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Picking up where One Wasted Evening left off, Twilight is forced to reveal to Celestia why such an important dinner was ruined.

*Written at Everfree Northwest 2016 in Seattle, WA

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Well, it wasn't calling Twilight out in a certain way like I was worried it would so that's good. Also, wow this story is in a lot of groups.:pinkiegasp: Not half bad.

However, you must understand that I let you have the right to make your friends when I first sent you to Ponyville, Twilight.

I call BS on this. She knew damn well that the other elements were in Ponyville and they were in charge of everything that was supposed to happen at the Summer Sun Celebration. Plus, she essentially told Twilight to make some friends because she had to. Hypocrisy at it's finest.

Trixie can be boastful and have an ego, but you must understand that you cannot judge a book by its cover.

Trixie is my favorite pony, but Twilight wasn't judging a book by its cover. She was judging the book by the history of its creation and track record of the author. So, strike two on Celestia.



"Perhaps maybe you are just prejudiced against Trixie because of the past," replied Celestia, her anger becoming more subtle as she spoke.

Or perhaps she didn't trust a mare who deliberately tried to antagonise her and later on admitted she'd befriended Starlight mainly to one-up Twilight?

Strike three.

I always wonder why Twilight became the Princess of Friendship. :ajsleepy:


Isn't Twilight suposed to be a graduated sudent, not to mention a fellow Princess ? What is Celestia going to do next time, sitting her in front of the classroom with a dunce hat? :ajbemused:

Except she didn't really mean to do that. She just got caught up in the moment. Although I do agree Twilight's suspicions aren't without merit, she just went about it the wrong way. Really, both her and Trixie were at fault for using Starlight in a tug-of-war and they both apologized for acting like jerks.

As for the story, it was alright. I do think there's something dubious about the entire speech Celestia gave, but I really can't put my finger on it. I'm just gonna chalk it up to "being in a bad mood".

7215810 I admit and agree with you, something seemed off about Celestia here, just can't put my finger on what...

Whether or not she didn't mean to use Starlight in the beginning depends on interpreting which part of what she said was true. Could be she was only caught up in the moment, as she said, but it's also possible she initially only intended to be friends with Starlight because it was an opportunity to mess with Twilight (also as she said), even if she came to like her for real later.

Trixie is contradicting herself that very moment, so one needs to make a choice which version to believe.

Seeing as how Trixie apologized for what she said before shooting herself into the Manticore, I'm pretty sure she really meant to be friends with Starlight, but got carried away in one-upping Twilight because she's egotistic like that.

just thought id throw in my two cents on the whole second prances twi behaviour thing. And to start it off i'll just say that twi really didn't help her case in this episode for not being a kiss ass. If anything that seems to be the main source of her anxiety in second prances, that she wants to make a good impression on celestia by showing her that twi is doing a good job and showing Star how to make proper friends as it where. In fact if there wasn't a visit from celestia in second prances then twi would be theoretically much calmer about the situation.
That being said however her other problem is the needless antagonism twi directed towards trixie, which isn't to say trixie isn't warranted some form of caution at the very least but twi is being needlessly aggressive for a pony that is suppose to have an understanding of the importance of mending fences with other ponies. Keep in mind that comparatively trixie hasn't done anything nearly as extreme as star.
Yes she did take over a town, though she was wearing an evil amulet that corrupts the mind so its debatable how much of that was really her fault and how much of that was simple insanity, she wasnt the pony who of her own violation took over a town and imposed her will on its populace, and then when their scheme was revealed decided to fuck with the time space continuum for revenge, again of their own violation.
Therefore i find that chewing twi out for her repeated needless antagonism to anyone who's was a villain to her in the past, regardless of whether their trying to reform or not, and her constant need and desire to suck up to celestia or just authority in general at the detriment of those around her, is totally al right in my books.

however in this fic celestia is not portrayed in an even manner and comes of out of character. hence why this fic is just kinda a eeeeeeeeeeeeeh.

work on your characterization in the future?

7216974 Thanks for your feedback and advice.

Then why did Trixie go out of her way to antagonise Twilight? Remember the little "gift" she left behind, bent silverware in her own shape that Twilight had to unbend again? How was that not trying to get under her skin? And that was way before her magic trick.

Therefore, I believe she was mainly in it to get to Twilight and only later found she actually liked Starlight as a person. But Celestia chooses her over her own former student here.

I don't see how that was antagonistic at all. At most, it was irritating as she was just passing the time while Twilight and Starlight conversed privately. And really, Twilight already fixed it easily. I'm sorry, but I still believe it's the other way around. She got to know Starlight and THEN found out she had a relationship with Twilight.

I really don't get why everybody is trying to pick a bad guy for this episode. Both Twilight and Trixie messed up and they both apologized for it. They owned up for their actions of letting their rivalry get in the way of letting Starlight grow.

Great work.

Might want to look at this story.

Pretty much the same issues. Coupled with Discord, King of Hypocrisy, trying to lecture Twilight, completely glossing over his own glaring flaws in the process.

And it's telling that even in the season finale, Trixie still tries to get under Twilight's skin, isn't it? Twilight isn't the one carrying on this grudge. It's Trixie.

7775080 Er, why are you showing me this story? Is this about the argument down there? That was months ago. Let's keep that buried, please.

7812013 "You've got some "splaining" to do!"
-Ricky Ricardo.

"And worst of all, Twilight," continued Celestia, getting up and advancing towards me. "You put a dinner that wasted my time ahead of something your student was trying to do: make her first friend. You have got to understand Twilight that Starlight has the authority to make her own decisions and you must learn to respect that."

The problem with what you wrote here is that Trixie is not Starlight’s first friend in any way. Sunburst was Starlight’s first friend overall and Twilight was her first friend since her friendship with Sunburst ended.

"Well, Starlight chose to abandon the dinner to help Trixie with a magic trick," I explained. "Of course, I never trusted nor forgave Trixie for all she had done to me and my friends. But, I failed to understand that they wanted…"

That right there is why I cuss Twilight out on her treatment of Trixie. I mean in Magic Duel she says she forgives her. And says she wants to be friends. A pony that had never had friends prior to Starlight. And what does Twilight do? Ignores her, never tries to follow up on her 'friendship', then treats her like garbage.

(yeah Trixie did some shitty things. But a good chunk originally falls on the ponies of Ponyville and Twilight's friends and Spike.)

Considering she does the same thing to sunset and her other so called friends. Discord may be a pain in the neck but he is a nice guy but only fluttershy ever gets to know him. He risk his safety to save fluttershy his friend and none of them even bothering get to know him. Discord probably know a lot of stuff that twilight never thought about. But they never really talk with each other. For the princess of friendship outside her ponyville friends she doesn't spend much time with anyone else.

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