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Suppose for a moment that a person created a beautiful work of art that went on to inspire many hundreds of thousands. Then suppose that that work of art took on a life of its own, drawing on the praise and popularity of the masses. Then suppose that that work of art somehow realized that something was watching it from beyond and somehow made contact with its creator!

What lies on the other side of the page, the canvas, or the screen? Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie are about to find out.

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Go on, you are doing everything right so far. It is a bit heavy on the prose, but that's fine. Try to use a bit more whitespace between the paragraphs, it make the text easier to read.

This is pretty good so far.

The writing style is a bit odd to my tastes, perhaps a little overly-verbose, but not off-putting.

One thing I'd recommend fixing: the part where Pinkie takes a bite out of a cupcake has her saying "I think it's even got into my baking", without saying what "it" is. The next paragraph says it's her "distractedness", but still, when I read that I thought it meant something had physically gotten into it. You might want to make that paragraph a little more clear.

All in all, this seems like it has potential. I'll be watching this. Best of luck with it, and have fun writing it.

i'm liking this idea.
i'm liking it a lot.


The writing style is a bit odd to my tastes, perhaps a little overly-verbose, but not off-putting.

The writing style is a way to emphasize the passage of time. It's meant to make the characters seam a bit more mature, since the story takes place a good 5+ years after Twilight first came to Ponyville. I'm glad you like it so far. :pinkiesmile:

Also, the part you mentioned fixing, I think it's fine as it is. It adds to Pinkie's randomness. You don't always know what Pinkie is talking about at first anyway.

I just got a cool cover image for the story! You can thank Cgeta on DeviantArt for generously allowing me to use it.
Cgeta's Page
There was another image that had considered for the cover, but even thought I didn't use his image, he's still worth checking out.
Tamalesyatole's Page

Nice writing and an interesting story. I hope that more will come :twilightsmile:

longer chapters please. cant wait!

i love this, can't wait to see the next update!
also, thinking about this fanfic from a meta perspective, i suppose you could say that you at least, have omnipotence over this entire world. by writing it, brining it into being, you are literally this domain's god.
i like to think that this is something real and special. that by writing literature, or creating a song, the story contained within has some form of existence. perhaps not in a physical sense, but in our minds themselves. it's a form of life.
idk, i'm starting to ramble at this point.

Hold on, where's the text?

Comment posted by Trigger Happy deleted Mar 21st, 2013


That wasn't me, that was Derpy.


The site goof has been fixed. When they 'upgraded' the site last night, a bug was found that when you saved your story, you lost the text you'd just saved. Fortunately, I always write my work in Word before I post anything online, so there was very little spilled milk. Just a lot of hassle. I look forward to your actual comments on the chapter.

I'd like to see one of the Mane 6 cross paths with John de Lancie. That would be hilarious.

Also, I'd like to see Rainbow Dash's reaction to the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Imagine how she'd feel about finding that a nearly identical character predated her by almost 20 years!

Stephanie Mahoney would be a pretty good choice

:ajbemused: Knowing this fandom, someone somewhere has already written something like that. But I get what you're saying: seeing their reactions in this context would be fun.

I should state right here that there will be no dimension hopping in this story. Yes, the two worlds will make contact, but that is the extent of the reality breach. :raritydespair: You'll just need to keep following the story if you want to learn just what will come of this turn of events.

1776608 well she is pretty down in the credit but she has a deviant art page so some people know of her but animator these day are known only if they are leading the project like pendleton ward, but she is a help animator so even if she IS in the credit she get her popularity from her
deviantart page: http://misssinger.deviantart.com/
twitter feed: https://twitter.com/steph_mahoney
flickr galerie: http://www.flickr.com/photos/31909890@N04/
and Blog: http://stephaniemahoney.blogspot.ca/


I'm not talking dimension hopping, I just want to see how the Ponies would react to other works of fiction, more specifically the similarities they might have to Equestria.

i'm thinking Sabrina Alberghetti. she's got a DeviantArt as well, and is pretty well known by the fandom by her nickname Sibsy (mainly due to her memorable and popular OC).

another good choice (though not an Animator) would be Jayson Thiessen, director of Season One and Executive Producer of S2-3.

although i'll admit, i was expecting this to get a little closer to home, more mind-screwey. what i mean is, i was expecting Equestria to be detecting us, as in, the author of this fanfic and the people reading it. i was preparing for some seriously crazy shit-hitting-fans, like the imagined moment when Pinkie Pie hears the narration and starts commenting on it, then the narration brakes from formality out of confusion.

Pinkie Pie's ears twitched visibly, and she turned her head towards the sky as if hearing a strange voice from up above. turning to Twilight, she asked, "did you hear that?"

Wait a minute... Pinkie? can you hear me?!

"omigosh Twilight, they're talking to me!" she said. her nose wrinkled in confusion, "and narrating what i'm doing!"

How in the... uhhhh you can't hear me Pinkie! it's just in your imagination! Disregard the voice!






aaargh, fine! i'll just stop narrating, then!

*end of chapter*

please, for just one time let this happen

Jayson Thiessen and Sabrina Alberghetti are both names that I think will come up eventually. However, Sibsy is a storyboard artist, not an animator, so she wouldn't be the one to first communicate with the ponies. The more I think about it, the more I'm thinking that Stephanie Mahoney will be the one to take the burden of first contact.

