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Hopeful Soul

I'm just some 27-year old dude from Canada hoping to become a screenplay writer one day. That's all.

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That was interesting

i saw this pop up on fanfiction.net

6967161 Yeah, I have an account here and on fanfiction

Awesome, this was well done and a perfect humiliation story for Rainbow and Lightning

6968477 Thanks, glad you liked it

Very great work your doing really good

I have to admit this one is alot better than the original one.

Hey soul, I just created a group called "bottomless". I think u should check it out.

7008364 a whoovian british or american im british

Not bad, I especially loved the prelude to the spanking and how Lighting toyed with Rainbow. However the turnaround was a little sudden. Also I don't see why the stallions would side with Rainbow. I would think they would just force them both down.

Glad that Dash came out on top, but kinda wish she had just straight up won

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