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6748014 Glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

Why would the government randomly dissect a known sapient being?
This is one of the big problems with movies; they portray the government as a bunch of incompetent fucktards that randomly kidnap aliens and dissect them for NO REASON.

6748492 There's a lot of extremely horrendous, vile and greedy types in positions of power. There are are a lot of extremely paranoid xenophobic types in positions of power. Even the types that are terrified of what they can't understand or want to prevent change.

To the average person, the way these people think is literally unfathomable and impossible to understand, particularly those that only think through greed. They themselves also think everyone else is like they are, thus making it nigh impossible for them to grasp what other people think. Just look at what the Nazis did to fellow human beings. Human leather is not even new or something invented by them. The US government, before it became both more responsible and better about hiding their shit, experimented on civilians with things like radioactive materials. Crazy stuff has happened in history in ways we can scarcely grasp today. And those are just two modern examples!

It's not something said out of random guessing. In most cases, assuming there was no very obvious force of aliens to consider might get angry about it, the idea a pony or other non-human sapient landing on Earth getting dissected isn't far fetched at all. I'd argue it is most likely.

6748517 But why?
They have literally nothing to gain from dissection.

6748721 Actually, if they found out that Rainbow had magic, even if its a small amount, they would probably try to find the source of her magic.


6748793 You're looking at it wrong.

They'd do it to understand a new direction for new technology as well as how they could possibly counter what they discovered. Every possible avenue would be looked at, including simply studying basic biology of a foreign species.

6748802 Yeah, but still. Why would we kill the impromptu ambassador of a new species?

6748855 Simple.

Fear of the unknown.

There we go. Had the page sitting open for a few hours to remind me to read after I finished getting some other stuff done.

Decent start, but it will require a good followup in the second chapter to start justifying various parts of what you're presenting. This feels very shallow at present, although that's to be expected in a first chapter when you don't know much about the characters or world yet. While there are some cliches in use, there is nothing wrong with that and the first chapter isn't presenting them too harshly, letting them feel more natural in the flow and context given. Your writing has a slightly rushed but fairly natural pacing with no glaring grammatical problems.

I'll be watching in hopes you are able to step up to the challenge of growing the depth and motivations that events have established so far.

Oh my. This is going to be a great story! I just know it!

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DUde! This is awesome! Loved this chapter and I can't wait for more!!!

PLEASE MOAR!!! :flutterrage:

6751220 Haha I was writing the next chapter when you said this :P

Standard operating practice would be:
'Take into protective custody.'
'Provide anything, within reason, requested.'
'Perform non-destructive testing, preferably with consent.'
'Keep under close observation untill natural death.'
And THEN biopsy/destructive testing.

If there's only one, immediate destructive testing is hugely wasteful and has a whole ton of unnecessary diplomatic risks in any future contact situation.

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You weren't kidding about the feels. I-I don't really even know what to write... For one thing, I kind of hate Em, now, but I know that will change. I truly respect Matt for doing what he is doing to protect Dash. I now also, really feel bad for Dash now, mostly after she said.

Hey squirt.

, I then remembered that she will never again see Scootaloo, or anypony for that matter. Now that I come to think of it what if Dash had a coltfriend or something of that matter. My heart hurts soooo much. :raritydespair: WHY!? However, I loved this chapter it was perfect, in ways. Can't wait for the next Chap. Keep it up. Oh, and you'll be getting a lot of comments and feedback from me. :derpytongue2: I do this with all my favorite Fics. Your not the only one I do this to.

I can hear the military in the approaching from the distance. guns at the ready and ready to kill if need be.

barely starts reading Hey, my name's Alex!

and... another story of a type that isn't really my style that I like. Good job.

Noticed a few grammatical errors like speech marks where there shouldn't be speech marks and some missing letters from words, but not ones bad enough or enough smaller ones for me to completely stop reading, so well done. I like the story and a 10 year old would likely be someone to confirm the existence of RD if this happened irl.

Jacksonville, Florida,

:pinkiegasp:I live there!

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This has such a cute ending I love it. Keep it up man.

This is the second time a chapter in this story was released while I had a previous chapter open. It's pretty interesting. Not Shakespeare level or super original, but it's enjoyable which is the point of stories like this right?

6751220 agreee moar please

Omg, this chapter, Rainbow and Matt. I loved it. This is just the beginning of adorableness.

Rainbow's been asleep for a few minutes before I finally lay back on my pillow and give out a sigh. I'm beginning to close my eyes when Rainbow shifts into my side and curls a leg around my arm in her sleep. I would pull away as it's uncomfortable for me, but that would wake her up, and I don't feel like trying to get her to go back to sleep.

That is the most adorable part thus far. I really love it. Oh, I now feel bad for what Rainbow as seen on the internet, and when I stumbled across that I had like the same reaction. Funny thing is is that I actually kind of like it. Is that bad? But, other wise this was a beautiful chapter, Keep it up man, I truly do love this.

6771308 Hah yeah, That was my exact reaction. I closed the laptop and just walked outside. I don't care if other people like it, but its just not for me. Like they say, "You do you, and I'll do me." :P Thanks for reading!

Yea, of course. I'm tracking this story so I won't miss a signal chapter. I love this story so much.

6771911 Working on a new chapter right now actually :)

I didn't even realize that the next chapter had come out, since I had literally just read "Friends" and gone to another fanfic.

srsly though, if that chapter came out 18h ago (according to my feed) then how the hell did I miss it?

damn my brain!

Oh my this is really going to be good.

Dis gonna be good

This is really fucking good, it would be fuckin awesome if Rainbow Dash and Matt found a way to Equestria with Emily.

6774645 That actually would be interesting.

And then Emily get's lost then after about a week or so princess celestias guards reports to them that they found the body of emily that has been killed and half eaten by Timberwolves then he rages and kicks the living shit out of everything when he gets his own magic. TURN INTO A FUCKIN SUPERSAIYAN GOD DAMMIT!


6775571 New chapter coming VERY soon. Be on the lookout :rainbowwild:


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