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First time of writing my own stories on here since the first episode of my little pony friendship is magic.


Leon Parker, a 20 year old human has barely escape from Earth and made it into another world after encountering with some of his former trusted soldiers before collapsing near someone's yard. The very next day, Leon has woken up in a hospital and been visited by the ponies that saved him. Though he never expected that these ponies do care for him since they visit from time to time over the week. Either way, it could be a good start for Leon to start over in a new peaceful life of being the only human here in Equestria. Which of course things will be much more tougher than Leon has ever thought as new events will begin to unfold and that new enemies from Earth will be arriving soon when they do hunt him down. Can his new pony friends be able to help Leon out from his struggling past life and maybe one day go back on Earth of restore the balance itself once again?

Side Note: This is not my cover art, just something about this cover art would somehow work in this story. :)

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Comments ( 75 )

awsome story probely the second anthro story i like hope to see more :twilightsmile:

7164350 Thank you and I'll be sure to put this anthro story playing it out more smoothly with some surprises waiting to be revealed for everyone. Be sure to keep on reading and have some friends to join in! :pinkiehappy:

amazing chapter also are the mane six dressed up as the pic show them also how many chapters will there be just curious ok : )

7223092 Well I'm not quite sure of what the mane 6 will be dressed up in clothing and it'll be difficult sometimes. As for how many chapters there'll be, it's going to be a long one, like most episodes of MLP and life for Leon on what he'll be experiencing in Equestria. I'm still doing my best on how to write this out carefully though.

This story itself does not seem too bad. The problem is the absolutely horrid sentence structure, grammar, and slight lack of explaining of things and, well, it generally being hard to read or understand. If you want some editing done on this chapter, ask me, and I'll do it.

7256542 Yeah uh sorry about that, I just don't want to leak out a lot surprises too soon on a lot of chapters cause it's actually tough sometimes to try and create that kind of both scenes and probably confrontations while thinking of some battle scenes.

He sees one of them that's a unicorn with Lavender mane hair, next pony is a Pegasus with yellow mane, another pony is an Earth pony with light pink mane, the other Earth pony with fluffy pink mane, beside the Lavender mare is a unicorn pony having a curly purple mane, and the last one by a yellow mane pony is a rainbow mane Pegasus pony.

next pony is a Pegasus with yellow mane, another pony is an Earth pony with light pink mane,

Essentially, it's a simple problem: you gave Fluttershy's hair to Applejack, and Applejack's hair to Fluttershy.

"I would be able to contact Princess Celestia right away, but she won't back in about a week.

How does one do this... back?


Thou does know about that one tool available in this site called a "page break," right?

"Thank you nurse and uh, were you new here before?"

New here before? Everyone was new there at some point in time. Therefore, the statement that someone was new there before is only false if the one in question was literally just hired, as that means there is no previous point in time where they were "new here."

Turning their heads, they see him holding in his laughter, but failed miserably while their friends including Spike were hiding laughter as well.

Turning their heads, they see him attempting to hold in his laughter, but failing miserably, while their friends were also attempting to hold it in.

"So which pony wants to prank on Leon when he gets out of the hospital?"

To prank on? To pull or put a prank on, or just "to prank"

"I shouldn't of spoken up too soon and just regret what I've said in my mind." Leon muttered and frown.

"I shouldn't have spoken up (this or too) soon, and immediately regret everything I just said in my mind," Leon muttered, frowning.

"Somebody shoot me out with a knockout spell, please?"

"Somebody knock me out with a spell, please?" or "Somebody shoot me with a knockout spell, please?"

I feel like there's more... More errs! But I don't feel like looking anymore. Onto the tracking list!

7263614 Sorry, I'll be sure to fix up those errors soon and yeah I'm not sure of how to put up a page break.

7263576 Oops I forgotten that I switched both Applejack and Fluttershy's hair manes.

Just an FYI, I think that you are meant to make announcements like this using the blog and tagging the story, or having all of the non story text in an author's note.

