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Darth Vulcan's still touring Equestria and ponies are still screaming at the sight of him. He's doing better now, though. Sure, he's public enemy number one in...everywhere, but he's made some new "freinds", he's got a profitable little enterprise, and he still looks cool, inspiring awe and shrill screams wherever he appears...he really should start rethinking his outfit.

So follow Darth Vulcan on his meteoric rise to cackling villainy as he tries to make a life for himself in pony land.

This is a fanfiction of the My Little Pony Fanfiction, "The Rise of Darth Vulcan," which can be read on Archive of Our Own, here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/5553836/chapters/12811085

If you haven't read that work, I recommend reading at least the first two chapters of it to get more out of this fic than you would otherwise.

This was written and named with the permission of the author of "The Rise of Darth Vulcan."

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In before all the haters show up. Now I do wonder how this story is going to go as the original seems to be on a bit of a hiatus.

The Arrival as observed was delightful, The Getting There observed from within was absolutely hilarious. If you can keep this style up, taking your time to check over and think of story ideas, then it will definitely be worth at least some Pantheon.

Tracking. :trollestia:

Yeah...I have no idea what that means. I'm still a noob okay!

Basically, the story branches off from the original at a certain point, with different things happening in this one.

I can already tell this is going to be a fun ride. I loved the original story.

I'm liking this one already. You've got Ralph's tone down nicely. I can't wait to see where this diverged, and why.

I eagerly await the next chapter!

I was sceptical at first, but this first chapter is very encouraging. It feels like the story I loved and remembered so fondly. Only one spelling typo really stuck out. You typed Layer instead of Lair.

I miss Reality Check, the guy did good work.

And I will do anything for love, I'll walk into hell and......... I'm sorry there just saw the image and the words meatloaf on it...lol!

If you note the title of the first chapter, you'll see that no apology is necessary.

Not really a hiatus, more of like these chapters take a while to write.

Glad this story is getting some type of continuation, Loved that story.

Everyone keeps lamenting the end of the last story. I'm not sure why that is, the author is still updating it, you know?

I think they stopped updating the FiMfiction page. I recall it ending after Leo showed up. The link you provided on the first page of this story clued me in, to the fact that it actually continued at all. I just assumed it was on a long hiatus on this site.

Ooh-hoo hoo! This is good! Now I just need to wonder... He has his own nation now?! Holy need of flash-backs! Looking forward to next chapter, and what will probably explain what the heck happened before the start of this story.

I suppose I should ask, where is this off shoting from? like, where's the break away point? Is the big D still working on some massive master plan?

I was gonna wait until the second chapter to say, but It's not that big a spoiler so I'll tell you now. It splits off after the raid on Canterlot, just before Celestia summons the new guy.

And yes, he is still working on a big plan, though it is a different plan than the one he has in the other story.

Loved the original, like how this one is shaping up so far. Hopefully you will update it soon.

I was throwing out lines an armature author would jot down for a first draft.

I think you mean amateur.


You ever gonna finish this or no? cause I keep checking back every month or so expecting an update only to get a big NOPE NOT YET to the face

A shame this will never be continued like a lot of good stories on this site.



Much as I don't like commenting without a chapter to go along with it, I should let you know that I do plan to continue this story. I'm on a bit of a hiatus at the moment, but I'm closer to writing than I was in the past...

In either case just wait it out.

has waited so long I'm just a skeleton wen will dere be a new chapta boiiii, I needs to knowww

waited almost a full year, no new chapters yet? this story dead or like?

Do you know what Darth Vulcan would think of all the major villains that the show has had so far?

“Don’t believe us to be so like yourself, Vulcan,” Celestia snapped. “Princess Twilight merely acted in good faith on the available information; and, I hope it won’t be necessary for me to highlight, but the sight of a screaming warlock with a gout of flame connecting him to several burning ponies does not lend itself to many favorable conclusions-”

He's already fought with many of them at this point in the story. If you haven't read the original fic, there's more detail about that topic there, but, if I had to pluck a quote from that story which describes his outlook, it would be when he says Equestria's villains "aren't even up to Boris and Natasha levels."

If you have read the story and are asking me how he'd react to later villains, than I'll just ask you to wait, and put on your seat-belt.

It's nice to see you continue this.

Nice to see this story return! Now I wonder who would have been stupid enough to piss off both Vulcan and Celestia?

So this is an alternate take on the train scene? Already I can see where it "veers off course", so to speak, from the original. No face-blasted Vulcan and no mentally shattered Pie, for starters. :pinkiegasp: And the lead up to the scene in the first chapter and beyond? Wonder where it'll lead. And what kind of story you're planning. :pinkiehappy:

Let me think for a moment....

“Nightmare Moon: Jealousy complex blown out of proportion. Chrysalis: She was beat by ponies using her food source against her. She should’ve ate her problem. Discord: For being a ‘Spirit of Chaos’ he likes pony rules too much. Sombra: A Crystalholic with a Napoleon complex. Great fashion, though. Tirek: He was dead before he could start. Flim and Flam: Good salesmen, bad location scouting.”

This sound about right?

I meant the villains aside from them.
Actually he never did say what he thought of Nightmare Moon. Will we find out what he thought of her?

Boris and Natasha.... Aren’t they from Rocky and Bullwinkle?

Does anyone here know what happened to the original? Had it on tracking, maybe even favorites, and it seemed to disappear. Sorry if I just missed an obvious post, maybe link to?

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