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Following the events of "Rarity Investigates," Soarin becomes depressed over what he said to Rainbow Dash about being banned from the Wonderbolts if she didn't prove her innocence. Now, the Wonderbolts most promising reserve must try to get through to him.

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"I guess Soarin must have sent you to talk to me," sighed Soarin as he led Rainbow Dash over to his bed. "Sorry if I am not myself, Rainbow Dash. I've just had a lot on my mind."

It'd be quite remarkable if he did that.

"I guess Soarin must have sent you to talk to me," sighed Soarin ahem ?????

So...... SoarinDash?

In the episode, Soarin never actually said that he'd ban Rainbow from being in the Wonderbolts if she didn't prove her innocence; rather, he said that if she was found to have done it, she would be banned, and that decision would have only been made later, after an actual investigation.

The time limit mentioned in the episode for Rainbow to prove her innocence seems to be so that she would no longer be temporarily suspended (pending the decision) by the time the upcoming event happens, so she could participate as a reserve.

Would've been more my style if there was more Soarindash in it... but I guess it's enough.
Great story, by the way! :pinkiehappy:

I feel like it could just be a bit longer but apart from that, everything's in shamazingly amazing :rainbowkiss:
P.S. what the majority of people are saying below me.

Why, in almost every story with Rainbow Dash and Soarin in it, does everyone assume it's a SoarinDash? I see only friendship, and maybe some hero worship, here. Why can't it stay that way? Don't get me wrong, the story is good, but that always annoyed me.

6908057 It's fixed now. :pinkiehappy:
6908050 Sorry about that. :facehoof:

6908912 I completely agree with you on that. To me, they are just nothing more than friends and idols to one another.

Flat. Very flat.

Ah what Soarin and Dash moment I enjoyed this story.

Now that's over, Ouroboros drag Wind Rider to the Everfree Forest where we will do a little ingangment heheheheheheheh...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

6909055 To be honest, I was a little reluctant in reading this because of the SoarinDash comments, making me suspect that this was yet another SoarinDash story. I was glad to be proven wrong.

Awww this was so sweat!!:rainbowkiss:

6910596 My thoughts exactly. I don't see these two as lovers in any way.

6910652 The doctor seconds you both.

Nifty idea, I can see Soarin reacting this way to having had to threaten RD with banishment. One thing I noticed:

Stepping up to the door, Rainbow Dash quietly knocked on the door

You probably want to use a pronoun in there for one of the doors, preferably the latter. I thought I saw a few more instances of needed pronouns, but have having a hard time finding them again upon rereading it.

I was expecting a SoarinDash but since it's is a 'just friends' group, no wonder it's just a sweet friendship story.
You earned my like..:pinkiehappy::heart:

6920176 Well, thank you for your like. I've always viewed Rainbow Dash and Soarin as friends and nothing more.

6920352 The term "Friends And nothing More" Is Harsh And Cold,
I Just have a peeve For terms like... THAT.

Awww... That was cute! :rainbowkiss:

While this was good enough for me to fave as is, I honestly think it would have been better as a SoarinDash shipfic...
Though that might just be my personal bias towards that ship talking.

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