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Discord in a rare moment of charity decides to try and help Scootaloo fulfill her lifelong dream of being able to fly. The problem is he goes about it by making her Equestria's newest Alicorn Princess, which leads to some complications with the ruling princesses.

What will this mean for the future of Equestria? And will Scootaloo be able to control her new powers?

Cover image made by ScarletsFeed

Featured on 12/16/2016, 12/21/2016, and 12/30/2016 yay :scootangel:.

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Princess Scootaloo: Princess of Adventure! (go eat manure Daring Do)

7768920 Huh, I didn't think of that... Already picked what she's the Princess of, but, hmm...

Looks like a fun story! Definitely watching.

I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. I can see this being great! However, you kinda need an editor. Not nearly as bad as a lot of fics; just noticeable enough to bug me.

7768979 Yeah, grammar has never really been my strong suit... the irony is that I'm an English Major.

Hmmm you have a story with some good potential... DON"T WAIST IT!

An interesting premise. I love Scootaloo. She's my favorite of the children and one of my favorites in general. I can't wait to see where this goes.

Princess of Flight... less Birds!

I hope there's a lot of Luna.

7768920 I agree, this is an awsome setup

7769267 nah princess of cutie mark crusading (the horror o the horror - no one would be safe)

7769402 Nope, she's the princess of something else.
7769335 Thanks :twilightsmile:
7769267 Don't worry, Luna will appear often to help Scootaloo.

7769035 it's hard to take your advice seriously when you don't differentiate between waist and waste.

7769853 This is kind of random, but I used a line from one of your fics in a review, so, thanks.

It's interesting. I like how you show Discord in this fic. Also, I once do fanart where Rainbow Dash was comforting Scootaloo after she find out that she can't fly. What a coincidence. :twilightsmile: I love the idea that she adopt her. You have my like.

7770007 Yeah, I'm all for Rainbow Dash adopting Scootaloo, admittedly it wasn't necessary for the fic, but I thought it would be a nice touch.

And Discord, well, I was semi inspired by a picture and the artist said the idea was that it was because of Discord, so I went with that. Plus it feels like Discord would try to do something.


“I think it is. Sometimes, you can’t reason with a bully. Sometimes, the only thing they understand is the taste of blood. Scootaloo didn’t injure her permanently, she didn’t beat her up and she fought fair.”

From Keeping Your Promises.

7770889 Review.

A moment from the fic reminded me of the line, so it felt appropriate.

I hope Scootaloo can adjust and her friends be there to help her out!

7773303 Of course, what kind of friends would they be if they weren't?

So now we've established that Scootaloo is staying an Alicorn. That was expected of course, otherwise, what's the point of the story? Now we get to wonder what her sphere of influence will be. We have Day, Night, Love, Friendship/Magic, and whatever little Flurry Heart ends up being. Being now an Alicorn, I have the feeling Scootaloo's talent will be more than helping others find their talent. Or perhaps an extension of her mortal talent? Something like Princess of Destiny? She could perhaps have the ability to foresee potential talents of others and guide them to it similarly to how Cadance can foresee potential lovers. Maybe even develop the ability to foresee the outcome of certain events. Then again I'm just guessing here. This is your story and for all I know you could be going a completely other way.

7773501 Oh I've already picked what her sphere of influence will be, but that's an interesting idea, I'm not going to announce it for awhile so I kinda want to see what people guess.


I look forward to seeing what you come up with. At this point I'm just rambling based on what we know of Scootaloo in canon. Once you give us some clues to work with I can begin trying to guess what you have planned.

7773524 Destiny is actually an interesting idea, but I think I picked a good one that ties into the nature of her as a character, but we'll see.

Okay, two things jumped out to me in this chapter:
1. Dash says "you or the Princesses", implying that Twilight is somehow lesser than the rest. Twilight's crippling insecurities might make that sound reasonable to her, but Rainbow Dash is Loyalty, and she has enough common sense in the fluffy airspace between her ears to know that Twilight is at least as awesome as her peers (and even as awesome as Rainbow Dash on an exceptionally good day).
2. Scootaloo (which my mobile turned into Diablo, schizo, Scorpio, and Soap before I tapped it out manually) calls Celestia... well, just "Celestia". The mare herself might wish for more of exactly that, but I think this early the title would be reflexive.

Other than that, this is a relatively normal establishing chapter and that's fine; they got a fair amount done so I can't say anything bad about the pacing.

