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(Takes place before the events of the first Equestria Girls movie)

After Derpy suffers verbal abuse from Sunset Shimmer during gym class, a loving friend offering a lift home to a loving mother may be exactly what she needs to gain hope for what lies ahead.

Fair warning: Contains repeated use of the words “Retard” and “Bitch” as insults.

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This was a wonderful story can you do a sequel to this? Takes place after the first or second or maybe third movie where Sunset faces Derpy over what she said and did in the past.

I'm sure Sunset would be in tears begging Derpy to hit her for what she had said and done to her.

6755908 Yeah, I'll definitely try to think up a direct follow up concerning Derpy and Sunset. I do have sort of an in-direct one in the form of a Christmas fic in progress right now which the friendship of Derpy and Rainbow Dash will play a part in, though.

This is just... AMAZING! This is MORE than amazing! OMG THE FEELS! Great job!

This was sweet. :fluttercry:

Sunset needs to leave our girl alone. :flutterrage:

I'm now both happy and sad.... The feels are tearing me apart!!! :raritycry:

I did really enjoy this story, though. A friendship between Derps and Dashie really hasn't been looked into, as far as I know on this site. Once again, Bravo! :scootangel:

6954323 Happy to hear that I conflicted your feels :pinkiesmile:

Yeah, there's some pony Derps and Dashie friendship fics (as well as clop) out there, but this may be the first one set in Equestria Girls as far as I know of.

Aww... So sweet! You should make more Derpy Dashie stories.

Beautiful work, as always, my friend.

This was wonderful to read. As if EG1-era Sunset wasn't loathsome enough already!

Superb story, thanks for writing. :twilightsmile:

Derpy-Dash for the win! :derpyderp2::rainbowdetermined2:

As Puss in Boots once said: I must not cry. You will not make me cry.

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