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(A sequel to Arrow 18 Mission Logs: Lone Ranger)
It all started with an unexpected visitor. A single, curious individual from farther away than anypony could ever have fathomed. At first, a curiosity of a creature to be minded by the Princess' protégé. Then a spectacle as he took ponies where they had never gone before. And finally, an ambassador who brought an entire planet together with the simple realization that there are more important things out there than petty squabbles.

And it all almost went up in a fireball.

But friends don't let friends die so long as they have the power to rend the heavens on sheer force of will.

Now stuck in a hospital bed, Captain Randolph Edwards, commander of the one-man space mission to the anomalous planet known as "Equestria", must wait for a rescue that will be a year in the making... Minimum.

What ever will he do with himself?

(Description written by AdmiralTigerclaw.)

Chapters (1)
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In case anyone gets any hangups...


Many thanks Admiral!
And if you readers out there haven't been keeping up with Tigerclaw's blog posts about Arrow 18, go and take a look.

7632160 Is there going to be more to this?

Perhaps, if the inspiration strikes. However, this short story was intended to be a starting chapter for a compilation of chapters. The idea was to set the stage for anyone to write a short chapter or set of chapters detailing something that happened during or after the original story. If you have an idea, share it!

I'm happy to see that the drama from a few weeks back couldn't keep one of the best stories on the site down! I hope more people get on board with this! I plan to after mid-terms end.

All that's missing is an official group on the site to hold the stories together.

I have a strange case of déjà vu...

Nevermind, still very well done!

7638827 Wait, what happened?

Also, why is it marked as complete?

7639790 Basically, Admiraltigerclaw tried to make an Arrow 18 collaboration between authors. It was to be a series of one-shots all posted under one banner, this story included. This is apparently against site rules and was swiftly deleted by a mod. The admiral was cool with it and wanted to restart it under a folder instead, until hordes of people started to attack the mod who deleted it. Then the mod made it worse by sending attacks right back at them in one of the saddest displays of "professionalism" I have seen on this site. In short, everyone involved had a rough weekend. I thought the whole collab attempt was dead until this was posted, so the folder idea seems to be back in action.

7640256 Okay, I now have two questions:

1) Is there a group/folder for these stories yet?

2) When will karma strike that mod?

Not that this is important, but this really isn't a sequel. More an addendum or as the title suggests, supplemental.

*EDIT: NVM I assumed things based on the cover art.

Regarding the author's notes, it would be too difficult to simply add Randy to the canon as an insert. Better let the story diverge into its own branch while respect the canon.

...wait a minuet. The ship is on an automatic flight home. He can go back to it but apparently that would take to much effort on his crippled part to pilot the ship... on an automatic flight home. :twilightoops:

Besides that little hole though a nice little addendum to the story. :ajsmug:

Actually, Twilight makes that point. The thing is that, in his condition, there would be too much risk for him to go up as he is now. The teleport up would take a toll on him (as it did when Twilight did it on him in the main story) and he is still recovering from double amputation and severe burns. In the time window before the automatic departure, he would not have the chance to recover enough strength and health to be fit to fly. They could try to send him up and let him recover on the flight home, but it's too big a risk to him, even if he doesn't need to pilot the ship.

I'm unsure how to sort this one.
It isnt good enough in its own right to go in favourites, but if anything is added then I don't want to miss it. Normally this would mean adding it to tracking, but it is marked complete.

7640256 Haven't people done collabs before? By which I mean, write it in a gdoc yhen have one guy/girl upload it.

So, did anything come of the whole collaboration idea?

HOLY SHIT how'd I miss this?!

And then the Translation spell hiccups and translates Celestia as 'Sun Butt' XD

I was wondering where this fic went. So is it official? Is this the last of this story or will it revisited in a few years?

There may be additions to the story in the future. However, there is a group dedicated to stories that continue the narrative of Arrow 18, both cannon and non-cannon.

The Chronicles of Arrow 18

If you like Arrow 18 and have an idea for adding to the story, feel free to write it out. If it meets with the standards of the original author, it could even be endorsed as cannon. You never know.

Faved and upvoted.

Explains why the ship returned empty, and shows Luna injured and the translation spell improving. Other than those, a fairly obvious continuation, but sufficient to inspire others I hope.

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