, and it did it without demonizing any pony. And Rainbow Dash still owes the filly scouts for all the cookies she switched out. That's a lot of bits.

I don't even LIKE the 'put on an act to teach them a lesson' cliche for the exact reason that things can spiral out of control since people aren't robots. But this kinda story? It misses the POINT of the episode. HECK! I thought it was a season 1 ep that somehow time traveled to season 6 with how Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash were acting! I was MEH about the episode! And I still think this fanfic, was another knee-jerk fanfic, similar to all the knee-jerk fanfics that popped into being when people missed the sublimities of the Mare Do Well episode. (Note how if Mare Do Well hadn't shown up, the dam would have shattered, and RD not able to stop that cart until Mare Do Well showed up, they were saving her bacon, not showing her up. Combined with the transparent hints they were dropping on who Mare Do Well was, the problem is that they forgot how dense Rainbow Dash is. Here they DIDN'T.)

Shocks #23 · Aug 15th, 2016 · · 3 ·

Dem downvotes in the comment section. Someone's salty.

Bravo to you sir, this was absolutely fantastic.

7481708 Do you think they'll give me some if I ask? My fries are a little bland.

7481708 I noticed those too, some one either doesn't like tjr fic or doesn't like that people liked it and so downvotrd every comment.:rainbowlaugh:

7481557 I agree the episode was crap.

This story marks out how I felt about this episode and Mare Do Well quite nicely. :rainbowlaugh:

7481803 definitely. the writers completely overlooked season 1 episode 5 where Dash LEGITIMATELY AGREED that Fluttershy was too sensitive to prank, and even if she has grown in character since that season, you'd think Rainbow would still be conscious of her friend's feelings. Not to mention the fact that it was a repeat of Mare Do Well, and that RD is the freaking element of loyalty. This was very disloyal of her to not care about her friends' feelings. Plus rainbow is a natural fight response, not flight.

Props to author, because this is totally how the episode should have ended.

But that's just my opinion.

7481860 I haven't read it yet. Im waiting for a ending where they give her a fatal heart attack and freak out for legitimately scaring her to death. That be great.:rainbowlaugh:

Now this is how the episode SHOULD have ended

7481708 It won't make their life any less sad, so lets just laugh at their anger.

you deserve a job, this would have been FUCKING LEGENDARY!

Comment posted by ConsciousHaze196 deleted Aug 15th, 2016

I wouldn't blame Rainbow Dash. She was the real hero of the episode in general.

Also, all of those zombies with just a knife? The Black Ops Zombies team have their mouths hung wide open in shock and surprise...

7481979 welp, at least Rainbow did not went full Richtofen.

Perform a mega rainboom return to yesterday and killing her past self of that yesterday thus rewriting the timeline.

7482036 I can already see the Double Points, Max Ammo, Instakill, Kaboom, Carpenter, and Fire Sale power-ups spawning if she went full on genocide...

This episode... it made me so damn angry cause the new writer they got - yeah, they got a new writer to do this episode - completely disregarded Rainbow's personality. This was utter bullcrap! :pinkiesick: Gah!

This... this is how the episode should have ended, it really should have. Her turning it around on them all would have been hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

While being chased, punched, threatened with guns, ect...

7482176 Agreed. The whole episode was spoiled by the synopsis alone because F.M. DeFuckyou didn't even want us to watch this episode and I don't blame him.

They finally made an episode I had to struggle to watch... this is the only episode I truly felt sickened by since Mare Do Well...

7482249 After seeing this, I now consider One Where Pinkie Knows to be a GOOD episode...

Hahaha, legit though man.

3 Words: FUNNY. AS. HELL.

I've actually read a fanfic just about that where these incidents of Dash were explained by Twilight casting a bad luck charm on her. Plus this is still a cartoon for kids, I feel like it never even tries to make sense of look logical, let alone keep the characters consistent instead of twisting them to fit a stupid plot line. If the episodes were any good, there would be no "knee jerk" reactions in the first place.

I chuckled, I had a feeling that I knew where this fic was going, and I enjoyed it.

Rainbow just pranked the prank! :rainbowlaugh:

TGM #48 · Aug 15th, 2016 · · 12 ·

Oh goody, another fixfic, just what the site needed.


Rokas #49 · Aug 15th, 2016 · · 18 ·

This. This. This is how this episode should have gone. This is how Dash should have rebuffed the bullsh*t hypocrisy of the other characters. And of the idiot episode writer who clearly only saw season 1 and ignored all the character development since then.

Bonus points for mentioning the abortion that was Mare Do Well and slapping them for that, too.

Yes. This is how the episode should have ended. Everybody knows that nothing is more appropriate for a little girls' television show than the concept of murder.

It seems to me as though someone feels quite indignant over the way Rainbow Dash has been treated by her friends, to the point where we need fixfics with some of the most heavy-handed dialogue I've seen in quite a while in order to assuage their bruised feelings. The way some people get offended by these episodes consistently baffles me.

Oh, and author:

Come on Rarity.

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