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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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Fuck that. Human x princesses forever!!!


He is a vile heretic for refusing to make love to them as a human.



The best way to end a fan fiction.

I'm not sure if I'm too drunk or not drunk enough, but either way, I got the balance needed for this fic WAY off.

no what why

I'm just gonna go sit in the corner and drink copious amounts of booze.

Goddamn Heretics!
I'm running out of Heresy memes.

Nice work on this mane~ :yay:
Hahaha, silly human, human on pony is best :D

For a second I thought you wrote something serious....with that title... you know, not as straightforward as usual :twilightsheepish:

So in end Anon overcomes whatever emotional barrier or human world taboo that's blocking him..., well, I still don't know what the fuss is about. Anyway, I agree on the point that pony on pony sex is just too boring, I mean check on those videos on youtube. The equine anatomy allows very few positions possible, you know.


For a second I thought you wrote something serious....with that title... you know, not as straightforward as usual

I forgot the comedy tag. Now edited in.

well, I still don't know what the fuss is about.

This story is making of fun of Bronies saying they would bang the MLP FIM Ponies, if they were a pony.

Anyway, I agree on the point that pony on pony sex

Plus, they only see a human once every thousand years. Banging the Royal Guard gets boring after awhile.


Heresy never dies.

Thanks! Makes good of Bronies saying they would bang a pony, if they were a pony, doesn't it?

Hahaha, silly human, human on pony is best :D

Indeed. Pony x pony is boring.

I'm gunna need more heresy memes for this shit.
Hehehe, you're welcome!

Eh, if I was a human or a pony in their word, woudn't matter.
Fun times is fun times.
Specially if it's Rainbow Dash~
*grips chest and gasp*
want ;n;

Keep it up Bendy-Sensai~

Every one of these that comes out is worse than the last. And I love it.

6633436 :ajbemused: This is bendy we're talkin about.
6633616 I'll be enjoying this later. I need to go get myself some Dr pepper. I just end up enjoying the comments as much as the story on most of these.

I'll get to it, Bendy, I promise. The wasteland won't keep me away.


Hope you enjoy this story.

Is Fallout 4 a very good game? (I would buy it, but I need to save a little money for a big party planned with friends)

6634186 I've had a lot of fun. The new crafting/modding system will have you picking up every stupid piece of crap in the game though. As for weapons in general, I love how much better 'nades are now. Since explosive skill is gone and the leveling is a bit more streamlined, anyone can pick up a pop-rock. You just have to be careful, because the same rocks are just as effective against you!


Sounds very cool. The mods should make it even more insane.

6634220 Bendy you should do a fic based on Tales of the Oppressed. Its a good read with loads of potential.

What is this?


This is funny. Pls make more.

6634186 Don't buy it if you value your social life.


I played Skyrim before.


I'm sorry. But I this is just an one shot.

Why have Kilimanjaro inside the princesses vortex while you can have Everest?


But I'll be stalking you.

There should be a story of Celestia, luna & cadance doing love with a human while being all overdevelop muscly or immobily obese. love a lot of fetishes though these are the top two. plus i love a lot of your romance stories on Celestia. (thumbs up)

I can't help but agree with dear Anon here. I prefer pony on pony stuff. I don't like inter species breeding...

Says the person who ships a human OC and a wolf OC together. :facehoof:

I somewhat fall under this, I don't care what species I am as long as it's one I like. I will not have sex with anyone, thing, or pony, for the first time unless I am not human, and not even sexy fat alicorn booty or sad and adorable alicorn tears will convince me to change my mind. After that though I wouldn't give a flying feather:rainbowwild:

Commander Shepherd? Alan Shepherd Gemini pilot or Commander Shepherd of SG1?

7236866 Mass Effect Shepard I think.

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Hmmm... so what if he wanted to remain human, but the princesses wanted to turn him into a pony?

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