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✽ Tale I of XXXIII ✽
adapted from Volume I, Track I

In the frigid night, comes the crashing moon.
She rides the dying light and screams a final tune.

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Neato symbolism manifested as an eldritch abomination, that's always a nice thing!

The only complaint is that the spacings are a little bit jarring!

The spacing's probably cause I've been conditioned to write more speech and drama work than the usual novel stuff, so when I'm writing, I'm usually imagining a disembodied Morgan Freeman head narrating it over my shoulder and every time he pauses to take a little drink, I add a little space.

It doesn't have to be Morgan Freeman though.

So... That was pretty cool, but it wasn't entirely clear to me what was going on at the end... Was she fighting the darkness of her own mind? Was that end her making some monumentus effort to push it back into the corner once again?

Well, it's a little too early to say. This is just Tale I, after all.

Oh! Ok then. I'll wait for more chapters.

It'll be a quick one, though it would take a little piecing together, seeing as each tale will be focusing on a different character, but set in the same universe. They'll be slowly building up the world as the tales are told, with some of it being rather information heavy depending on the track they're based on.

The track video doesn't seems to be working, but that was some good stuff you write there

Fixed it, thanks for the heads up! :twilightsmile:

Also, glad you liked it!

Author Interviewer

I think I get it, but I don't think I get it.

This was awesome, however, I must ask, what album collection is this based on?

Glad you enjoyed it! The whole anthology's based on the soundtrack to the anime series Terror in Resonance and is composed by Yoko Kanno, who's also responsible for the soundtrack of Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C..

Most of the 'adaptation' portion is cursory though. You don't have to watch the show or listen to the soundtrack for these stories to work, though I do recommend giving them a look. Honestly, I just used it because I loved the music and they make a pretty good framework for these ideas that I have.

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