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This story feels interesting, though Malus can be quite an asshole. Spike seems to have brazen balls when he confronted Malus about his actions prior to Malus revealing that he could escape...then again it might have been frustration/heartbroken anger at the fact that he found out that Rarity had a one night stand with RD. Still, I hope to see more of this story as he seems to be interested in taking the path of Light Yagami. Also, I wonder how Rarity will react to the fact that Spike knocked her out and her reaction, along with RD's, when she finds out that Spike overheard her little confession?

And here I was thinking we were done with this little fad.

6669957 All in the next chapter and throughout the story. Also... Death Note fan?

6670138 A bit, I loved the L arc and the final arc wasn't as strong as when L was alive, but overall it was a great anime/manga. Hope to see the next chapter soon.

6670145 Agreed. If you don't mind me asking, but what do you like/dislike about the story?

6670148 Well, one thing I like is that the guy, while having evil powers, doesn't want to randomly kill people and, if his motivations are true rather than delusions, strives to make the world better by acting like Light rather than be an omnicidal asshole like other evil Displaced. The one thing I dislike, however, is that the guy got really absorbed into his character of Malus, as nearly every Displaced that comes disguised as a bad guy tends to forget about morality and immediately try to destroy/conquer the ponies out of dislike for the show or wanting to be in character with the villain disguise. It certainly doesn't help his point when he starts insulting everybody from RD's hypocrisy and "gayness" and mocking Rarity for experimenting with RD. I don't mind if his disguise makes him more temperamental, but I don't want him to become a deuce with an overinflated ego. Still, this story seems to be have potential. If I happened to offend you, then I apologize, but know that I like the story so far and hope that the next chapter comes soon.

6670193 Well I'll tell you that he will not be a everyday displaced or psychopathic killer. A lot of those answer will have some light showed in the next chapter and more to come. And don't worry about his ego, he won't become a all hail me the o mighty and powerful kind of guy. That is all can say for now... But thanks for your input! :pinkiehappy: And no, you did not hurt my feelings, I like to hear everybody's opinions. Even if their being a jerk or not, criticism helps me make this story better. I mean, I can't do it alone you know.

Get someone to edit this, and it'll be good... Though the damn trend of displaced fics and HAVs has kinda blown over... Best of luck.

i like it.
it has some flaws but i am pretty sure you'l improve along the way.

Pretty good so far. Finally, I've found a fic where somebody does something about Rainbow and her fucking ego.

6670607 Thank you! I've been waiting for an author to do that too! So I did it myself.

EDITOR! Other than that, MOAR:flutterrage: darn it MOAR!

6670607 6670617 There HAVE been authors that have taken Rainbow to task for her over inflated ego but it's quick and forgotten in the story and it's also written so that she just blows it off as someone that just doesn't like just how "awesome" she is.

6672781 Thanks for the input. If you don't mind me asking, what do you think about Malus? Good and bad are appreciated very much. Also, do you see anything else or anything that is bugging you to ask any other questions?
(As you can see I am a bit board and would like to talk to someone.)

6670644 If it helps, I've just written over two thousand words under 24 hours for the next chapter. But I'll do my best to update chapters.

Good so far, few spelling errors here and there, but I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. seemed to be a bit of a quick jump from the negotiating with spike to "I have a Evil name now, and I'm leaving to go sulk in the Everfree forest and take over the world". But I'm just being nit-picky.

humans: only the stars can judge us and limit our strength no?
humans sint superiores!!!!!!!!!!!

my jaw is on the floor right now

6674477 it's the perfact ammount to not be too much

I go by many titles, Master of Destruction, Master of Restoration, Dragon Slayer, Reaper of Soul, and so on. But you may call me by my most dreaded and respected name, Malus.

Clever with the latin.

I liked the guy's past and it seems that he's becoming a kinder version of Darth Vulcan. In other news, I'm happy that he acknowledges how messed up it is when his body tries to act based on the personality of the disguise he chose and I'm amused that the article depicting Malus made a jab about RD and Rarity being gay. Wonder how Rarity will react when everybody in Ponyville read the report.

This story gets better and better.

Are two of the former Elements of Harmony gay?

That really isn't surprising anymore considering most fics ship the Elements with each other.

6693215 Well when Rarity basically screamed in Ponyville, it was confirmed. Also this is the pony new paper after all...

hmmm looking goo, some typos but still good

Dang yellow journalist ponies slandering his good name.

6693237 Well now I feel bad for them. The reporters are gonna follow them everywhere like the paparazzi. Jk, I want to see Malus thwart Celestia's plans to capture him.

"What in Tartarus are you?" he asked in a shock and horrified voice.
"Tartarus got nothing on me. They got their reputation from me." I hissed,


6693258 Their ponies and he's not. What else can you expect from them?

Editor other than that, waiting for more!:pinkiehappy:

Also, most of those down votes are probably just because this story is a displaced. IF we're lucky, five will because they didn't like the story so far. Liked how he was using the spells he knew in non-standard ways. FAR to many of these stories have they people relying on what their costumes knew and leave it at that. PLEASE, round out this guys repertoire!!!!!

6694251 Glad someone found that amusing. :pinkiehappy:

6694426 Well the thing is that he didn't go as anything from any movie, game, ect. So he became a mixture of things. The two mysterious black magic book for example are what gave him those power in the first place and those are not in the game. So he got his powers from the two "magic books", not what he dressed up as. Just thought I'll point that out because I'm trying to aim for making unique displaced stories.

Not like those overpowered Mary Sue wannabes. No offence to those that make those, but I'm just trying to make my stories have different flow if you get what I mean. Like my Prepare For Titanfall story having no ponies showing in until latter chapters and in this story, Malus has magicka limits and call nearly die from a stab wound like any normal human being.

6693539 Maybe something more menacing or shocking? Who knows? The chapters will unfold their magnificence of the story of Malus to us mortals some time in the future. :trollestia:

6694426 On an unrelated note if you stick Malus in google translator and put it through latin if you forget to capitalize it google translate will tell you it means apple, but translates to bad if you remember to capitalize it.

I like you take to Sh#t attitude, you take to guff from them.

6700316 Okay... Didn't really understand that but okay.

6701873 sorry if I was not clear what I mean is this guy is a bad ass he well not let these ponies brow bet him like other displaced stories I read, I like that in my Displaced were the human takes no back talk kicks ass takes names.

It was for some reason made of very thick and durable black as night fabric. It was waterproof and somehow the resident to fire...

might as well make it bullet proof

6709247 Water proof and fire resistent is easier than bullet proof friend.

6709247 I highly doubt that a signal parented family with two kids could afford something that is bulletproof. Hell, a full body suit of Kevlar comes around to 4-2 thousand in U.S.A dollar. And that stuff people sell is not even close to what the military has. Even though it's cheaper to buy the materials and stuff, but you need a full decked out lab just to make it as good. And even if he had his robes bulletproof, he still can die just from a bullet impact that can break bones or rupture internal organs or both. People have known to die not just from a bullet, but from the force of the bullet. So making his Halloween costume of blacked dyed Kevlar or something bulletproof is really unrealistic. Even though this is a pony fanfic, it is really unrealistic to have something that is worth in the thousands for a character the lives with his family and is in his teens. Your point sir, is....


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