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After the events of "The Cutie Remark," Starlight Glimmer stays at Twilight's castle until she finds a home in Ponyville and develops a new respect for her enemy turned mentor when she discovers that they both have something in common: that they once had sanctuaries that were destroyed by their most hated enemies.

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6926326 This is good advice.

6926326 I am probably going to need help on that in terms of editing. How good are your editing skills? Or I could have someone like Paste Lights or Word Worthy look at this.

Interesting. It's a different perspective of how you see things in the show. That's good. :twilightsmile:

Interesting story. I've read plenty of Starlight is doubtful of being forgiven stories but this one kind of stands out.

Most probably because it reminds me too much of Sunset and Twilight's chat in Rainbow Rocks

This is a nice story. I Like the fact that it's about Starlight's attempt to move on which isn't that easy.
I would guess that Starlight knows Tirek's name though after all he is the ultimate Evil for ponies.

6928728 My objective on that was to reference Voldemort aka "He Who Must Not Be Named" from the Harry Potter stories.

6928728 Chrysalis gives him a run for his bits, though.

"They were a way to help me get back a piece of my life," finished Twilight. "But, they are dresses I will never wear again, Starlight. But each one dress had held a memory Starlight, just like each book that was in that library. To be honest though, I wish I could go back in time and get my old life back, but what good would that do? If I did, I would be living the same nightmare over and over again, Starlight."

What? That is worded weirdly.

Both Starlight and Twilight then looked at each other and realized that what they were saying was a way of getting their feelings out to one another. Unlike Twilight, Starlight was a tormented soul who had always struggled to move on with her life. She knew that her reunion with Starburst would happen eventually somewhere down the road, but both Starlight and Twilight knew that they couldn't change the past. What was done was done and they both had to move on.

Actually both of them are very much capable of changing the past. They just learned from experience that it isn't good idea.

what is important is my friends and that is something that can never be taken away

Everything can be taken away. Something could happen that sours the bond you share and then there is mortality that comes with living. (Unless you practice necromancy, but can that ever be the same?)

Just one little nitpick. Twilight doesn’t have to keep saying her name constantly.

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