Sunset Shimmer has dealt with many thing over the last couple of years. Stealing the Element of Magic and becoming a raging she-demon, fighting the Sirens, and then the whole Friendship Games mess. Now, thanks to a small mistake when making a sandwich, she has a whole new group of friends to worry about. Inspired by a comment on this story by Admiral Biscuit. Cover art from here

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I remember seeing something about this in a twitter post. Great way to turn it into a story.

Cthulhu, let's get some Lovecraft stuff going on.

Sasha shasseys sassy chemise on chaise lounge for sushi, shasimi and spaghetti carbonara with extra meatballs? :duck:

Im sure those butties are so good that she will be Sunsets most regular customer, coming again and again. :trixieshiftright:

Hopefully she will be there to take care of Bob when he gets a bit exited with the whipped cream and wasabi. :pinkiecrazy:

Aw... poor Keith Richards...

8049557 Now now, one does not summon the old one with a sandwich. That is more of a five course meal.

Is a succubus a demon?

8049914 yup, one that deals with feeding on emotions, usually lust. but cubi can be as varied as humans in their specific affinity.

8049869 I was more thinking Ozzy, but Keith Richards works too.

8049950 Nine Tail Foxes?

8050016 Kitsune are Japanese demons. Usually benevolent ones until you piss them off.

8050048 Unless they live a thousand years. Once they have more than three tails they seem to go evil. Once one hits nine you need gods to stop it.

8050048 Fluttershy can dig it.

One more: The thing of many limbs that's a girl's greatest pleasure out of a dream and nightmare.

And now I am picturing Cthulhu having a headache from talking with Pinkie Pie.

8051676 Well we have gotten a peek inside her head thanks to the last movie

8051912 And that peek alone almost gave me diabetes. Too much sugar.

8051928 Oh yeah, but like Sunset said, that explains soooo much.


Now, to be fair. C'thulu actually isn't an Old One to begin with. He's their High Priest.

8052291 I don't know much about the Old Ones' mythology. But since Cthulhu is always mentioned when the subject are the Old Ones, I just assumed he was one as well.


They're even worse! All the scary crap you hear about C'thulu is even worse for them. :rainbowlaugh:

8052476 Well, I guess it's good to know. Thanks. :twilightsmile: Have a good day.

Headache? Nah. I think Cthulhu would be more like "HELLO, BIG SISTER. IS EVERYTHING WELL WITH YOU?"

8053281 Another possibility, yes. That would explain things WAY BETTER than the peek we had from Pinkie's mind.

who is your, uh, friend?” She asked

No capital she

That’s Sasha.” She replied

Comma not period, no capital she

so much about you girls.” She said,


She makes an amazing sandwich.” Sasha replied

Comma not period. Also that sounds so incredibly dirty, which is probably the intent because, yaknow, demons.

How does that even work?!?” She exclaimed.

No capital she

I had a cup of tea in one hand and a nice cucumber and ham sandwich in the other.

I thought it was a glass of milk? *reads further* Oh, same concept, not direct sequel. Gotcha.

I could do in that situation.” Sunset said

Comma not period

handed him my sandwich and tea.” Sunset said


“Her sandwich making skills are to die for.” Sasha said


more detail than that.” Applejack said


Sunset sang to herself as she gathered up the ingredients

Somehow I can only picture Sunny singing "Another One Bites the Dust."

As she place the meat and cheese


always doing something kinky.’ Sunset thought

Comma not period

I have ever been party to.” The now identified

Comma not period, no capital the

would have done him in.” Samuel said

Comma not period

Just trying to make a snack.” Sunset said


we’ll just call this one a wash.” Samuel said


anything that good in centuries.” He replied

Comma not period, no capital he

legally is in this envelope.” Sunset finished

Comma not period

Twilight looked up from her ruben.

My brain is arguing "ruben" is the wrong spelling, but Word says it's not, and my stomach is complaining that it wants one now.

without having to sell my soul.” Pinkie Pie said

Comma not period



she is not a demon?” She asked

No capital she

go mad trying to figure out Pinkie.” Sunset replied

Comma not period

This has potential.

Sebastian and Claude from Black Butler are my suggestions of who Sunset should meet next.

While i was reading this fanfiction, I came to conclusion that old saying from my country "Guest in the house, God in the house" fell at this point .........somehow ironically :scootangel:

Thank you! Any particular reason why?

This story actually made me laugh for once after two days.

Nice. Glad to be of service.

Pinkie Pie knows the gate. Pinkie Pie is the gate. Pinkie Pie is the key and the guardian of the gate.

She also appreciates a good roast beef on rye.

In any case, I look forward to seeing where you go with this.

8371801 There is no Zuul, only Pinkie Pie, eh? I have a few ideas for this one, but it is on the back burner for the moment. I will update this one as inspiration strikes for adding comedy and demonic shenanigans to Sunset's life.

Lol please more

More will be coming soon.

Okay... You say you will write when inspiration strikes you... How about writing how the next demon to visit Sunset is in charge of the treasury, and after having one of Sunset's sandwiches he has one of hell's business fronts send a paycheck to her for living expenses... as long as she keeps making sandwiches for demons who go there. (Those in the know make sure she she has a very select clientele, after all they like her just where she is, thank you very much!)

That is actually a good idea. I will have to work out how to do it, but I shall make it happen.

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