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The elements of harmony aren't strong enough to destroy Nightmare Moon, Nightmare wins. She takes the mane 6 captive for her own pleasure and to use them as her servants. Will they adjust to their new life or will they fight against the so-called tyrant? Maybe looks can be deceiving?

What can you expect: Love, adventure, war, plots, traitors, assassinations and more.
I love it when villains win.

Inspiration from these two stories: After That Fateful Night by Peppy Greyskull and Nightmares Don't Last Forever by BB

Also: I'm Dutch, not English. If you leave a dislike then I want to know why. You don't like the story, the grammar isn't good, anything, tell me.

Image used with permission.

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That's ALL I NEED TO KNOW! I don't have to read this, IIIIIIII'M OUTTA HERE!!!!
*runs into street cheering "Freedom!"*

826891 get back here!! *You're getting chased by the FimFiction police.*

*blows them to smithereens with mah alicorn magic*

... I don't like this Nightmare Moon at all.:fluttershysad:

But I shall continue to read; you sir, have gained one watcher.

Very good writing, this story looks promising, keep up the awesome!

Watching, simply cause I also LOVE IT when bad guys win.


YES! THE BAD GUYS WIN! LONG LIVE THE NIGHT!!!!!!! will read later to busy with my own story right now.:twilightblush:

cough.Past Sins.cough Nyx. cough oh sorry had somthing im my throat

I like the cruel queen thingy:pinkiehappy:

Keep it up my friend

this is a great fimfic! keep up the good work!:excitedpinkie:

i like it when villains win to

827226 (Dead. Not big surprise.) Why do I have a feeling you play Team Fortress 2?:rainbowlaugh:

829139 Because I do.
*More FiMFiction police arrive*
*Looks around, sees car coming down street*
*Runs over, throws the driver out*
*Peels out as I speed away from FiMFiction police*
"Quick! BAN HIM!"
You know who: "I would, but he's too far away! TO The BAN-WAGON!"
*And an epic chase scene began...

its okay, i guess.

......................Why do I have the sudden urge to equip myself with an anti-magic devise with a mini-gun, an AA-12 shotgun and a pair of anaconda revolvers while having Juggernaut class armor and a store of ammo equivalent to world war 2's and break into that castle to attempt to retake it?

@Jortyguy please update. I like the idea of a 'what if' story myself.Just PLEASE UPDATE NOW :flutterrage: .I'm sorry for yelling :fluttershysad: but could you update? :pinkiehappy:

861763 I was on vacation for a week. I will try to update it but I'm not sure, because in 3 days I'm again on vacation, this time for 2 weeks and a half, sorry.:twilightblush:

976699 Update will come when my editor edited the next chapter. (It's an 8K words chapter, chapter 3 is going to have over 10K words.):raritywink:

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODONT KILL DASHIE :fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:

1002941 I would be stupid if I killed Dashie.

oh yea BTW I wove it so far :pinkiehappy::heart:
This is gonna be a good story i has a feeling bout it:pinkiehappy:

1005959 Thanks, that means a lot to me.:pinkiehappy:

i like the kind nightmare. There are plenty of stories where shes evil, so a version who is stern but not truely evil is a fun thing to see every now and again.

1016112 I wrote this chapter with the purpose to make Nightmare evil, but my mind subconsciously made me write a more kind Nightmare. So I guess I like a kind Nightmare better than an evil one.

nightmare being scared of spiders sounds a bit stupid but i can live with it:twilightblush:
plz do kind nightmare i realy like her caracter:pinkiehappy:

1018570 Even the greatest villains have their fears. I can know, I have a major case of Arachnophobia. (Being afraid of spiders.) I'm even afraid of the smallest spiders and that was my source of inspiriation. I think I shall write an overall kind Nightmare, but with some eruptions to the evil side.

Hopefully Dashie will be able to fly again :):rainbowkiss:
And this is THE FUCKIN BEST NIGHTMARE STORY in my opinion :pinkiehappy:

With lots of fan love,

1019160 I must resist the urge to hug you right now. I must, but I can't. *hugs*:heart:

Just a warning: she won't be always kind, but most of the time she is going to be kind.

*hugs back* its ok if she isnt nice all the time :pinkiehappy: I still will loooooove the story

1019209 The next chapter is going to be laaaaaaaaaaaaaaarge. I'm already at 8000 words and I haven't even written half of the chapter.


Oh great. Nightmare's a sadomasochist. We already knew she was twisted, but this is just...DAMN!

And scared of spiders. I burst out laughing, and Nightmare loses a couple villain points. Not many, but still...

1023415 I don't think I will write sadomasicism again, I don't really like it and I don't think it will fit with the relatively kind Nightmare.

Oooooooooooo......... Someone's a softie.........

I love it!!! I think you should do a mix of both nice and evil, like alter egos

1023843 Like I said in the previous comments, it's going to be a nice Nightmare, but with an evil side.

I think Twilight would resist more. She is extremely loyal to Celestia and I doubt she would start looking at the bright side of things.

Anyway, good job. Looking forward to the next chapter.

1034662 I think I know what you mean and you just gave me a new idea to put into the story, so thanks.

I like this side of Nightmare! We need more Fanfics with a nice Nightmare Moon!

If nightmare is too nice, she might as well just release celestia. I think you gotta keep her mean side up and about. And also Twilight, in this situation, should not be the voice of sanity. She would try and find a way to release celestia or something.

Yay, a nice long one!

Also, first!:pinkiehappy:

Yay!!!!! Loved it, but I think that in this part, " Nightmare sighed and released the sword from her magical grasp. “Alright, they get one last change, but I keep them in the dungeons until I’m sure that they learned their lessons.” shouldn't change be chance?

just finished the first chapter, and i have to say it is an intersting concept and that i quite like it. however i felt that it was rushed and that you were mearly describing a serries of events rather than telling a story. there was also virtualy no characterisation in it, nothing to define the characters, who they are, why they were there etc. personaly i would try to weave in a few paragraphs describing each character and explaing a little bit about their personalities, as well as extending the fight between shining armour and dark shadow, as at the moment it is very brief and dark shadow is a very forgettable character- i actulay had to look up his name. the closest you came to any of that was at the end when the mane 6 started insulting nightmare moon. then theres also you difficulties with english, but you have a reasonable explanation for it, and to be perfectly honest mine is not that much better and i AM english.

long story short; after reading the first chapter i feel you need to slow down the pacing a bit and spend more time focusing on the various characters.

despite my critisms, i must admit that i am very much intrigued by this story and will continue to read it.

1135813 Well, read the next chapters and tell me what you think, but I have to admit that describing details is kinda hard for me. I do appreciate your critisism and I'll try to describe more details in the next chapters.

Yay my friend u updated again:pinkiehappy:
Oh how I missed this story :pinkiesad2:
Yet again my good friend a another amazing chapter:pinkiehappy:
Can't wait for more l:rainbowkiss:

1137757 It's going to take some time now. School will start in about a week and I also have other stories to attend to, that's why I gave you this huge chapter.

I’m so stupid to hit her, but she deserves it. wrong color

your faithful student happydeath :moustache:

1138247 Why didn't I notice this before?!:twilightangry2:

That's what you get when trying to format a 19k chapter, things can go wrong. Thanks for pointing that out, I'll change it.

no problem

your faithful student happydeath :moustache:

the thing with the maps made me laugh:pinkiehappy:

1143998 Hey hey hey, I tried my best and I think it makes everything much clearer. (Yes, I used paint.:twilightblush:)

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