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Ditto. I'm surprised your story didn't get alot of dislikes just from the description alone.

soooo is this stoy going to be geting up dates now or we just going to sit here for ever and get nothing and a redo of CP 1

Very good writing. I look forward to the next chapter

Jet Pack - Ready For Use
Fly like a bird.
Target your opponents.
Laugh maniacally.

Perfect, just perfect.

Funny thing actually about that... That quote is literally ripped off from http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Armor_Ability page. Nothing more is needed to such a common term. Except the infamous Holy-shit-how-and-why Armor Lock. Because why not?

Become invincible, but immobile.
While you're locked down, anything
short to a MAC Round can hurt you.

And to this day very day, that bullshit is still spammed way to much.

And another 2 more till the next one! :trollestia:

I'm actually feel sorry and shame that it took this long to make it.... :fluttershysad:

Thanks, hope you can say the same with Chapter 2.

Thanks... :ajbemused: I admit I don't know how to properly make one. :derpyderp1:

I won't go and blame ya for thinking that. Honestly I've just haven't had felt compelled to write for a very long time. I hope that something makes up better than nothing.

Well, I like this story so far. See ya in two month :pinkiehappy: !

I keep thinking this is dead.
just stop messing with me.

Apparently so. You're just gonna have to wait like everybody else.

This is everything I'm into when it comes to a story, and more.

Fuck yes.

Great story so far. Always interesting to read a story that doesn’t start in Equestria.

I nearly coughed when it said his fist was up a griffins as. Xd so which one was it? Hope it was that asshole with an attitude........[palmslap] did I really just say that after what just happened? Lol
When next AWESOME chapter!? :pinkiehappy:

It is forerunner styled art called Forerunner Central Plates. The URL takes ya to the artist.

palmslap??? Don't you mean facepalm? Also, learn English.

I do that know the English!
......gotcha. your right, I meant to say that but at the time the words wouldn't come to me. Lol

When your stopped... By trees... you should probably figure out a slower way

Or next time it might be your Anus 😀

Just me commenting on the chapter ignore the rambling of this young fool uwu

My name is Dylan... I also know 4 other Dylans'... Cool! Great start by the way

I know what you can call that cute chimera (nina).*chough*Tucker*cough*

An update? Hooray!
But it's been quite long time, gonna have to reread it again. Xd

Was that a knife pun?
More puns please.

Glad to see this story alive and kicking! Xd

Ah, so that explains the multiverse cureancy thing. Makes awesome perfect sense! :pinkiehappy:
This definitely makes things more interesting, and the fact hes not over empowered with unlimited weapons makes things a lot more interesting! Xd

I plan too, got over a thousand words so far in the next chapter.

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