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The Nightmare. They thought they'd destroyed her with their little 'ray of harmony'.
They were delusional if they believed that.
She'd never be truly defeated - only delayed until she found her next victim. Luna had been weak, despite her title of princess. But now she'd found someone much better for the job.

Twilight Sparkle.

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A dislike already? Even faster than my shipping story, too!

that dislike was not me....

i'll read this later..:twistnerd:

I read it, I didn't not like it, and I could imagine the story up until, and after, the dream :l
It would have been nice to know NMM's point of view during the dream; otherwise the whole nightmare/NMM scenario feels dull and overused :l
But that's just my opinion :3

Oh, look, this story hasn't been done to death! Wait, yes it has.

Oh, wow. Not gonna lie, Imade this because I've only seen about 7 of them on here, and compared to the HiE's that's not alot.
But thanks for telling me, I guess x3

How often are you planning to update? Or do you not have plans for that?

Also, I like the idea. Tracking.:twilightsmile:

1106928 1106969 My first fic idea before doing a romance was a take on Nightmare Moon similar to this, but the only similarity is that NMM would be an entity and not just an alter ego of Luna. TBH I did some research into it, and the majority of NMM fics are dramas of Luna battling her inner demons, and don't really go into NMM as a separate personality. The only memorable fic I know of that tries to distinguish Luna from NMM is past sins.

Also, in the author's defense, Twidash has been done 456,378,912 and a half times. But I'm doing one, and people like my spin on it. If people like this author's spin on things, then there should be no problem. People that don't like it should free free to comment or not comment then continue to browse for more stories.

Now for what I was going to comment in the first place - the synopsis has a Star Wars prequels feel to it. Which is fine. I just haven't seen too many fics in which Twilight Sparkle is seduced by the dark side of the magiks. :coolphoto:

it is fairly common but i love these anyways so continue writing

1106969 The fact that it's been done so much before puts you in a difficult position, if you want this fic to grab attention you are going to have to be as original as possible and avoid the clich├ęs in the "genre". Also be very careful with your writing as you'll be less likely to be forgiven for even the smallest mistakes. Good luck, I hope you can make this it's own story and not just another one from the pile.

Looking forward to more from this story. tracking


Not too sure, I will try to get a schedule of stuff, but for now hang on to the hope of one a week xD


Thanks for this piece of information!
Seriously - I now have a huge plot point, and I already planned to have the story revolve around history and adventures to find the blehblehblehbleh.


Maybe I'll try that :coolphoto:

I know this is more Luna/Celestia orientated, but this will come into play later in the story, promise! :pinkiehappy:

Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye! :twilightsmile:

Sticks and Stones can break your bones but words can cast spells that hurt way, way more.

Longest chapter yet! Woooh! More plot advancement! xD

[bYou haven't done anything wrong. They're scared of what's inside of you - me. I'm the Nightmare.

part of the formatting modification is missing at the last line.

You can never have too much Nightmare Twilight. Looking forward to seeing where you take this story.

YOU. ARE. GOING. TO. WRITE. MOAR :flutterrage:

1170220 What he said.

1169944 True dat. Did you read Inner Demons?

*insert long angstful story*
*insert Twilight has a crush on somepony and uses the Nightmare's powers (only a little) to seduce them*


I have read about 20 chapters of Inner Demons, and I personally think it's nothing special.
Then suddenly incest. :facehoof:

1174150 It was an alright story. But that storyline and this one are kinda similar... to start. You know, the part where Twilight gets corrupted by an evil spirit?

Yes, but the evil spirit was always Twilight. I have this whole backstory planned explaining the origins and motives of Nightmare Moon. All I need to do is write the fight with Luna and I can get to that x3

How in the world is the Nightmare weak if she can use a compulsion spell on Luna? Even in Twilight's mind, controlling Luna's actions should require ridiculously powerful magic.

Nightmare Moon is best puppet master...

You'd think that the Avatar of the moon would have better defenses than that for sure. And the Nightmare can only do what Twilight lets it, right? This seems a bit world-braking to me...

The Nightmare's eyes flashed. ''Ah, yes. Maybe we should find out why Luna tried to kill you before I enact my revenge.'' She said, her voice almost humorous.

Luna's anger snapped, and sprang into the air. Swiftly darting forward she connected her hoof to the Nightmare's jaw. ''We have not attempted genocide!'' She yelled, furious.

Killing Twilight would've counted as genocide?


...Oops! I'll fix that xD


Well, I'm trying to draw attention to the fact that because she's a part of Twilight, who is probably incredibly powerful, she too would be strong. I mean, she can interact with Twilight in the possession's early stages, and Luna and Celestia agreed it was spreading too fast.


Outside of her body, not inside x3
Inside she can do anything that doesn't affect ponies outside of their mind - anyone inside, excluding Twilight, is pretty toast xD

One of my favorite chapters, simply because of the ending.

Now, this is where we go to the remaining Mane 6. I'll add that tag in there now, actually!

I'm hoping this is where the story will pick up, and become more adventure-based, although we will still have Nightmare Twilight! :D

Feedback is highly appreciated - and I'm 2 away from 50 likes without a feature! (I'm proud of that x3)

Nice choice of name. I feel so bad for Luna though.

I can't wait to see where this is going!

Congratulations on your 50 likes.:yay:

Chapter Extra Long because the original one had absolutely no plot advancement and only described them getting into Celestia's Throne Room, which didn't really deserve it's own chapter.


Oh, that's not too bad. They've just got to stop her before she names i-
Oh, bugger.

''Twilight? You look like you've seen ghost.''
Missing an 'a'. You might want to look into getting a prereader


It had to be a gif of the game I've been avoiding for the past few months or sooo D:

(also is that good? xD)



And as far as pre-readers go, I've not had good history with them. :twilightsheepish:


Yes it is good lol! No one likes slendy!

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