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(Cover art on its way, most likely)

It's time for another Dream story. In this episode, we'll see everypony's favorite hypno villain setting her sights on a rather shy pony we all know. However, will Fluttershy give in that easily or will Dream finally find a mare who can stand up to her? Read and find out.

Themes: Hypnosis, latex, sexy evilness but no clop, slight humor.

Co-written with Sirloin.
Edited by moi, personally.

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A long time ago, even before Equestria was founded, there lived 2 living beings. One was an Alicorn, the other a Changeling. The first one was living the good life in the Palace of Creation and this together with her sisters, brother and her mother, the Almighty Fausticorn. But she was unhappy. Why you ask? Well, we can't spoil the story, now can we?

The Changeling was not so fortunate. After running away from her father's hive with 20 Changelings, she was now trying to survive. She needed love to survive, but most importantly, she needed a friend to be there for her.

Fate had some plans for them.

(They are foals.)

This story is written in the Team Awesome universe of Bonaxor and the story is based on a comic. In the comic they are foals, so they are also foals in my story. There are a few rules, which the creator of the comic told me to follow, and which I cannot break.

1. Ponies are afraid of Alicorns. They see them as monsters that can destroy the world.
2. Team Awesome never goes into town without a special disguise. It makes them look like other normal ponies.. just.. bigger.
- Celestia is a Unicorn in her disguise
- Luna is an Earth pony
- Dream (Nightmare Moon) is a Pegasus
- Discord a dragon
- Cadance is a pegasus

That are the two giant rules.

This will probably be a feel good story.

Edited by the wonderful arandompenguin.

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We all know that happy, somewhat silly mare, Derpy. We always see her when she's smiling and in a good mood, but what if that was just a mask to cover up her true feelings? What if the ponies turn against her due to her clumsiness and cross-eyedness? Will they push her to the brink of suicide or will her loyal friends help her with her life? What kind of impact will this have on her children: Dinky and Sparkler? This is story about Derpy's depression.

It's not that sad, but it does have a kind of depressing feeling.

Image: Derpy Hooves by HereticOfDune

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The elements of harmony aren't strong enough to destroy Nightmare Moon, Nightmare wins. She takes the mane 6 captive for her own pleasure and to use them as her servants. Will they adjust to their new life or will they fight against the so-called tyrant? Maybe looks can be deceiving?

What can you expect: Love, adventure, war, plots, traitors, assassinations and more.
I love it when villains win.

Inspiration from these two stories: After That Fateful Night by Peppy Greyskull and Nightmares Don't Last Forever by BB

Also: I'm Dutch, not English. If you leave a dislike then I want to know why. You don't like the story, the grammar isn't good, anything, tell me.

Image used with permission.

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This is the sequel of A New world, I recommend reading that story before you start with this one, but if you don't want to then here's a short summary.

-The mane 6 arrive on Earth.
-Jack takes care of them.
-Rainbow and Jack get into a relationship.
-They need to return to Equestria, Jack can't go with them.
-Rainbow doesn't want to leave.
-Celestia turns Jack in a pony and he can go with them to Equestria.

Now that Jack has arrived in Equestria, it is time for him to adjust to Equestria and to live happily, but this is disturbed by a new threat from Earth. Can Jack defend his friends and fight against his used-to-be species or will Equestria be destroyed by the human threat.

Also: I'm Dutch, not English. If you leave a dislike then I want to know why. You don't like the story, the grammar isn't good, anything, tell me.

Couldn't find a proper image for this story.

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Don't read. It's my worst story with many mistakes, of that I'm sure. Turn around now and never come back. If you do enter this story, then be warned. Your eyes will melt and you'll be blind for the rest of your days. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Twilight found a transportation spell in a book while she was cleaning her libary.
Little did she know that her spell would fail and now she, her friends and Spike are trapped on Earth.
but they don't need to worry because they are in the good hands of Jack, the human.

My editor: MrWhatnow (thank you MrWhatnow.)

Note: please point me to some grammar mistakes I made because English isn't my native language, Dutch is.
Also would you be so kind enough to see if I didn't make some mistaks with the comma's. Thanks.

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