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Will return with more stories! I'm still studying for the exams SAT, ACT and Drivers' ED (I passed PERT) - please be patient!


This story will be used as my fourth story for ScribblerProductions' Month of Macabre fanfics in October.

The first chapter is a comedy! :D However, the Gore tag is for the next, (and maybe final) chapter!

So, it appears the rumors are true...DJ Pon-3 and even Rarity have been bitten by bat-ponies...vampire ones! Vampire bat ponies are now common in Equestria, but who would have thought that two heroes would have been affected by them?! Sadly...it appears that the unicorns' friends have been affected by them and other creatures, though instead of making an alliance...they suck their friends dry!

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This looks like this will be a good story. i will keep checking on this.

Hello! I just wanted to say congrats on what looks like the beginning of an interesting story. But, there do seem to be some little issues that I noticed. The formatting is a bit strange and the grammar could use some work; I would suggest an editor. There's a group I can link you to if you're interested!

Secondly, the voice was bit off. It's important to really show what's happening in a story, and choose a perspective. I'm sure if you can talk to more professional fanfic authors, you can get a better understanding of this.

Thirdly, over half of the story was a song. That doesn't really add to the plot, especially when the first chapter is so short to begin with. Try to pace yourself, and perhaps hire a proofreader.

Regardless, I will give this an upvote. Just keep trying! Feel free to PM me for questions, of check out my page:twilightsmile:

~Harmony Pie

7581561 Thank you very much! I'll add more story to the next chapter! Could you link me the editor group? :D

The chapter has been updated a little more; the next and final one is coming soon! :)

Wait, what tag would jest the first chapter ( The Monster Mash and Thriller Night! ) have ?

7784470 Comedy lol, but I don't know what tag to replace it with!

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