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>Sees non-grimdark MacBloom clopfic in new stories list


>after reading this


Seriously?! What's so hard to find a damn good non-grimdark MacBloom clopfic that's not so damn short nor lackluster?! :raritycry:

In a more serious note, I feel that the writing is weak, the clop itself even in a very short one-shot fetish-y things are kinda barebones and lots of improper paragraph use. I was so looking foreward to a short yet sweet clopfic of one of my favourite MLP incest pairings next to Twining (depending on my mood that is. :trixieshiftleft:) but alas I guess I'll just have to keep waiting. :pinkiesad2:

Well first off, I apologize that this story shot down your expectation :applecry:
In my experience, an I say this with all due respect, but you've written several good stories. So if you are unable to find a none grim or dark MacXBloom, then why not write it yourself? :eeyup: Set the standard instead of waiting for others. :ajsmug:


It's quite alright. No need to worry about my expectations. :twilightsmile:

why not write it yourself? :eeyup: Set the standard instead of waiting for others. :ajsmug:

You're kinda right. I mean, I have written a Diamond Tiara/Prince Blueblood clopfic before. I'm sure I'll be able to write a really good MacBloom clopfic some time in the future. :trollestia:

I would greatly enjoy it :eeyup:
I understand the feeling of wanting to read a certain ship and not finding it anywhere.

The character's name is Apple Bloom. Two words, not one.

I quite enjoyed this! I saw a few grammar errors, but overall thought it was a good story.

So many spelling errors! Which is too bad, since the idea seems fun. A little editing might go a long way!

The world needs more applecest.

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