7269090 Oh yeah, must've forgotten about that part, thanks.

The grammar absolutely killed this for me. Do not want.

7273813 Athanlyvette is saying, he/she doesn't like your grammar and doesn't approve. btw when are you gonna make the next chapter?

7301256 Oh okay and I'll be sure to post a new chapter today before midnight comes in. Had some delayed days to take my mind off of other things and relaxing into some music sometimes.

Squinting up his eyes to see more clearly, he sniffs something from the bed that looks odd to him.

"Why does it smell like Spicy Rainbow flavor ice cream?"

I did not know that smells can be seen. How did he smell something that looked odd to him?

7303322 Well it's strange to see that he smells it, but that'll be a mystery in the later chapters.


he sniffs something from the bed that looks odd to him

somethig looked odd and he sniffed it. why i don't know but he did

Comment posted by Omnipotence deleted Jun 28th, 2016

when r u gonna make another chapter?! I LOVE IT!

7344299 Thank you and I'm almost finishing it up tomorrow, though it'll be quite surprising and/or shocked when everyone gets ready to read the chapter.

He turns his head left slowly to see a minty human pony with some swimsuit on and having widening smile as she leans closer to him.

Minty human pony? What does that mean? Why human? Was that a mistake?

Also, is Leon a/is he going to be a Gary Stu/Marty Stu character? Pretty much perfect in every conceivable way, perfect personality, almost everyone likes him, and he's extremely powerful? Hopefully not, because people tend to hate those characters.

7347792 Sorry, I sometimes get confused about ponies that are between human pony and anthro pony like being human.

OK I'm just starting this one and I am enjoying it for now but our dear Leon seems to be slipping a bit into the Mary Sue territory, too good at everything, I'll see where this one goes I guess.

This is good. I like it. I'll continue to read it more.

why do i get the feeling that you might make another chapter, like, the day AFTER i make a comment on the last 2 chapters?

7355961 Eh I don't know, but it's kinda tough on me to know of when I'll be posting up one or two chapters while thinking of putting in more conversations or something. Luckily though, I'm going to work fast on the next chapter before the 4th of July starts up.

7356013 damn the next chapter is happening TWO days instead of ONE! oh well, it might be lucky of me to unintentionally reveal them in some way

(Extra tags are a bit of sad and tragedy for some chapters.)

Then why not add those tags?

7364374 I would actually, but it's a bit tough sometimes to write out on which chapters will have them in. It'll take some time until several more chapters are made, then both sad and tragedy will be posted in.

7364408 I really love this story next few chapters friend and keep up the good work

7374011 Thank you and I'll be updating the next chapter before the end of the day cause I got to take care of three dogs for a week since getting another delay from thinking more idea scenes.

7382611 ok take ur time just don't keep us waiting my friend

it's been WEEKS since you made an announcement! when r u starting next chapter? :fluttercry:

7421210 Sorry about that. :twilightblush: I had to make some changes on the next chapter since it was too soon for confusing a lot of readers on their minds. :applejackunsure: But luckily though, I'll be adding a new surprise in that chapter so it'll make more sense to everyone. :twilightsmile: After I finish it up and posting it tomorrow, I'll be sure to write another chapter before this Thursday. Again sorry everyone if it's taking so long.

7421451 ONCE AGAIN, you post a new chapter like the day after i give you a comment! i might have the power to being the chapters release date without intention! :applejackunsure: :derpyderp1: :rainbowhuh:

7386040 Sorry everyone, the next chapter will be posted up next week cause I just remembered something important. :facehoof: I promise a friend of mine on here that I'll be putting up another story since he gave me permission for his basic idea. :ajsmug: After I finish it up with a few chapters, I'll focus back on this story to finish up the chapter. I'm not sure of when it'll be posted, but I gotta be calm about it and patient to have it up and ready.

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