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8012862 I sure plan to. This story has been burning a hole in my head for a good year but I wanted to finish book 1 of the PVFDverse first.

I like the premise, but its Soldier, not solder.

This is a great start for a story. Well thought out, and best of all the main character has his act together and isn't pissing himself in terror from the technicolor ponies that only come up to crotch height in most head cannons. The utter terror from something so benign looking really irks me. It really does.

So good job

Looking forward to more

The Monk

8013205 Size wise, I am going with "close to pony" size RL. so a mare like Applejack will come up to about belly height on a 5'10" person, Big Mac will be chest height, Luna about eye to eye with him, and celestia just about where her head can rest on top of the humans head give or take a inch.

Somehow I overlooked the last few sentences when editing I now realize. :applejackconfused:

8016757 No, no you didn't, I added them in last minute as I changed the structure of 2 paragraphs a bit. :pinkiegasp:

I like it. It's not over the top, it's well paced, and thoroughly exciting!
Please continue.

I'm amazed how popular this story seems to be getting. :twilightsmile: Congrats, man.

8048529 Dude I know, I am pretty blown away by the positive comments I have been receiving. Thank you for being my editor pony. :pinkiehappy:

How is the romance in this story going to work?

8050393 As romance does, slow to build. I doubt we will see even the start of it for another 8-10 chapters.

8050606 I meant, like, is it humanxpony? humanxponyturnedhuman? humanxother?

wha?! hello ironic twist

Good story.

If I had any complaints, it would be that I wish the chapters were longer and that there were more of them. lol :rainbowlaugh:

But considering that I have been a lazy bastard about keeping my own stories updated, that would be fairly hypocritical of me.

Keep up the good work, I'm excited to see where the story goes. :moustache:

......so uh....so is our current human gonna tell them about the whole space probe.... or are we gonna ignore the whole elephant in the room?

8084639 things will be talked about, I am quite sure :raritywink:

8084639 I'd hope they'd be gradual what with how badly it affected him

8085195 you mean greatful right?

8085232 I've never heard of Greatful Dead or their music but no, I mean gradual, like over time & stuff not all at once.
I also don't mean grateful if that's what you were going for.
I guess if he does answer their questions so soon after his little episode they should be grateful but whatever.

I'm so fucking tired right now sorry if my wording is awkward or completely wrong.

ALL: there has been a slight edit to "The Vault" Chapter. Nothing you have to go back and read again. I had to edit the year he was born because I painted myself into a corner. I had forgot to account for his current age, a slip on my part.

"Apple juice is not for breakfast"


8089083 i wonder if he will show music of our world to the ponies....... and the mlp fanfics id love to see their reaction to "my little dashie" and how rainbow will react to it..... also i can link some music if you want for suggestions

I am liking this story a lot !!! MORE PLEASE !!!!!!

So, if Voyager landed there 500 years ago, he has been transported far into the future...correct ?

8091058 Pioneer 10 not voyager, P10 stopped transmitting in 2003 and had already left our system. As to why it is there, well, guess we will see as the story continues :raritywink:

8092083 yay! also.....if i could break the fourth wall to give advice to our resident human......if celestia ever asks him if he likes bananas.......RUN!!!:trollestia:

aw crap....the feels they hurt.....but i think we know who he gonna be with due to the romance tag....at this point...i dont think aj would mind.... maybe best pony could help heal his broken heart

I always personally disagreed with the idea that talking about something somehow magically helped. Like he initially said, it just dredges up old memories to the surface and makes other people sad or sympathetic. It could just be because I hate sympathy though, I'd much prefer to just get on with it.

Please continue

If this is going the way I think it is I don't think this story is for me.

Yup. Crying. At work.

8104854 and where do you think it's going?

8105231 I think this is going to be less of an adventurous human in Equestria story, which is what I hoped for with a story called ranger, and more of a emotional pain and healing through friendship *bleh* story.

8106511 I will say this, I don't tend to jump time to hurry a story up. So you will have to stick around and see. It is a bit about healing, after all life is ups, and downs. However the reason for why it is called Ranger has already been hinted at, and will make itself far more clear, likely in 5-10 chapters. That is all I will give away.

hmm will we see starlight glimmer at all? sunset shimmer? or the dazzlings if im good?

8109004 I wanna see Weird Al pony

Please continue

can we make suggestions to what they see? maybe have other ponies watch as well? if so....

1. mlp g1 pilot escape from midnight castle
2. my little dashie the fanfilm movie
3. sunset shimmer my past is not today
4. bronies react rainbow rocks
5.the silver quill video about princess luna
6.maybe a few funny comic dubs by scribbler
7.all of the lost narrator blooper specials
8. pinkie pies fresh prince parody
.9 pinkie pie vs deadpool death battle
10 . might as well put the rainbow dash vs starscream one as well
and the my little losty april fools vid for shits and giggles

8131249 I think it would be best if he just stuck to the show and not the fan-made videos, that could get really weird really fast; also, unless he has a wormhole powered internet connection to the past I highly doubt he would have access to the fan made videos. Who saves Youtube videos locally?

8131319 There will be one, and only one shown, and a very good reason for it to happen/show too. :pinkiegasp:

Show celestia and luna the clop.

There is one thing I hate more than anything and that is when someone fucks with someone's mind or dreams and Luna had to do it he should be a HELL of a lot more upset about that and at the very least tell Luna that if she enters his dreams again he will no longer be her friend. Also MAGIC DOESN'T AFFECT IM SO HOW THE HELL CAN LUNA USE MAGIC TO ENTER HIS DREAMS?!?!

Yep this pisses me off talking about shit like this NEVER helps it has only served to piss me off more also while I can forgive Luna for invading his dreams as she didn't know she doesn't have the right to tell him what to do he is NOT one of her citizens and thus shouldn't have to tell them also she should get told about the saying "curiosity killed the cat". Sorry but the one place even a SLAVE can be free is in his or her mind and dreams and an invasion of that place is just something not done I can excuse it only because Luna didn't know but he should at least tell her as such next time they talk.

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