7773698 Whoops, that was me just not thinking, sorry.

7773698 I think I went back and fixed them adequately.

For the life I cannot see scootaloo being unable to fly as an alicorn. Considering an alicorn has many times the magic of all three main pony races in equal amounts, in other words if she has alicorn levels of unicorn magic then she will have the same amount of of pegasus and earth pony magic.

My guess is crusading. It seems to fit the best.

Me personally I think Scoots should be able to fly.:twilightsmile:

First, what do you think Scootaloo's Sphere of Influence will be? I've already decided it, but I'm curious to see what you all think. Feel free to discuss this among yourselves.

I thinking charity. Since Scootaloo is orphan with disability who was given a chance to become more, she could use that gift to share hope with those who still need it.
For the same reason, I don't think she need to fly or do magic with her new alicorn powers. They are fake as it was accidently (I think) given to her when Discord try to help her. Both Discord and Scootaloo should learn from this that all she really need is love of her friends. Nothing else matter if you can be happy.

7780123 First off I want to congratulate you on being the closest to guessing it correctly. You are spot on in the logic behind her Sphere of Influence, but you got what it is wrong.

Secondly that is a fair point, I'll take it into consideration.

7780145 Oh, wow. I can't wait then, it seems that we like very similar things in stories. :pinkiehappy:

Hmm.. her sphere should have something to do with the ponies that have problems like she did. aiding them in overcoming their problems and the like

7780211 Yeah, that's gonna be the idea.

7780267 Maybe she will, maybe she won't... I haven't decided.

7780155 Yeah. Oh also about the magic thing, she will have access to normal Unicorn magic... whether or not that'll equate to being able to fly... I haven't decided yet.

7780041 Like I said above, we'll see, I'm pretty close to reaching a decision though.

7780043 Oh I've already picked it and it fits her great... though, how would Crusading work?

"Did Celestia say that you will have to take on any responsibilities yet?" Luna asked and Scootaloo shook her head. "Of course not, she understands that you are still getting used to this so she's not going to force you into something you're not ready for. It is why she is doing her best to ensure that you are ready for that day."

This. This is good. I remember another story where Discord turned all three crusaders into alicorns, and within like two days Celestia was all "That's probably about enough formal etiquette and world politics training. You're a diplomat now, you design and build a new mixed-race city, and whichever of you is left gets a laundry list of other princess duties."

7780489 Yeah, in this fic she's waiting three days!

I kid of course :trollestia:.

Yeah I know what story you're talking about, a good story but that is a weird choice. There really is no logical reason for Celestia to get her right into her duties as Princess of... whatever she'll be princess of. Twilight or Cadance sure since they would've had experience with that kind of thing, but Scootaloo wouldn't so it makes more sense for her to wait until she's ready.

Honestly I meant the dream sequence with Luna in it as bit of a fake out, to make the readers think at first that I was just skipping right to the coronation.

7780341 I think scoot's should be able to fly as between the chaos ascension and her new unicorn magic it could of acted as a hotwire around her disability at the cost of a slightly lower magic reserve then what she would of normally received

Also my take on the whole chaos ascension thing by discord is that it is not a tipping of balance but a rebalancing of the scale (from a purely alicorn point of view) as you have four ascended through grace of faust (lets call this neutral), flurry heart as the only know born (inherent good) and now scoots as the first chaos ascension aka forced (inherent bad). I'm not saying that one type is anymore good or bad than an other or that scoots has a higher chance of being a bad princess by how she was created


Pretty much much what the CMC where always doing.

7780562 Maybe... honestly I'm leaning a bit more towards not, the reasons will become apparent later.

7780565 Eh, true... but still nope.

I already posted my suggestion last chapter in a big long near essay, and Ruin already said no. So I won't repeat my whole post here.

My suggestion had been for Scoots to be Princess of Destiny since her canon "mortal" talent was helping others find their talents, and I felt her Alicorn title should reflect the ultimate expression of that. Instead of simply helping colts and fillies find their cutie marks she would actually have the power to foresee a ponies possible destiny paths and give them guidance much like Cadance has been depicted in fanon to be able to foresee possible love matches. I also suggested she could have the power to foresee glimpses of significant future events.

From what it sounds like from Ruin's responses she has something similar planned with the guiding ponies thing, but not exactly this. I can't wait to see what exactly she does.

7780569 I honestly think you kind of have to let her fly Ruin. That was Discord's whole reason for doing this. So unless something went horribly wrong with his spell, she should be able to fly.

7780579 Destiny is a good idea and would fit her... heck pretty much all the suggestions that have been made would work on some level because of her character.

7780599 Hmmm... you know I didn't think of that...

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