Also, your idea for the writer and the readers to be detected by pinkie would be fun. You clearly know what you want to see happen there, so perhaps you can be the one to write that story.:raritywink:

"burden of first contact"
best burden ever.

maybe someday. i'd feel bad about essentially stealing your idea though.
then again... if i ever write a story that features Pinkie, perhaps as a completely random and unexpected way to end a chapter.... yeah.
i'm liking this idea.


Hm, wonder what will happen next? atleast they have established communication between eachother. But, something tells me that Celestia and Luna are somehow going to pull the Observer into their reality, hehe. :trollestia:

1908082 Gotta say, what you had to say there was very informative and relevant to the story. Now, let me just introduce you to this shiny shell here.

I initially didn't get that it was actually an animator of the show that was experiencing this, but not really a big deal.

Good stuff, as usual. We await your next update.

The feces is hitting the rotational wind-production device!

That was kind of the idea. It's not suppose to be obvious that "the creature" is an MLP animator. I'm happy you figured it out; it lets me know that I'm doing my job and that my readers are smart. But what would an MLP animator be doing, looking in on the ponies like this? And why is this encounter with "The Observers" so different from before? That is the question. :trollestia:

Holy crap, an update! I almost forgot about this fic!

Yes, I can see and hear you, was the Observer’s answer. This may not be the quickest way to talk, but it’s better than nothing.

This entire sentence is in bold text, I'm assuming this is a mistake?

Shouldn't it be:

Yes, I can see and hear you, was the Observer’s answer. This may not be the quickest way to talk, but it’s better than nothing.

Thanks for the catch. It was meant to be:

Yes, I can see and hear you, was the Observer’s answer. This may not be the quickest way to talk, but it’s better than nothing.

Check the show's credits and you will see that there is a Stephanie Mahoney on the animation crew. There are two other names mentioned at the start of chapter 4 that you might also recognize. :moustache:

Very interesting concept. I like the pacing, and the rather refreshing lack of drama except when it's most appropriate.

I'm aware that cannon is constantly changing in an ongoing show. That's why I'm continuing the story as if nothing has changed. What I plan to do is finish this story with the pre-"Magical Mystery Cure" continuity. Then, I will take the existing story, write in the new developments from the show and upload it as a different story. The end result will be two different publications of The Maker: the original and one brought into conformity with season 4 cannon.

If that "energy" which flows between the Real World to Equestria is born from the admiration and belief of the fans, doesn´t that mean Equestria will diisappear when the show gets cancelled?:pinkiegasp::unsuresweetie:

Star Trek (The Original Series) was canceled years ago and the Trekkies have kept up their appreciation for it all this time. If something is good enough, it takes on a life of its own.


But it will eventually fade in favor of new trends.
I wonder about Luna appreciation:

"Is not the umbilical bond between a dam and her unborn foal similar?”

If this is the case, then the bond is mean to be cut at some point when the "baby" is big enough to be self-sufficient (so Equestria, and probably thousands of "realities" born from human fiction will become separate universes on their own).

Which wall was she looking at? The fourth one?:pinkiecrazy:

The idea that Humanity is some kind of universe-factory is freaking awesome.
That'd make an amazing "Ultimate Crossover" fanfic (every work of fiction, man. Every, last, one).

Just imagine, Earth is some kind of Hub World (pardon the pun), and from this world stretches millions of strings to other continuities. The state of the secondary universes are based upon the size of the work of fiction, its renown among of the people of Earth. More popular works have enough energy to be "self-sufficient", existing beyond the scope of the actual story from which they are born. They're living, dynamic universes.
Works that aren't known and followed by the masses (like some random doodle a kid writes for fun then discards afterwords) only exist in a very basic, primordial state, and they collapse like a dream once the creator ceases to write.

Basically, the premise of Chalkzone expanded to include every work of creative story-telling.

Now I really want to write this...

"By the Moon and by the Tides as well, my sister!" the Guardian of the Night proclaimed, her power rising up to match her elder sibling.  “If enemy they are, they shall find no sanctuary in the shadows!  They shall know the displeasure of those who sit on Equestria’s thrones.”

She doesnt know Stephanie can just click the erase button and delete her :D also why is stephanie scared she's basically a god in that world >_>

Remember: Stephanie didn't have any control over what was in the window, aside from being able to "move the camera." The human world and the pony world are now separate and distinct from each other. However, they are still connected in a loose way. That is how the ponies sense the vibes from the Observers and how Stephanie got that sense of unease. Stephanie caught a whiff of Celestia's and Luna's unrest. Keep watching the story and more will become apparent.


Yet, unless Celestia and Luna find a way to literally break the Fourth Wall, Stephanie has little to fear from them.

They forget about Discord, it would be funny if he could open a 'gateway' to the other end.


Five goddamn years. I feel older.

We call ourselves humans. We are the only sentient and sapient species on our world, but we are very determined and very creative

Animals, by virtue of having a centralized nervous systems, are sentients.

Well, discord is in some way aware of our world. He makes a lot of references for Human pop culture and knows what he is doing. Like Bob Ross and Harry Potter or him doing the sailor moon transformation. If you take the comics for cannon he is actually completely aware and does things like actually recognising shoutouts for what they are. He may also very well be Q depending how the fictional mechanics work as he is a nigh omnipotent being with a vein of mischief that likes to do the finger snap thingy, is voiced by John Delancieand and well, was pretty much a direct lift of Q. (The only thing really differentiation the two is that it is never directly stated))

holy Celestia this thing is actually alive

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