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Weird Story Man

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This is so wrong. Mere words cannot describe the sheer squick I feel. And that's BEFORE the sexual parts.

I've read some crazy stuff on this website, but this is just uncomfortable.

Well that was.... interesting?

:twilightoops: Pregnant? How did that happen?
:facehoof: No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no
:moustache: Maybe?
Anatomy Lesson Zero?

Woops, forgot to put a warning in there that this story is about really fucking weird stuff! Sorry for the nightmare fuel!

Omg Im not feeling so well

Honestly I do not know how to feel. I am both intruigued and appalled at the amount of work put into this, mostly what I have to assume is basic biology and anatomy, but also why can twilight's bits be wet and lubricated even when severed from her body, how did her eyes get through the skull portion of the socket, why did is spike okay with this, when did they start writing that list, what new stuff was learned that was not already on text books, why is spike okay with this, how did twilight plan to completely autopsy herself after she took off her horn, are there nerves connected to the horn, WHY IS SPIKE OKAY WITH THIS?! WHAT THE FUCK GACE RISE TO THIS EXPERIMENT?! WHT DID LUNA CHOP OFF CELESTIA'S HEAD AS A DEMONSTRATION?! WHY IS SPIKE OKAY WITH THIS?!

This story isn't as bad as disecting a fetal pig.
Take bio 12 people.

yeah im thinking im not gonna read this, i'll save it if i get curious but other then that not gonna read this sorry.

(This story is being reuploaded after a false plagiarism claim. To be clear: I am the original and sole author of this story, which was first written for a 4chan thread, then put on a pastebin, before I tidied it up and posted it here.)

Can't you just send the mods proof of authorship and ask them to restore it?

I'd totally do the same thing as Twi.
... prooobably not the same thing as Spike tho. That be bout 4 kinds of wrong, i tend to only do up to 2 kinds at a time.

And that's how you make onaholes in magic pony land.

I think this is officially the strangest story I've ever read. I love it!
It could use some basic editing passes to fix grammatical errors, though.

8134676 I'm glad you enjoyed it! And thanks for pointing out editing issues, I'll get round to it sometime.

Oh, I thought it looked familiar. I remember reading this before.

“Yeah, that’s pretty cool” you admit.

not gonna lie, it started off pretty freaky, but its a lot like Deadpool when you think about it

Huh. That was definitely ... something.

Well… the awkwardness of this made me start laughing. I really had no problem with the dissection part after hearing it wouldn't have consequences in any way (aka:death/maiming)

comedy tag is well placed

I’m afraid this isn’t nearly at the quality of writing I was expecting. This is poorly written, there are grammatical errors everywhere, yet the visuals and description are fine. As I was reading, I came to realize the only reason this is even considered a “gorefic,” is not because of a horrific element like the others, but rather because of a gore fetish-y exploitation. Thus, it was also poorly described, leading to easily avoidable confusion. I can understand not wanting to spoil anything, but a bit more information than the vague "sex" tag. I was under the impression that this would be an extremely demented and disgusting story, which it barely delivered on. Good effort(personally I gave it 3/10. That’s pretty unusual, to be honest) and some decent dark humor, but you really need to work on improving it. Can’t wait to read the second one.

I like this comment because you could copy/paste it under any of my other stories and it would still be accurate

Comment posted by Iliketoreadandstuff deleted Aug 19th, 2018

Well, there is a way to change that.

After collecting yourself, you rush to the bathroom and rinse her sex out under a tap You give yourself a little face-wash, try to get your composure back. Then you go back inside.

This is a great idea, now she has cold water and a lack of mucous in her marehood.

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