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Let's spy on them as they bone, shall we?

Well, now I know it's a Regidar fic. Just wish I had time to read these bloody things...

leaving a snailtrail of precum across her

I will be honest, I laughed pretty hard.

“We’ll take things as they come, alright?”

Well, you would know about that, Velvet.

Anyway, it was an okay start, I'll definitely be tracking this, and wait unti it's complete.

This was very adorable, cute and sexy! I loved the interaction and sexytimes. Really looking forward to more and what other couples we get to spy in on

There's something about your clop stuff that always leaves me with a happy feeling in my gut when I'm done reading them. I don't even mean that in a sexual way (at least not exclusively), but in the sense that I end up feeling a sense of congratulations for the two ponies sharing a moment like this with one another. Twilight Velvet and Night Light don't just seem infatuated with each other's bodies, but with each other, and I find it really heartwarming to read.

And just for clarification's sake, I have no problem with stories that just want to write about two ponies fucking each other's brains out like pornstars. If you like that stuff, it's whatever to me. I won't judge. But stories like these go a little further to put the "love" in "make love." Which is something I appreciate a lot. :twilightsmile:

Faved and upvoted.

I hope this continues, let´s see, aside from Shining and Cadence, and Mr. and Mrs. Cake, maybe the Doctor and Derpy?

Make a second chapter of this or I will fly over to Hawaii personally and put a Chicago cap in your ass.

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