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Even though you made an announcement about this, I never expected Featherfall to actually get a sequel, but I can't wait to see what Adventures lie ahead for Rainbow and Dust!

Glad to have you back reading!

Thank you :twilightsmile:

I wasn’t sure there would be one either! But here we are!

Seems like an interesting start. Clearly a lot has happened while we've been away. :D

Oh, yes!

This is the sequel I was hoping for! Thank you.

It seems that a lot has happened since the Battle of Canterlot. I look forward to finding out the details!

Hmm, going into this straight from Featherfall it feels like I missed an in-between story. We ended with Dash and Dust in Equestrian care while CHS prepared for an increased magic boom, then suddenly bam! Dash and Dust in the Mojave dessert and daemon dogs.

Next chapter jumps back to their return

Ahh, good to know. It'd be a shame to miss the duo's reaction to actually being in Equestria. Even Dash has only experienced the slightest, ahem, dash of being a magical pony.

Holy sh@# a sequel.

If I hadn't looked I never would've known. Glad I did.

Seems Sunset has formed her own side group of "ghostbusters". Fair compensation for the trouble they caused. Tools are meant to be used after all.

Those chapter titles. Very clever. :moustache:

It's been so long, that I forgot how lovingly and overprotective Gilda can be towards Sunset, it was kind of sweet to see that again... Even if her lashing out at Dash and Lightning what is a bit (both Justified and unjustified) unnecessary...

Anyways, moving on to Dash and Lightning... That was quite the shock and surprise for them to learn all this new information after being a coma for a year, especially to see how badly the aftermath severely damaged Zee (& Sunny too... Kinda)... However, when they see how badly Twilight still is, it's going to make them regret their choices even more...

And we find out a bit more of what happened in the intervening time; nice. :)

“I’m taking off, she and I still don’t have much nice to say to one another.”

What else could Zee be having to say to Sunset aside from begging for forgiveness and thanking her for saving their lives?

I imagine Zee is not all that happy about her pops being petrified. Yeah, scumbag criminal, but still her pops and the only thing she's had for years.

If that's true, then she must not realize that the reason she was alone is because he isolated her. (To use her as a disposable pawn later)

Realizing that doesn't always make it easy to discard your feelings, though. Even Gilda still cared enough for Storm to plead for her pops to let go of Grogar's magic so he wouldn't get turned to stone.

Just realised I've completely missed the release of the sequel to one of my favourite fics because following the author doesn't make any new stories show up in the feed apparantly. I mean, I love Fimfiction, but god I hate Fimfiction.
Imma go read this now. Hope it's good!

I also hope it’s good, lol.

It is! A little less Sunset than what I was expecting, even with the absent tag, but that's probably for my own good. Best not to feed the addiction!

You got like half a million words of Sunset out of Featherfall, man... lol. It’s Rainbow’s turn! :twilightsmile:

Okay, just realised what you're doing with the chapter titles. Goddammit. I love that song, but damn is it inescapable.

So wait is the linked as a crossover with fallout or just takes place in the Mojave?

Just a reference, that's all. I played a ton of New Vegas, so it felt appropriate.

Loving this one so far! Can't wait for the next chapter!

That was quite the conflict those two ran into... I'm now even more intrigued about this adventure they're on

Nice. :)

Ah, yes, an excellent game I played many times myself.
(Did I ever recommend A Dead World to you? As usual with recommendations, I don't know that you'd like it, but I've found it quite good (and part of why I bring it up just now is that, thinking about it after your comment, its themes seemed not entirely unrelated to those of this chapter/story).)

I can’t wait for them (and us) to finally see twilight!

Caught up and am so excited to see where this goes and the heck is truely going on

I'm surprised Twilight's family is allowing Zee to be anywhere in a 50 kilometer radius of Twilight.

And holy crap, Twilight got hit by a bad one here. If it weren't for Nightmare Moon being sealed in a whole moon, I'd say this is the most complex prison for dark magic we've seen so far.

If you recall from Featherfall, SciTwi legally emancipated herself and cut herself off from her family. Zee would have been listed as her primary emergency contact and POA in the case of her being in an accident since she was paying for everything.

Basically, Twi’s family wouldn’t have had a choice.

HHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSS!! oh man...that is brutal, I remember the last chapter Sci Twi before going into a coma kept whispering what I done, guess that one of the things she fully regrets.
I'm sure they want Zee dead and to think they sorta gave her their blessings before everything went to heck.

Will e see them sometime?

Tha’s the sixty-billion double-dollar question, luvs,

As soon as I read it, of course my mind went to: "The man who will slaughter the innocent! Does the most evil of evil deeds with the price of sixty billion double-dollars on his head? YES I AM THAT MAN!"

Trigun is a gem

Damn.... Just seeing Twilight like that was heartbreaking & finding out both she & Zee are close to death's door is hard to take... I hope Dust & Dash cure them, so they could be together again

A short chapter, but I enjoyed it, and its length fit nicely into a bit of time I had. :)

Ah yes, I had forgotten about that. Still, Shining should at least be in the know about what happened, which kind of has me curious what he and his family have been doing over the past year.

King & Shy? That... makes an awful amount of sense for the kind of 'stained light' universe Featherfall is.

Heck yeah a new chapter hope your doing ok with all the craziness right now.

King & Shy? That's the first time I've ever heard of it... Is it an upcoming story still in the works or a story you abandon?

It's an older story that went without updates for a while but has recently gotten one. :)

It's the first story I posted on this account. I sort of lost the thread of it when I started writing Dead by Sunset and Featherfall, and never picked it back up.

I understand considering that Dead by Sunset is the reason I found you in first place as well as the main reason why I've been playing Dead by Daylight in the first place and Featherfall was a masterpiece.

But at least you're now trying to get back into it and connect it into the series as well. Great job with the chapter, I-A-M!

I won't lie... I found this sequel by accident when I was rereading some of my favorite parts of Featherfall and I might have gone "squee" at seeing it. So far it's shaping up to be just as awesome!

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